VapeNews: DaVinci Ascent at Luxury Technology Show

VapeNews: DaVinci Ascent at Luxury Technology Show

For the first time, Organicix which owns DaVinci Vaporizers will be premiering their Ascent in this year's Luxury Technology Show produced by RAND Luxury. This event will take place Thursday, March 12th at the New York Metropolitan Pavilion.

RAND Luxury is an international event production company based in Manhattan that specializes in showcasing in the world's most prestigious, luxurious brands which include renowned auto manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. This year at their annual Technology Show, the DaVinci Ascent will also be featured among some of these lavish brands. Other product categories that will be included are mobile devices and tablets, smart watches, racing simulators, home audio and more.

DaVinci will have their own display with all models of the Ascent, and some of the top representatives of the company will be giving live demonstrations on their product at an interactive vape bar, also including some giveaways. This gives DaVinci a chance to prove why they have one of the best portable vaporizers on the market, and why the Ascent's unique features stand out among the rest.

The Ascent is a portable vaporizer that features a glass-on-glass airpath for the highest quality vapor, a programmable OLED display, and lets you alternate between your aromatic blends, solid and liquid concentrates.

With the DaVinci's programmable display, you are able to customize your vaping experience by choosing exact temperatures, programming session times and you can easily view your battery life. The Ascent is able to be used while plugged in and is known for it's long-lasting battery life which lasts roughly three hours of continuous use. The Ascent comes in different models, such as stealth black, carbon fiber and skulls.

We are thrilled to see a vaporizer making its way to this reputable event, as it shows vaporizers complimenting huge cutting-edge technology brands, and introduces vaporizing to a potential new audience. Keep an eye out for more vaporizer related news, as always, we'll keep you in the loop.

For more information on the Ascent, take a look at our Knowledge Base for full specs, FAQs, and more!

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