Vivant Dabox Review - Davape for You?

Vivant Dabox Review - Davape for You?

While vaporizers offer a less harsh delivery than smoking methods, they are often plagued with low output. Many users who are new to vaporization have a hard time telling if they are “getting a hit.” While there are alternatives for power users, such as box mods or e-nails, these solutions are often not as portable and can be overly-complicated for most consumers’ usage. Enter the Vivant Dabox, a completely portable wax vaporizer with 40 watts of true mod power available at the instantaneous press of a button. Is the Vivant Dabox the best vape for you? Check out our review, and remember, with great vape power, comes great vape responsibility. 


The exterior of the Vivant Dabox is unassuming enough, a simple black box crafted from aluminum with a glass vapor path clearly visible. The Vivant Dabox is incredibly compact, roughly the perfect size to be hidden in your palm if you make a fist. This makes Dabox extremely portable, on par with the standard vape pen, but with a far more heavy duty feel. Despite the diminutive size, you never doubt the construction of the unit.

Unadorned with LCD screens or gaudy logos, the Dabox vaporizer is identified by the small etched Dabox insignia on the hinge of the unit.  The look of the Dabox vaporizer is a definite win for this reviewer, but my particular tastes tend to lean more towards the minimal, restrained style. If you’re more of a “mighty morphing power vaper” that wants people to know how sick our vape is just by looking at it, the Dabox vaporizer may not be the vaporizer for you.


The bottom of the Dabox vaporizer is fitted with a very unique hinge, which is patented as Flip Door technology. This is a feature that cannot be found in any other vaporizer currently on the market. The Flip Door is sufficiently pleasant to open and close. While there isn’t a vaporizer that has a similar tactile experience, this reviewer would liken the sensation to flicking the lid shut on a zippo lighter. There’s something about a firm close of a hinged lid, or in this case a Flip Door, that just feels….satisfying. 



Packing power in the form of a 1500mAh battery, the Vivant Dabox is capable of delivering massive hits with energy to carry around all day. While the Dabox vaporizer lacks temperature control, this makes the operation of the unit even more straight-forward. Five clicks of the large thumb button on the back of the unit and Dabox roars to life.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Vivant Dabox vaporizer is the instantaneous power delivery. The unit is capable of delivering 40w of power to the coil as soon as you press your thumb down. This instantaneous power creates clouds with such speed; you may want to take it easy on the button for the first few uses. 

The immediacy of this power delivery is quite impressive. If you’re familiar with most wax pens, there is generally a latency period due to the wait between the transfers of energy from the battery to the coils. The wattage and power of the vivant Dabox is similar to a mod, though you don’t have to get a degree in engineering or scour online forums just to get up and running.

The Vivant Dabox has a draw resistance of .5 Ohms, which puts it on par with many powerful mods.  What this translates to is a very easy draw, which still produces very dense vapor. This makes the Vivant Dabox vaporizer a bit of a sleeper hit, as it is easy to over-draw and end up coughing up large clouds of vapor. 


Coinciding with the Flip Door, vivant has implemented some really unique atomizers to make the Dabox a true standout. Dabox ships with two atomizers included, which attach via a small screw in adapter. The Dabox vaporizer allows for quick changes to replace the atomizer. Instead of utilizing the standard 501 threading, there is a sliding connection that allows the atomizer to be easily interchanged.

The atomizers that are included with the Dabox include a dual quartz rod atomizer with a standard titanium wire as well as a dual coil Clapton wire. The dual coil titanium atomizer of the Dabox is optimized for all day usage. This means it has a lower power draw on the battery, while still delivering heat to the coil in an expedient manner. Vivant advertises the titanium coil as being the quickest heating of the atomizers for Dabox. 

The Clapton coil of Dabox features a Kanthal wire, similar to those used in heavy-duty e juice vapes.  The Clapton wire is engineered to maximize surface area, allowing for larger hits. This coil also has the benefit of using a lower temperature, to make the intake less harsh, which will release more flavors. Note that the Dabox Clapton coil does take longer to heat than the titanium coil and uses more battery power due to the thicker wire needing more energy to heat. 



We vibe with the solid construction and the out-of-this-world clouds that can be created by the Dabox vaporizer. Packing this amount of Mod-type power in such a small package at this price point seems like a really great value. While this unit definitely operates at dab-destroying, high-heat temperatures, you never sacrifice taste. One thing that’s really specific to Dabox is the consistently flavorful hits one can produce. The pure flavor is definitely due to the all-glass vapor path, which allows for the cleanest-tasting hits, as well as the high-quality atomizers utilized in Dabox.




So, if you haven’t noticed by the review thus far, the Vivant Dabox portable vaporizer makes clouds, big time. While this type of output is coveted by experienced Dabbers and those looking for a tactile experience similar to that provided by combustion consumption methods, it’s not the friendliest unit for beginners.  While the operation is very straight forward, the sheer amount of power that’s available at the press of a button can be overwhelming for the uninitiated.

If conservation is your concern, Dabox is probably not what you’re looking for. While it does preserve the flavor and experience of your concentrates, heavier hits will always require larger amounts of wax. All those clouds have to come from somewhere, right? So the crumble curmudgeons and concentrate conservatives may balk at the higher clip in which they consume. Note however, that this can be moderated by the user, if you wait to push the ignition until after you are already inhaling, and keep your finger light on the button.



The Vivant Dabox presents an attractive and incredibly portable solution for serious dabbers and e-nail lovers. The Dabox delivers hits reminiscent of a mod or complicated e-nail with much simpler controls and a more self-contained package. If you’re new to concentrate consumption, this vaporizer may be a little over-powered for you. However, if you know what you’re getting into or are capable of practicing a little restraint when pressing the button, the performance of the Dabox is unrivaled in this price range.

While not a conservative vape by any stretch of the mind, the Vivant Dabox packs super power performance into a sleeper package. The unique coil offerings with maximum surface area, combined with the elongated all-glass vapor path make for a dabbing experience that is full of flavor while simultaneously delivering mind-altering clouds.

If you’ve been upset with the output of vaporizers you’ve tried in the past, the Vivant Dabox will definitely not disappoint. Dabox is also a perfect companion for users looking to more portable solutions to e-nails or even analogue dab rigs. The instantaneous power delivery of the unit offers a tactile and sensory excitement akin to flooring the accelerator of a fine automobile. The Dabox is a vaporizer meant to be experienced.


What are your thoughts? Are you an E-nail or mod user that’s looking for a more portable solution? Have you been underwhelmed with vapor production of vapes in the past? Let us know in the comments below.