Best Vaporizers With Water Pipe Attachments

7 Best Vaporizers with Water Pipe Attachments

Finding a vaporizer with a water pipe attachment is tough. Most vapes don't even work with pipes. And those that do usually need an adapter and compatible water pipe, each sold separately. Researching what works with what is a big headache.To make things easier, we made a list of the best vaporizer water pipe kits, including the ideal pipe for each vape. These curated bundles include everything you need to enjoy smoother, cooler, and cleaner vapor.

The Honey Dabber 

A down-to-earth concentrate rig.

Honey Dabber with Famous Brandz water pipe


Handcrafted with care, Honey Dabber 2 offers something other concentrate straws don't. A cherry wood sleeve slips over the straw so you can pocket the device even when it's hot. Very convenient. That said, the dabs can be a bit harsh. That's why Honey Labs released the Honey Hose, a silicone tube with an adapter for attaching to pretty much any water pipe.

HoneyStick Honey Hose and Famous Brandz water pipe

This low-key kit suits the hippy within. Honey Labs goes for a simple, homespun design. If you're not big on complications, this is probably the most easy-to-use vaporizer and water pipe setup. A birch wood adapter connects to a silicone tube, which slips into the dabber's mouthpiece. The quartz straw delivers good flavor and potency, while the water pipe smooths everything out.

With three tapered ridges carved into its tip, the Honey Hose adapter can fit any 10, 14, or 18mm water pipes with no fuss. We recommend using it with a small dab rig like the Famous Brandz Strawberry. Its tighter airways promote lower draw resistance--perfect for concentrates. The Honey Dabber Kit offers a simple way to enjoy smooth dabs. 

The Boundless

No torch. No combustion. No limits.

Boundless CF-710 vaporizer with water pipe attachment and GRAV water pipe


The Boundless Kit is one of the only torchless dab rigs on the market. No danger, no burnt out dab nails. Just big, satisfying rips.

Boundless CF-710 is a dipstick style concentrate pen with a twist. It's one of the only vaporizers with a water pipe adapter. Sold separately, the stainless steel adapter fits 10, 14, and 18mm male stems and 14 and 18mm female stems. That pretty much covers any glass. A tapered design enables easy attachment--no adjustment needed. Simply slip the adapter into the ground glass connection of your pipe and a concentrate-friendly airtight seal is created.

GRAV water pipe with Boundless CF 710 as attachment

To accommodate the CF-710's power, we recommend the 12" GRAV Beaker. It's the perfect size for smoothing out those big dabs. The wider water chamber with a fission downstem maximizes moisture-conditioning so you can pull hard without harshness. Featuring a long tube with an ice pinch, this beaker gives dabs just enough time to cool off before the inhale.

What comes down the pipeline is tasty, potent, and comfortable. The CF-710 uses both ceramic and quartz heating tips, both geared toward fidelity. To heat up the tip, hold down the power button for a few seconds. To take a rip, dab some wax onto the hot tip as you draw from the water pipe. Expect the lung-busting rips of a dab rig, minus the inconvenience of torching. 

The Air 

The connoisseur's choice.

Arizer Air 2 and Snoop POUNDS Mothership water pipe


Arizer Air 2 is known for its top-notch vapor quality. But few know it also works as a vaporizer water pipe. A premium borosilicate glass adapter, made by Arizer, fits any 14mm pipe with a female connection. The resulting vapor is extremely flavor-rich, powerful, and silky smooth.

Arizer Air inside the Mothership water pipe

By a connoisseur's standards, the 13" Mothership by Famous Brandz is the perfect water pipe for the Air. A massive chamber with double barrel percolators delivers double the moisture-conditioning. You'll get the best of both worlds--intense flavor and comfort.

Crafted with simplicity in mind, the Arizer adapter simply plugs into the chamber of the Air 2 with a male adapter that fits into any 14mm pipe's ground glass connection. This isn't the most versatile vaporizer water pipe adapter, since it won't fit 12 or 18mm pipes, but it fits snugly to create a tight seal. The Arizer kit does the essential well, delivering true vaporization that connoisseur's will appreciate. 

The Magic Flight 

A lot from a little.

MagicFlight Launch Box vaporizer with Filtration Whip and Jane West Beaker


The Magic Flight Launch Box is by far one of the smallest portable dry herb vaporizers with a water pipe adapter. Partnered with the sleek and slender Jane West beaker, you've got one compact kit. But don't let the petite look fool you. This power couple delivers smooth rips with a powerful headchange that transcends their small stature.

Using the MaightFlight Launch Box inside the Jane West Beaker

Attaching the Launch Box vaporizer to a water pipe is simple with the Magic Flight water filtration whip. One end features a glass straw that slips into the vapor outlet. The other end has a hand-carved wooden handle embellished with a mystical logo and a male 14mm glass fitter. An 18mm adapter is sold separately.

For those who love the portability and simplicity of the Launch Box, but want smoother hits, this kit comes recommended. The Jane West Beaker features a fixed downstem diffuser crafted for finer bubbles, maximizing water filtration. The elegant design and powerful vapor production of this pairing makes for one hell of a centrepiece. 

The Higher Standard

A kit with class.

AirVape X vaporizer with Xs Bubbler and Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker


Imagine if your pipe had precision temperature control. That's what this vaporizer water pipe kit offers. You can customize and water filtrate your clouds. On top of that, the AirVape X produces seriously tasty, potent vapor with a hybrid heating system. The X is incredibly easy-to-use, and although it's palm-friendly, it's one of the most powerful portable dry herb vaporizers around.

AIrVape X inside of Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker

For a more portable experience, AirVape makes a bubbler that fits right onto the X. Made out of high grade borosilicate, this piece smooths things out while displaying great flavor. But if you want more moisture conditioning, the bubbler also comes with a water pipe adapter. With a tapered male connection, it allows you to attach the Xs to any 12, 14, and 18mm water pipe.

AirVape X matches well with classy glassware like the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker. Both feature sleek, functional designs. The airtight seal of the beaker has low drag, preserving vapor quality with direct blasts to the lungs. This American-made, handcrafted pipe features an extra thick design with stylishly minimalist look. It looks and performs solidly alongside the equally formidable X vaporizer.