vapor's Holiday Gift Guide 2017

vapor's Holiday Gift Guide 2017

To kick off the holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of gifts to make shopping easy for you and yours this holiday season. Find a gift for everyone on your list with these sure-fire hits. Don’t forget, in honor of the festivities vapor will be offering site-wide sales of 20% (some restrictions may apply).

Stocking Stuffers

Whether you’re short on cash, budget-minded or simply looking to get a little something for that special someone on your naughty list, find great gifts on the cheap. These gifts are sure to leave an impression without draining your wallet.

10Cig - $9.95

With solid construction, simple operation and quality atomizers, the 10cig from SOURCE vapes is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone this holiday season. A budget pen that rips like a rig, offers portable power at a disposable price. The 10cig is the perfect vape for someone who is just looking to get into vaping, or your favorite concentrate connoisseur looking for an incognito option.

Piece Water - $9.99


While water is the basis of all life and we’re undyingly grateful or whatever, sometimes it’s boring. Spice up your favorite bong hitter’s water game with a bottle of Piece Water. Featuring a viscosity which is greater than water, Piece Water delivers cooler rips, while catching more particulate. That means your favorite glass heads can go longer without a clean and still stay fresh. Never be caught without your Piece…Water.

Honey Dabber II - $35.99

If your loved ones dabble in dabs, they’ll dig the Honey Dabber II.  Utilizing a simple straw design, the Honey Dabber II offers a simplified dabbing experience, with a long, smooth vapor path. Simply heat the straw and place directly in your container of concentrate, and then inhale from the other end. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Make the holidays a little bit sweeter with the Honey Dabber II.


Nice List

These items may cost a little more, but offer a whole sleigh full of performance to elevate your holidays to the next level.

KandyPens Feather - $54.99

This cartridge-based vape is perfect for the person on your list who deserves a vape as unique as they are. With a design that’s quite unlike anything else currently available, the feather is sleek and discreet for anytime holiday enjoyment. With a refillable cartridge system, the KandyPens Feather is ready for whatever, liquids, oils, or nic salts you can throw at it.

Vivant Dabox - $59.99

Looking for a gift for your favorite dabber? Tell them to put down the torch and pick up the Vivant Dabox. The patented flip-door technology allows for easy loading of concentrates, while 40w of instantaneous power delivers rips that will have you seeing the ghost of CLOUDmas future.

Stok Edition One - $67.10

While we won’t be enjoying a white Christmas here in L.A., the Stok Edition One in “Mile High White” will warm our hearts just the same. With a pair of titanium wrapped ceramic coils, and a battery optimized for high temperatures #thisthingrips has got you covered this CLOUDmas.

APX II - $69.99

You know how they say that sequels are rarely as good as the originals? That’s not always the case, look at the Godfather II or –the Pulsar APX version II. Improving upon one of the best vaporizers for dry herb is no easy task, but Pulsar has managed to do just that. A re-designed mouthpiece for better airflow, new control interface, and improved vapor path means the APX version 2 is ready to light up your trees.

Very Nice List

Some people really go the extra mile. We all have that friend or family member who always comes through in the clutch, no matter what time or whatever situation. Show them you appreciate all their effort with a super kind gift.

KandyPens Prism Plus - $127.99

Sub-ohm performance is unfathomable in a pen-style vaporizer, or so the mod snobs would have you believe. The KandyPens Prism does just that, in a package that manages to be even smaller than the average vape pen. A glass vapor path and the option of dual quartz or coilless ceramic atomizer (both included) make the KandyPens Prism plus a gift that will not be re-gifted.

Source Nail Premium - $149.99

Holy nail Batman! The Source Nail Premium is the Holy Grail for those looking for the e-nail experience. Consisting of a kit which includes everything you need to get going, the Nail premium is a true all-in-one electronic rig. Intended for those who demand the most from their dabs, the Source Nail premium features six different atomizers for every preference and a glass bubbler attachment to help you take flight.

Magical Butter Botanical Extractor - $174.95

Gingerbread houses are better with magic butter. Thanksgiving turkeys are better with magic butter. Name me any holiday delicacy and I will show you something that can be improved with magical butter. Never made edibles before? No prob Bob, Magical Butter makes it easy with pre-set operations for butter, oils, and tincture. Make the holidays special for every magician on your list with the Magic Butter Botanical Extractor.


For the people you love more than any dollar sign, here are some gifts to show them you really, REALLY care.

Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Mothership - $259.98

Get beamed up this holiday season with the Mothership from Snoop Dogg Pounds. Seeing an opening in the market for ultra-high-quality glass, your boy Snoop co-signs this collab with Famous Brandz. If that isn’t enough to sell you, consider the rips from this stunning work of art. The glass on the Mothership is THICK, just the way we like it. With barrel percolators and a flared mouthpiece, this is the ultimate tool to get blown.


AirVape Xs - $149 (Discounted Price)

Airvape Xs is a fast, elegant, thin, and mighty portable dry herb vaporizer for on-the-go cannasseurs. A ceramic oven and convection/conduction heating delivers smooth hits in just 20 seconds--perfect for on-the-fly vaping. The Xs is super convenient, fitting easily in your pocket and vibrating to let you know it's time to vape. You can choose single temperatures in a wide range, zeroing in on the precise degree for your favorite flavors, aromas, and effects. AirVape Xs puts powerful vapor production in the palm of your hand at an affordable price. 


Firefly 2 - $329.95

Are you ready to shut down any gift exchange? Show how much you care, with the most advanced portable vaporizer on the market, the Firefly 2. Seriously, this is the gift that you don’t even have to wrap. The Firefly 2 boasts a three-second heat up time, with touch sensor activation and an all-glass vapor path. With options to customize your vaping experience with a Bluetooth app and pre-designed paths to get the most out of your vaping materials, the Firefly 2 will take your holiday from fine to FIRE. 


That does it for our Holiday Gift Guide, hope you find something nice for that special someone. Don't forget to check out our 20% off sale. Until next time, VAPE bless us, everyone.