Vessel Vaporizers: Luxury On Demand

Vessel Vaporizers: Luxury On Demand

Vessel Vaporizers represent a new level of luxury in the vape pen world. 510-threaded vape batteries have come a long way in terms of performance, convenience, and durability which has allowed for more customization for your sessions, but along the way vape batteries got a little...basic looking. With advanced technology arriving often in the vape-scape companies can find new ways to create elite models. Vessel Vaporizers manufacture some of the sleekest looking 510-thread batteries on the market today and utilize the newest heating technology to give you options during sessions.

While other brands might not put extra focus on the overall style of their batteries, Vessel breaks the mold. High quality materials and extensive R & D have helped Vessel create some of the best looking 510-threaded batteries we’ve ever seen. We’re going to take a look at what makes Vessel Vaporizers one of the most exciting vape pen battery brands out and talk about a few of our favorite models. Let’s dive in!

Vessel Vaporizers: A Battery For Any Style

With people accessorizing everything from laptop covers to shoelaces Vessel understood that vape pens can be considered fashion accessories now. Vessel offers multiple series of vape batteries that all have a place at the country cloud, hiking trail, or beach hangout. The wide array of style choices presented by Vessel is impressive and is helped overall by the fact that these vape pen batteries perform at a high level.

Vessel Wood Series Vape Battery - $99.99

Vessel Vaporizers Wood Series Battery

The Vessel Wood Series vape battery is the first in the industry to feature actual wood in the construction of the device. Featuring the soft look of beach-wood the Vessel Wood Series utilizes naturally sourced materials for each device and since beach-wood is well, beach-wood, each vape pen battery is unique in pattern making it stand out from every other vape pen available especially with the pairing of anodized aluminum with the natural look of wood. Inside of the Vessel Wood Series is a 240mAh battery that offers 3 voltage options (2.8V, 3.2V, 3.6V) to let you explore your material while optimized air intakes help draw resistance stay low.

In addition to the natural Wood Series, Vessel features a Style Series that strikes a different tone in looks but keeps the same elite performance that Vessel has across the board with all their batteries.

Vessel Style Series Vape Battery - $99.99

Vessel Style Series Vape Battery

The uniform and “toned down” look of the Vessel Style Series fits into any function seamlessly and has a nice “eye catching but not flashy” vibe to it. With an official color of “aubergine” the Vessel Style Series vaporizer batteries are constructed from 100% anodized aluminum for a durable 510-threaded battery that can take every day drops and tumbles no problem. The protected cartridge drop-in design (which is found on all Vessel Vaporizer batteries) also helps overall durability and is compatible with most 510-thread cartridges with temperature options of 2.8V, 3.2V, and 3.6V.

Not shying away from combining other types of materials with vape batteries Vessel also has the Canyon Series, which features full grain leather.

Vessel Canyon Series Vape Battery - $80.00

Vessel Canyon Series Vaporizer Battery


The Canyon Series from Vessel Vaporizers offers another “one of a kind” experience with each battery. Full grain leather is wrapped around the bottom half of the Canyon Series battery making every single device one-of-a-kind. The upper of the Canyon is anodized aluminum which makes for a fantastic combination of colors when paired with the full grain leather bottom. As with every Vessel battery you’ll be able to choose from 2.8V, 3.2V, or 3.6V options to let you experience more flavor on the lower end of the voltage spectrum, or produce large clouds with the 3.6V option.

Vessel Compass Series Vape Battery - $59.00

Vessel Compass Series Vaporizer Battery

The Vessel Compass Series Vaporizer Battery has a marked difference from the other batteries offered by Vessel in that it is more compact and easier to pack around should you enjoy "outdoorsy" activities. With a great "in-hand" feel the Compass is easy to operate and enjoy. Three voltage options (2.8V, 3.2V, and 3.6V) let you explore your material and the protected cartridge drop-in design ensures safe travels and protection against drops. The Compass Series Vaporizer battery is compatible with all standard-sized 510-thread vape cartridges. 

Do You Need A Vessel Vaporizer Battery?

Vessel Vaporizers are fantastic for those who want a little extra from their vape pen in the looks *and* performance department. While Vessel batteries might have the look of a “high fashion” vape, the durability is solid and allows for stress-free use. Vessel offers a multitude of different looks for your favorite 510 cartridges to be used with so you can perfectly accessorize for your next session. Let us know if you’ve used a Vessel or plan on getting one in the comments!