Vivant Incendio Review

Vivant Incendio Review


• Quartz, bucket-style atomizers rip with tasty pulls

• Might be the most powerful portable wax vape under $150

• Portable Glass Mouthpiece is an upgrade over other wax mod mouthpieces



• Atomizer selection limited to Quartz Firecore atomizers

• The one-piece bubbler can be a little difficult to clean

• Doesn’t offer true temperature control


TLDR; Between the quartz atomizer and all glass mouthpieces the Incendio promises powerful rips without sacrificing flavor. Though the atomizer selection is lacking. Even though it doesn’t feature temperature control, it remains the most capable kit in its price range. The Incendio is the perfect candidate to test the waters of powerful wax mods.



It ships in a box that looks like something that a spy would handcuff to their wrist. Instead of holding missile codes, the Incendio packs its own incendiary artillery. The Vivant Incendio comes with a custom mod battery and two all-glass mouthpieces. These allow for water-filtered and portable use.

The Incendio’s battery comes in a minimalist, silver design. Four buttons control all operations. The OLED screen is easy to read and displays the mode and necessary settings. It also displays the remaining battery. The Surface of the Incendio battery remains unembellished. Adorned with a small Vivant logo and and hex screws on the face of the unit. Note that, this reviewer has no idea if these hex screws are design choices or are functional. To be honest, never tried to pull it apart. All in all, a standard mod design, though a dedicated button for all functions is a welcomed addition.

The glass water filter features one-piece construction. Unlike many of the bubblers included in similar wax mod kits. The glass water filter cools your vapor to take bigger rips. The small size makes it portable, or as portable as carrying a bong on an enail gets.

If you’re looking for smooth, pocket-friendly rips, you’ll want the portable attachment. The Incendio Tank features the same Firecore technology which powers the water-filtered attachment. More on that later. The tank resembles a standard vape tank design, which will allow for more discrete usage. The mouthpiece is removes with ease for loading of your concentrate materials. A double O-ring seal keeps things airtight and tidy.



Highly controllable and confidently powerful, the Vivant Incendio battery offers approachable operation. With selectable wattage from 1.0-50W, the options are open to the user. Large powerful dabs wallow from the unit with lung ripping efficiency. Or the user can take a more conservative approach for flavorful rips. Vivant recommends running the Atomizers between 25-40 watts. Though, the user is free to experiment.

Vivant’s innovative Firecore technology powers vaporization. An electrical trace in a SIO2 cup brings your concentrates to temperature. The Firecore Atomizer on the Incendio features all Quartz construction. This includes the heating element and the surrounding chamber. Many dab enthusiasts prefer Quartz for its smooth hit delivery. It is also taste neutral.

With all the benefits of Quartz, let me play devil’s advocate for a second. One drawback to the Incendio is its limited atomizer selection. While quartz does provide the purest flavor, its heat retention pales in comparison. Ceramic and titanium can be harder hitting. They also have their own unique drawbacks. Though this may not be a drawback, the absence of additional atomizers is surprising.

The glass mouthpieces of the Incendio deliver incredible flavor. They both offer an inert surface material to avoid imparting any flavors. The included bubbler and portable Incendio mouthpiece work to cool vapor. The water filtration is easy to fill and leak-proof. This provides a smooth smoking experience that allows you to take even larger hits. The portable mouthpiece and the bubbler attachment are study in design. Though glass will break with abuse, I didn’t worry about getting rough with the included pieces.



Operating the Vivant Incendio is as easy as pressing a button or two. Five clicks of the “fire” button will turn the unit on. The middle button on the bottom will control functions. Hold it down for a second to switch from wattage mode to enail mode. The two buttons on either side of the function button set the wattage.

Wattage mode and enail modes are available on the Vivant Incendio. In power mode, the user sets their desired wattage and heats the Firecore at the press of a button. This is a good setting for all day vaping or portable glass mouthpiece use. In this mode you can load more concentrate material and take your time vaping it thought a day or long session.

The Enail mode offers a great alternative to standard torch heating for dab users. When in Enail mode, the user sets wattage and then holds the fire button for a second and it will engage itself. In Enail mode the user won’t have to hold the fire button to get the nail to heat. The Enail reaches the max temp of the desired wattage and then maintains for a full minute. The recommended operating wattage is 25-40W.

Enail mode is like dabbing with a more traditional rig. Users should plan to load an amount of concentrate they will be able to clear in 1-3 pulls. This eliminates wasted product. Another cool ProTip/ feature: the carb cap features a nifty set of holes which can modulate airflow. After you’ve placed the carb cap over the atomizer, place your fingers on the carb cap holes. This allows you to rip milky clouds of concentrate. Remove your fingers from the holes to take a massive rip to the dome piece.



Care & maintenance of your vaporizer is paramount to its longevity. In this respect, the Incendio is no different. What sets the Incendio apart is the ease of maintenance. The Firecore Atomizers feature a bucket design. The feature makes it very easy to clean out any excess wax or residue without risk of damaging your coils. Though the buckets are not removable, they allow for easier cleaning than coiled atomizers.

Once a week or as residue builds, run a burn off cycle to remove excess wax and soften residue. Then Swab the Atomizer with an alcohol-soaked Q-tip to remove any further soiling. The Incendio mouthpiece is likewise very simple to clean. To clean the mouthpiece first remove the splash guard from the mouthpiece. To do this, use the dab tool or any poking device and push the guard out the bottom of the mouthpiece. You may then soak the glass mouthpiece in alcohol or shake it in a bag with alcohol and coarse salt. Then rinse with water and it’s good as new.

One thing to note is that the bubbler will require more regular cleaning to keep fresh. While this is a problem with all smaller bubblers, I am generally willing to put up with the slight inconvenience. I prefer smaller water capacity than bogy bongs. How often, will depend on the user. If sessioning alone, it could generally go 5-7 days. If I did a large session with a group of friends, I would clean it right after. I don’t like any tastes lingering and nothing disgusts me like dirty glass.



The Vivant Incendio offers a capable and approachable platform for dab enthusiasts. This wax mod offers something for every category of vaper. From the flavor fiends to the heavy hitters, the Incendio appeals the senses with its with its pure quartz delivery. It also fricken rips, believe. At a price shy of $150, Vivant is poising the Incendio to be one of the most affordable wax mods. This low investment will appeal to those looking to upgrade from a wax pen as well as distinguished dabbers. Users of the Vivant Dabox may miss the extensive atomizer collection. However, the pure flavor of the Firecore technology promises tasty rips not to miss.