's Holiday Gift Guide of 2018's Holiday Gift Guide of 2018

Functional or luxurious, zany or classic, these gifts will show the oh-so-wonderful connoisseur in your life how grateful you are. Browse by price, from stocking stuffers to splurges, until you've checked everyone off your list. You might even find a gift for you, too.

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Stocking Stuffers

The Rollie Bubbler That Goes Wherever You Go - $17.99

The miniature Martian Bubbler smooths out smoke from rolled cigarettes.


  • Miniature
  • Works with Rolled Cigarettes
  • Necklace Pendant

Like most bubblers, the MJ Arsenal Martian delivers smooth, water-filtered hits. Unlike any bubbler, it works with rolled cigarettes and it's pocket-sized. There's even a pendant hook for wearing it as a necklace.

For the adventurer in your life, the Martian offers easy on-the-go smoking. A spill-resistant chamber keeps your shirt dry along the journey, while an ergonomic carb hole offers a sure grip.

The Martian may be tiny, but its hits feel full. The smoke is pure, flavorful, and easy to inhale. Plug your hand-rolled cigarette into the bowl and enjoy out-of-this-world rips.

Small Pen, Big Clouds - $14.99

Honey Stick Rip and Ditch is a disposable vape pen of considerable quality.


  • Works with Thicker Concentrates
  • Quartz Rod Atomizer
  • Lasts for 200 Hits

It's no surprise that Honey Stick equipped the Rip and Ditch with a premium quartz atomizer and relatively powerful battery. What's surprising is that they fit it all into a pencil-thin disposable vape pen.

This is the perfect gift for concentrate enthusiasts with busy lifestyles. It's easy to tuck away in your pocket, and delivers 200 rips before you toss it away. 

For a little stocking stuffer, the Rip and Ditch offers smooth, tasty hits. The quartz heating rod releases pure flavor. And the simple single button control requires no explanation. Simply hold the button for a holiday hit. 

Glass Tips for the Seasoned Smoker - $15.99

Higher Standards Glass Tips will fill any smoker's stocking with holiday cheer.


  • Filters and Cools Smoke from Rolled Cigarettes 
  • Reusable
  • High-Grade Borosilicate Glass

For the dedicated smoker on your list, Higher Standards Glass Tips filter smoke for smoother hits. You can also hold your pre-rolled cigarette or cone until the very end without burning your fingertips.

These aren't your average cheapo filters. Crafted from thermal-resistant borosilicate, each tip is durable and reusable. The zigzagging airpath cools and filters smoke to offer a smoother draw. And most cigarette sizes fit snugly in the bowl.

"Higher Standards glass tips are the perfect gift for your favorite smokers this holiday season. Each box comes with several colors and six pieces per pack of the best borosilicate tips to keep yourself resin free while enjoying a celebratory smoke session. Each hit comes in smooth, and these are a cinch to clean and reuse. Check out their cleaning kits too!"

This is a classy stocking stuffer for the friend who smokes but isn't the Cheech and Chong type. They're sleek, durable, and effective at smoothing out smoke. And just like Christmas lights, each pack comes in a variety of festive colors.


A Tiny but Mighty Liquid Vape - $34.99

Honey Stick Elf is extremely small and compatible with 510-thread cartridges.


  • Works with Standard Liquid Cartridges
  • Miniature 
  • 3.7 Volt Auto-Draw Battery

The genius of the Honey Stick Elf is simple: It's an extremely small liquid vape that still offers amazing vapor quality. Snap-on magnets connect any standard 510-threaded cartridge in a flash so you can enjoy any liquid concentrate on the market. 

If the miniature size weren't stealthy enough, the Elf conceals the entire tank so no one can tell what you're vaping. Just like an elf, it stays out of sight as it goes about its magical work. You can conceal the Elf in your palm while you take a hit and easily tuck it away when you're done.

Despite its tiny stature, the Elf harnesses considerable power. An impressive 3.7 volt output produces lung-filling clouds on-demand. No buttons. Just take a hit and feel the magic. 

A Pocket-Friendly Concentrate Straw - $35.99

Honey Dabber 2 is a concentrate straw with a protective wooden sleeve for pocketing directly after torching.


  • Works with Concentrates
  • Protective Wooden Sleeve
  • Quartz and Titanium Straws

Honey Dabber 2 by Honey Labs offers a safer and easier way to enjoy concentrates. Just torch the straw, dip into a heat-resistant jar of concentrates, and a take a hit. The best part? A protective cherry wood sleeve slips onto the hot straw so you can safely pocket the Honey Dabber immediately after use. 

Honey Labs offers two straws: Quartz or titanium. The latter delivers big hits, while the quartz extracts intense flavor. The straws plug into the wooden handle for easy attachment. 

If the concentrate enthusiast in your life likes simple, understated tools, the Honey Dabber will make their holiday. 

An Indestructible Spoon Pipe - $19.99

Eyce Spoon is the only indestructible hand pipe.


