Top 7 Vape Traits for Choosing a Portable

Top 7 Vape Traits for Choosing a Portable

There are so many choices for vaporizers on the market these days, and not all portables are created equally. It's great to have options, but sometimes it can make your search tiring. Don't stress! We've made it easier for you. Here are the top 7 Vape Traits you should consider when searching for the best portable vaporizer for you.

If you’re looking for…

1.) Extreme portability

    • Size matters, we all know it. Some portables are heavier than others and will weigh your pockets down because of the materials it is made out of, or its large size. If you are looking for lightweight and easily stuffed into your skinny jeans, your best options are the G Pro, Summit by Vapium, Pax by Ploom, or the Magic-Flight Launch Box. Take into account how easily you can stow it away if necessary. 

2.) For use with concentrates and aromatic blends

    • Make the switch! If you want a portable that gives you the ability to change between concentrates and blends, the Ascent by DaVinci is a great option, as well as the Mighty and Crafty by Storz & Bickel (with use of the liquid pads that come with each vape).

3.) Affordability

    • We get it, you want a vape that works, but one that you don't have to empty your wallet for. Although the general rule is you get what you pay for, there are definitely some vaporizers out there that work really well and are great for someone on a budget. The Magic-Flight Launch Box and the G Pro are great options in this category, both under $120. If you're looking for a pen style vaporizer that you can just use your concentrates with, there is a whole variety under $100.
    • Pro Tip: Don't forget that when you're shopping around, make sure you are purchasing your vape from an authorized dealer. One major red flag to watch out for is if the price of the vaporizer is significantly less than the price on the manufacturers website. Knockoffs are becoming more popular and they are getting good at looking like the real deal (the Firefly is one of the more recent ones to take the hit).  Read up, and be careful out there! 

4.) Power

    • Battery life is extremely important to some vape users, as well as if you can swap out the batteries or not. Also, consider if it needs to have a USB charger or if a regular AC wall adapter will do it for you.
    • The Arizer Solo, Pax by Ploom and the Ascent by DaVinci are all known for being able to keep up with your all-day vaping lifestyles.
    • The Firefly has swappable batteries that only take 45 minutes to charge up, so there is very little downtime. Don't forget the external charger! The new Air by Arizer also has a replaceable battery, which is a greatly desired upgrade from it's sibling, the Solo.

 5.) Quality of Materials

    • If you're looking for a vaporizer with quality feel to it, the Crafty, Mighty, and the Firefly are great options. The Firefly is made out of aircraft aluminum, and that's some heavy duty stuff! It will surely impress all of your friends, especially since it doesn't feel or look cheap. 

6.) Ease of Maintenance

    • All vaporizers need to be cleaned and that's just a fact of life. However, there are some that require more regular maintenance than others. If you are not looking to keep your vape sparkling clean on a daily basis, some of the more low maintenance vapes include the Solo and Air by Arizer. Both of their glass stems are easily cleaned by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol, and it's as simple as that!

7.) Accessories

    • Last but not least, think about what kind of add-ons you are going to need for your vaporizer.  Some vapes come with cleaning kits, others don't. Car chargers are also offered with a few vaporizers such as the Firefly and Pax. The new Summit by Vapium even comes with a dry bag, and offers a solar charger as an accessory for when you're not around an outlet (ie, camping).