Vaping 101: How To Use A Desktop Vape

Vaping 101: How To Use A Desktop Vape

Desktop vaporizers are a homebody’s best friend: they provide a super-efficient vaping experience for concentrates and dry herbs and are designed for at home use. While desktop vapes might seem intimidating to new users due to their size, these devices are actually very easy to use and once you’ve sessioned a few times with your device you’ll have a routine down pat.

It is important to remember that the instruction manual that came with your device is your best friend when it comes to learning how to use your vaporizer or during any troubleshooting you might have to do.

How To Use A Whip-Style Vaporizer

Whip-style desktop vaporizers offer a unique vaping experience and are a great option if you enjoy vapor draws at whichever rate and intensity you desire to inhale. Whips are small and stylish, and feature a glass piece that connects with the vaporizer through elastic tubing. Whether you have the Arizer V-Tower, the Plenty, the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer, or another unit, each device delivers tasty vapor draws via whip. Every vaporizer has its own unique setup, so keep your instruction manual nearby to help you set up the whip with your specific unit.

Here’s how to use a Whip-Style Vaporizer:

Volcano Whip Style

Step 1: Check Whip And Parts: Check your desktop vaporizer’s whip and parts. Make sure there are no holes on the whip and that all the parts you need to vape are in good condition, so your vaping experience won’t be negatively affected. Check the manual included with your unit to see all the parts you’ll be using for your vaping session.

Step 2: Ground Your Dry Herbs Ground your dry herbs to a fluffy consistency using a high-quality grinder and add them to your bowl. Avoid grinding your herbs to a powder-like consistency as they’ll burn quickly. You also want to avoid putting nuggets into the chamber because there won’t be enough room for air to flow through your herbs, negatively impacting your vaping experience.

Step 3: Turn Your Desktop Vaporizer On Turn your unit on. Each desktop vaporizer is different so reference your user manual for exact instructions. If you have the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer, turn it on, click the “Heat” button, and then choose your preferred temp. A yellow light will light up, indicating the Hybrid is heating up. For the Arizer V-Tower, press the power button on the front panel to switch the vaporizer on. A light will indicate once the device is on. Each vaporizer has a different order of operations when it comes to turning on and picking temps, so reference the instruction manual.

Step 4: Attach Whip And Load Your Materials Reference your instruction manual for this step as each unit is different. For the V-Tower, add the screen inside the bowl of the wand or make sure there's a screen already in the adapter, to avoid a mouthful of herbs. Then, place your bowl on top of the heating unit, load your materials into the cyclone bowl, and insert the glass elbow end of the whip into the bowl.

** If you’re using the Volcano Hybrid Tube Kit, start by loading your ground flower in the chamber cap, and screw on the cap. Then, attach the tube kit, tap the heat button, adjust the temp using the (+) or (-), preheat for 5 seconds, tap the air button, and inhale from the tube’s mouthpiece.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Vapor Draws! Once your vaporizer reaches your preferred temperature and it’s ready, draw from the mouthpiece. For beginners, we recommend you take small draws to allow your body to adjust to the vapor.

You’ll know your herbs are done if you smell or taste burnt herbs. Once your session is finished, we recommend you clean your whip regularly for optimal results. Remember: the device’s manual is your friend so don't be afraid to keep it close during your first few sessions until you find out the nuances of your whip-style desktop vaporizer. Using a whip-style vaporizer offers a unique, simple, and convenient way to vape.

How To Use A Bag Style Vaporizer

When it comes to “bag style vaporizers” the Volcano Classic and Hybrid dominate the market, but the Arizer Extreme-Q offers whip or bag style vaping as well. Here’s how to use the Volcano vaporizers as well as the Arizer Extreme-Q.

How To Use The Volcano Balloon System

Volcano bag setup

Step 1: Grind Your Dry Herb Having properly ground dry herb is one of the most overlooked aspects of vaping with any device, but is especially important with desktop vaporizers. You don’t want your dry herb to be too powder-like or it will vaporize too quickly, while having just a nugget of dry herb inside the chamber prevents you from getting efficient sessions out of your material. Make sure to use a high-quality grinder to ensure you get the perfect grind.

Step 2: Turn on Your Desktop Vape Turn on your Volcano Vaporizer and then click the “Heat” button on the device to activate the heating system, then select your desired temperature. The Volcano Classic features a dial with optimized temperatures for dry herb, while the Hybrid has touch pads that let you pick your preferred temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. A yellow control light will turn on letting you know the Volcano is heating up.

Step 3: Fill Your Desktop Vaporizer While the device is heating up, fill your Solid or Easy Valve filling chamber with your material. The Easy Valve has a fixed size which doesn’t allow for larger-than-usual material loading, while the Solid Valve has a French press-style sliding chamber that lets you load as much as you want (within the limitations of the valve housing.)

Step 4: Attaching And Filling Your Balloon When your chosen temperature is reached the yellow light will turn off. Once the yellow light turns off, place the filling chamber on top of the Volcano. Allow for 2-5 seconds of heated air to be pushed through the material, then place the balloon on top of the filling chamber. This small trick will help you fill the balloon with more opaque and robust vapor.

Step 5: Detach The Balloon And Enjoy Your Vapor! Your balloon will begin the filling process once placed on top of the filling chamber, therefore, it is important to pay attention to the capacity at which the balloon has been filled to. To avoid any mishaps DO NOT OVERFILL.

    When the balloon is sufficiently filled, detach the balloon, insert the mouthpiece into the balloon valve, then depress the mouthpiece with your lips to release vapor. Once you remove your lips from the mouthpiece the valve will close automatically to contain the remaining vapor.

    How To Use The Arizer Extreme Q Balloon System

    Bag Setup

    Step 1: Turn your Arizer Extreme Q on and set the temperature with the “up” and “down” arrows, the small numbers are the “desired temperature” and the larger numbers are the “current temperature.” After your first session the Extreme Q will remember your last used temperature, so when you power it on again it will automatically begin heating.

    Step 2: While the Extreme Q is heating, grab your dry herb and get your material ready. Grab your Arizer Cyclone Bowl and place your dry herb on the screen. Place the bowl glass-side down on the heating element.

    Step 3: Grab the “mini whip” and place it screen-side down into the top of the Cyclone Bowl. Take your glass-slide mouthpiece with attached balloon and slide it into the “mini whip” atop the Extreme Q.

    Step 4: Pick your fan speed and let the bag completely fill up. 1 is the slowest, 3 is the fastest so depending on your density vs flavor preferences you’ll want to test this out a few times. After the balloon is full you can detach it and begin enjoying your vapor!


      We hope this guide has made your desktop vaping process easier! Educate yourself on how your device works before enjoying your first session, and remember to keep your manual close by when using your device in case you have any issues. Don’t forget you can always contact support for any questions regarding your device.

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