  • Protective Silicone Body
  • Glass Bowl and Airpath
  • Integrated Poker Tool and Stash Container

The Eyce Spoon is a pipe that won't break when you drop it. The borosilicate glass air path and bowl are shielded by a platinum-cured silicone body, so you get the smooth rips of a glass pipe without the fragility.

This is a thoughtful gift for someone who appreciates functionality over flash. Not only is it durable. It holds a poker tool and secret stash container so everything you need is in one place.

The Eyce Spoon comes in a variety of trippy color schemes from Arcadio Camo to Jamaica, so there's a spoon for everybody.

Refill on the Run with RUBI - $49.95

KandyPens RUBI features an open pod-based system that works with any eliquid.


  • Refillable Pod Vape
  • Auto-Draw
  • Instant Vapor
  • Extremely Compact

For the friend who hates being told what to do (or vape), the pocket-friendly KandyPens RUBI breaks down boundaries with a refillable 1ml pod. Rather than default to whatever cartridge you find at the dispensary, you can load any liquid concentrate you want.

If your Secret Santa doesn't like fiddling with electronics, the RUBI features a sleek, slim, and featherlight design that needs no explanation. The battery is air-activated, instantly delivering clouds as you inhale.

Compatible with any liquid concentrate on the market, the RUBI is the perfect gift for vaporists who want it all and want it now.


A Micro Vape with Macho Features - $149.00

DaVinci MIQRO is elegant, powerful, and pocket-friendly.


  • Works with Dry Herb
  • Smart Heat Settings
  • Adjustable Bowl Size
  • Water Pipe Adapter

The DaVinci MIQRO is a pocket-sized portable for dry herb. It's also a work of art. The design is simple and elegant. The heat settings are groundbreaking. And flashes of genius like an adjustable bowl, in addition to a water pipe adapter, offer a premium experience that's rare for a portable vape.

"I'm really liking DaVinci Miqro. The battery life is a bit shorter but that's understandable since it's smaller (and stealthier) than average. The removable battery is a blessing, since I can stock up on an extra one and never run out of power."

The MIQRO's heating system is brilliantly innovative. Four SMART PATH settings gradually increase by 20 degrees, unlocking new flavors and effects along the way, while precision temperature gives you full control of your clouds.

Pocket-friendly but powerful, the DaVinci MIQRO is a fitting gift for the connoisseur in your life. They'll appreciate its simple yet sophisticated design, and its uncanny knack for extracting the essence of dry herb on the go.

Grinds Dry Herb AND Fills Rolled Cigarettes - $128.00

OTTO grinds AND rolls.


  • Mills Dry Herb and Fills Cones
  • Mimics Human Hand with AI
  • 20 to 30 Cones Per Full Charge

With dead simple controls and AI that mimics the human hand, OTTO makes milling and filling dry herb easier and more efficient. Just load your material and OTTO does both--and well. The grind is fine, the burn slow and even. And OTTO creates 20 to 30 cones with one full charge.

With a spring-loaded chamber that makes intelligent adjustments, you can trust OTTO to grind just as carefully as you would. Whether your dry herb is full of stems, dry, moist, or sticky, OTTO will deliver a fine grind.

If your giftee thinks grinding dry herb and filling cones are chores, this gizmo does both for you. The best part? It does so with the push of a button.

A Concentrate Pen with Sub-Ohm Power - $97.99

KandyPens Prism features two premium atomizers, a glass mouthpiece, and a mighty sub-ohm battery.


  • Ceramic and Quartz Atomizers
  • Sub-Ohm Battery
  • Electro-plated Stainless Steel Design

Does your special someone love concentrates? KandyPens Prism was designed specifically for such enthusiasts. It places flavors and effects on full display with a glass mouthpiece, premium atomizers, and a sub-ohm battery--all in one pocket-friendly pen.

Most vape pens make you choose between ceramic or quartz atomizers, but KandyPens Prism offers both. You can enjoy the fast heating of quartz or the excellent heat retention of ceramic.

Even though the Prism is small, its vapor production is fairly big. The sub-ohm battery offers everything from small, flavorful sips to big snowy white clouds.

The iPhone of Vaporizers - $149.99

PAX 2 features lip-sensing technology that customizes heating based on your inhales.


  • Lip and Motion Sensing Technology
  • Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Four Heat Settings

Critics call PAX 2 the iPhone of vaporizers. An understated design and innovative features make it easy to enjoy quality vapor on the go.

The stainless steel chamber offers four heat settings, while lip and motion sensing technologies offer a truly efficient, intuitive, and playful vaping experience.

If the apple of your eye likes Easter eggs as much as candy canes, PAX 2 has a few hidden features that are pleasantly surprising. One such secret is a Simon Says game that plays a ringtone version of "Funkytown" when you win.

A Desktop Unit with Extremely Pure Vapor - $149.99

Extreme Q features precision temperature, multiple fan speeds, and a remote control.


  • Works with Dry Herb
  • Precision Temperature
  • Multiple Fan Speeds
  • Balloon Bag or Whip Tube
  • Remote Control

The Extreme Q will make the hermit in your life feel right at home. It's a desktop unit with a strong set of features you won't find in a portable. The vapor is top-notch, displaying the essential flavors of dry herb with no harshness.

