Top 5 Vaporizers For Snowboarding

Top 5 Vaporizers For Snowboarding

It may not be all the goods — we're leaving the snowboards and winter wear to your personal preference — but it's the goods from greener pastures that'll make hitting the slopes a whole lot more enjoyable. The portable vaporizer you take on your snowboarding run is just as important as your trail’s terrain, it will determine the heights you reach and the power you hit them with. In anticipation of another season on the slopes, we have selected the must-have vaporizers (plus a spoon pipe) that will complete your snowboard kit, shredding its own path into mountains and the memories you’ll make.


FIREFLY 2+ - $249.95

blue Firefly 2+

Whether you’re a powder hound or a novice, any surge of snow will send snowboarders straight into the mountains, ready to spin and stomp on the slopes. Someone send a letter to the chairlift because there is a new cowboy in town that’ll take you to even higher heights, the Firefly 2+ vaporizer. The fastest way to enjoy dry herb, solid and liquid concentrates, the Firefly 2+ heats instantly so it is easy for you to get a quick draw or two in between Nose Slides and Miller Flips. Designed with a glass heating chamber and a user-replaceable battery, the Firefly 2+’s dynamic convection heating raises the vapor temperature from 100° F - 400° F.


MIGHTY - $349.00

Mighty Vaporizer on table

No matter if you shred the trails or tumble down the cute lil' bunny slopes, the best part of snowboarding is the high you get from it. The Mighty vaporizer takes that euphoric high and elevates the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks out of it! It has a high-efficiency heat exchanger, along with a LED temperature display and precise temperature control. Compatible with dry herb, liquid and solid concentrates, the Mighty's powerful convection and conduction heating, as well as its dual lithium-ion battery, will keep you ripping and roaring all day. *Vaporizer Wizard recommended!


PAX 3 - $199.99

burgundy PAX 3

The PAX 3 vaporizer is your portable winter haven with a bit of something for everyone. Snowboarders looking to match comfort and convenience can find it in the PAX 3; engineered to maximize flavor and efficiency, the PAX 3 has double the power of PAX 2. Whether you’re into dry herb, liquid or solid concentrates, the 15-second heat up time and LED light communication will make your slope sessions simple and satisfying. Don’t let the lightweight fool you, the PAX 3 delivers a mountaineering-level of fun and pure, tasty vapor.


DAVINCI IQ - $229.00

green DaVinci IQ vaporizer

Be master of the mountain this season — the DaVinci IQ’s Bluetooth smart phone integration allows users to fully customize four preset Smart Path™ temperatures! Whether you’re cruising down the slopes or climbing to new heights in the chairlift, the DaVinci IQ will keep you toasty; designed with a one-button activation that will trigger Boost Mode for extra heat, it will give you the fire power of a furnace in your gloved hands. The device has a flavor chamber insert that sits as snuggly in the vapor path as the DaVinci IQ fits in your jacket pocket. With 51 LED lights and delivery of pure taste and dense vapor, the DaVinci IQ is as perfect for a ski lodge as it is for wild runs.


 AIRVAPE XS GO - $69.00

AirVape Xs GO Vaporizer

For the dry herb shredders out there the AirVape Xs GO is a must have for the slopes this season. A variable voltage battery lets you explore the full spectrum of your dry herb and the compact size makes the AirVape Xs GO easy to prep while you're riding the lift or gondola. The 1200mAh battery will deliver vapor throughout your day, and if you need it to relax afterwards. Single-button control make this a very easy vaporizer to use, no matter your skill level. The AirVape Xs GO is a must have for those looking to get some extra height on the hill this season. 

EYCE SPOON - $19.99

black and red EYCE pipe

Sometimes the best tech isn't about apps or touchscreens — the Eyce Spoon dares you to hit it as hard you do the slopes! Even though it is not a vaporizer, we have to give the Eyce Spoon an honorable mention in the snowboard sesh arena. Designed with a blend of borosilicate glass and platinum-cured silicone, the Eyce Spoon delivers a virtually unbreakable smoking experience. A hidden-stash jar will keep you stocked while the silicone body provides an easy, comfortable grip for your gloves.