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What’s up users, we’ve got a BUNCH of discounts coming up for Black Friday and Cyber Week and wanted to give you a place to check them all out at once to see how you can save this holiday season. We’ve been adding a bunch of new products to the site and have discounts on some old favorites as well.

If you see something you like, you can add it to your wishlist by clicking the little heart underneath each product. Your wishlist will keep track of your favorite items and shopping activity so you don’t have to waste time trying to track down that one device you couldn’t be without.

Let’s get into what sales we have coming up and some of the things you could snag for a discounted price!

Black Friday Vape Sales From 11/28-12/1’s Black Friday Sale will actually start the day of Thanksgiving, so if you need some away-time from your family hunker down and check out some deals after the feast!

From 11/28 to 12/1 you can enjoy 25% off Marley Natural, 40% off KandyPens, 20% off Revelry Supply, 15% off a brand new Levo 2 infusion machine, price reductions on select Arizer and G Pen vaporizers, 35% off of the AirVape Xs GO, the Ghost MV1 will be marked down to $179, and 30% off the Storz & Bickel Crafty.

Now, if you want something that *isn’t* covered in the above discounts, you can take 20% off sitewide from our selection of vaporizers, rolling papers, glass pipes, really anything you might need to enjoy dry herb and concentrates.

Cyber Monday and Cyber Week Vape Sales From 12/2-12/10

So...the Cyber Monday and Cyber Week Sales for are the same as Black Friday...with a few small tweaks.

The G Pen vaporizer sale will carry over from Black Friday into Cuber Monday, but will stop on 12/4, so if you need to get a new Connect you should snag it before December 4th.

During the vaporizer sale on Cyber Monday and during Cyber Week the Ghost MV1 will further be marked down, from $179 to $175.

All other sales will continue just like the Black Friday deals so you’ll still get 20% off sitewide on items that aren’t already discounted.

What To Buy With Your Discount

There was a lot of percentage signs and sales outlined above, so we’ve gone ahead and highlighted a few products you can see discounted from 11/28 to 12/10

Revelry Supply Stowaway - $45.00 - $50.00

Revelry Supply Stowaway bag


If you’re in need of a new smell proof bag look no further than the Revelry Supply Stowaway. The classic silhouette of the Stowaway fits with any vibe of consumer and comes in a multitude of colors to help you express yourself. A carbon filter system helps trap odors from escaping and keeps traveling with dry herb and concentrates discreet. The Stowaway fits in any large bag should you need added discretion.

KandyPens OURA - $349.95



Portable erigs had a banner year and the KandyPens OURA represents the pinnacle of electric concentrate rig technology. Four calibrated temperatures deliver uber thick vapor clouds that are delivered by a unique glass bulb mouthpiece with low draw resistance. Powering the OURA is a beastly 3000mAh battery that charges via USB-C in under an hour. To give you some flavor options the OURA comes with a quartz atomizer and a ceramic bowl; the quartz atomizer delivers dense vapor while the ceramic bowl does a better job at providing some flavor.

G Pen Connect x Higher Standards Riggler Bundle - $269.95



Get everything you need to enjoy concentrates AND dry herb with the G Pen Connect Bundle. Included in this do-it-all kit is the G Pen Connect Vaporizer, Higher Standards Riggler, a quartz banger, and a flower bowl. The G Pen Connect is compatible with the Riggler and produces tasty vapor in a matter of seconds, all without a torch. If you feel like switching to dry herb, the Riggler comes with a bowl to allow for some water filtrated smoke sessions. 

If you need help picking out a new vaporizer or another kind of consumption accessory check out our Holiday Gift Guide!

Remember that the sale starts on 11/28, so check back and let us know if you snag anything in the comments and how you liked it!