Extreme Q has variety for days. There are two ways to take a hit: Balloon bag or whip tube. And you can cycle between multiple fan speeds and hundreds of different temperatures. The best part? You can toggle everything via remote control.

If you want to do something special for the homebody in your life, this gift will leave your friend happy to be home for the holidays.

A Pen that Convincingly Vapes Dry Herb - $59.95

Atmos Jump is one of the only vape pens that's compatible with dry herb.


  • Convection Heating
  • Pocket-Friendly Design
  • 1200mAh Battery

Very few vape pens are designed for dry herb. That's what makes Atmos Jump special. It's sleek and slender without sacrificing vapor quality, transforming plant matter into smooth clouds in seconds.

The Jump looks simple at a glance. But beneath its carbon fiber housing lies an advanced convection heating system. It creates pure vapor without burning material.

For on-the-go types, this is the gift that keeps on giving. It features a 1200mAh battery so you can vape smooth hits throughout the day without charging, and the slim design fits comfortably in your pocket or purse.

The Power of Convection in Your Pocket - $89.95

 G Pen Pro is pocket-sized and powered by convection heating.


  • Works with Dry Herb
  • Convection Heating
  • Ceramic Oven

If you know someone who vapes on their feet, here is their dream vaporizer. G Pen Pro is one of the few portable dry herb vapes that's super pocket-friendly AND features convection heating. The hits are incredibly smooth and true to the natural flavors of dry herb.

G Pen Pro features a ceramic oven with tiny holes through which hot air seeps. Dry herb is blanketed in heat, rather than burned on the hot surfaces of the chamber. The result is delicious, powerful vapor that you wouldn't expect from such a little stocking stuffer.

Three temperature settings let you enjoy small, moderate or large clouds, and rapid heating brings joy to the world in seconds. 


Thin Vape, Big Features - $179.00

AirVape X is super thin and lightweight with heavy-duty functionality.


  • Works with Dry Herb or Concentrates
  • Precision Temperature
  • Hybrid Convection/Conduction Heating

This little dry herb vape is my favorite travel companion. Whether on the road or at home, AirVape X gives you masterful control over your vapor without taking up too much real estate in your pocket.

There's much to love about the X. The oven lid is magnetic for easy access, while the ceramic chamber heats to any temperature between 200F and 420F. I like how it vibrates when my temperature has been reached, and how it automatically shuts off to save battery and dry herb.

Aside from all the advanced features, AirVape X boasts considerable vapor quality. The hybrid heating system features an isolated airpath that serves up pure-tasting vapor that can be customized to your liking. If you really want to show someone you care, you can't go wrong with this gift.

A Heavy Duty, American-Made Water Pipe - $159.99

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker is made in the USA using borosilicate glass.


  • Made in the USA
  • Extra Thick Glass
  • Sealed Airpath

Crafted in the USA using medical-grade borosilicate glass, the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker offers quality you can feel. The minimalist design is functional yet luxe with a pristine look that's easy to clean using Higher Standards ISO Pure and Salt Rox.

This beaker pipe is thicker and more durable than the average glass. Its airpath is sealed, delivering direct hits to the lungs before flavor and potency wain in strength.

If your giftee likes smoother hits, this beaker delivers. The diffuser features extra fine slits to maximize filtration, while a custom ice tray molds a cube sized perfectly for the neck.

A Smarter Rig - $379.99

Puffco Peak is a concentrate rig with heat settings, rapid heating, and wireless operation.


  • Works with Concentrates
  • Torch-Free and Wireless
  • Intelligent Temperature Settings

Rigs aren't the most convenient devices, but the Puffco Peak isn't your average rig. It's torch-free, electric, and wireless, and its intelligent temperature calibration keeps heat consistent in-between hits.

Torch-based rigs are a pain to pass around (and then torch up). But Peak heats up with a few taps of the button. It even features Sesh Mode that keeps the heat going so you can share the love.

If there's a concentrate enthusiast in your life who loves cutting-edge products, the Puffco Peak looks like something out of the future. It performs like it too.

High-Quality Vapor, Low-Key Vape - $279.00

The Crafty features durable German-engineering and hybrid heating.


  • Works with Dry Herb or Concentrates
  • German-engineering
  • Convection Heating
  • Mobile App Controls

Storz & Bickel, known for their uber-dependable German-engineering, designed the Crafty for on-the-go vaping. But the vapor quality isn't typical of portable units. Silky smooth and full of natural flavor, it is the product of pure convection heating, a rarity in wireless vapes.

The Crafty is a connoisseur's companion. Its patented heat exchanger vaporizes dry herb with uncompromising efficiency, delivering immense flavor and stimulation in its milky clouds.

While the factory settings are ideal for dry herb, a mobile app lets you set your two favorite temperatures between 104F and 410F. If you want to splurge on the connoisseur in your life, this is the ticket.