Volcano Hybrid Review

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Review

It’s been 19 years since the original Storz & Bickel Volcano vaporizer introduced elite convection heating and unmatched reliability to the world. Everything from the vapor production to the balloon bag system of the Volcano was unrivaled by any other desktop vaporizers. Fast forward to 2019, Storz & Bickel modernized the Volcano and introduced the Volcano Hybrid with a new touchscreen interface and heating technology, while also harkening back to old school vaping with whip-style delivery compatibility paired with their famous bag-system.

What's New With The Hybrid Vaporizer?

The Hybrid has some solid improvements while still remaining true to the same recipe that made the classic an iconic desktop vaporizer. Let's take a look at what Storz & Bickel did to improve their iconic Volcano Classic vaporizer with the latest desktop version!

Iconic Convection Heating, Reimagined

Storz & Bickel mastered convection heating a long time ago, but they’re still doing their best to improve the design. 

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Hybrid Volcano's convection heating forces hot air into the redesigned chamber (more on that in a second) to vaporize your dry herb or concentrates, without combustion. Storz & Bickel used the highest quality components available when constructing the Hybrid Volcano, resulting in smoother and more comprehensive draws free of unwanted outside tastes and smells.

A double-helix heat exchanger was added to the Volcano Hybrid to ensure faster preheating. Preheating used to take a few minutes with older Volcano models, but the new heat exchange gets to your preferred temperature in just 40 seconds.

Desktop models have long been harangued for their heat-up times, but the Volcano models have been able to thrive despite being on the slower end of that spectrum. The new heating system in the Volcano Hybrid has eliminated the one real knock on this line of desktop vaporizers allowing it to remain a relevant as vapes get faster and smarter.

Volcano Hybrid: New Whip-Style Delivery

Older models of the Volcano delivered your vapor by balloon bag only. Anyone who’s used this style of vapor delivery knows that despite the time it takes to fill the balloon, it’s a pretty convenient way to enjoy vapor since you can parcel it out thanks to the resealable bags. The Volcano Hybrid now features the balloon bag AND whip-style draw options.

two people enjoying the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer with whip and balloon delivery

Users who want a hookah-feel from their Volcano will love the whip attachment. The above-mentioned double-helix heat exchanger makes this a much more viable option due to the faster heat-up time featured in the Volcano Hybrid. Whip-style vaporizers let the user control the density of their vapor, making each draw personalized for whoever is in your session. Compared to balloon-style vapor distribution, whips don’t limit the amount of time you can session. With bags, once the balloon is empty, your session is over.

Balloon bag diehards will appreciate this new heat up time too as well as the fact that you can make your own balloons and attach them to the Hybrid with the included adapter, so you finally have a use for those balloon animal classes you took.

Volcano Hybrid: New Display Display

The first iteration of the Volcano Vaporizer was equipped with straight-forward controls that incorporated a rotary dial to let you pick your temperature. Later on, Storz & Bickel moved into the digital era with the Volcano Digit, which featured “+” and “-” buttons to give users precision temperature control.

The Volcano Hybrid on a table outdoors, with hose attachment equipped

The Volcano Hybrid has the same overall dimensions as previous Volcano models, but with a more streamlined button situation and brighter display. There aren’t any knobs or “true” buttons on the Volcano Hybrid, giving it a very clean look. The touch screen interface is very straightforward; Storz & Bickel kept the simple “+” and “-” imagery from the Volcano Digit but slimmed down the button design to sit almost flush with the digital screen.

Changing temperatures on the Volcano Hybrid is very simple and the bright display shows your chosen temperature and the temperature as the device heats up. Those who prefer a more tactile feel with their vaporizers will prefer the Classic or Digit, it should be noted the Volcano Hybrid does have a “click” feel when you press the buttons.

There is an official Storz & Bickel app available for both Android and iOS that makes switching temperatures even easier than using the touchscreen.

Final Thoughts on the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel didn’t reinvent the wheel with the Volcano Hybrid, and that’s totally fine. The small tweak of making this vaporizer whip and Volcano hybrid bag style, as well as the quick heat-up time are upgrades that everyone will be happy about. The Volcano Hybrid is the replacement for the Volcano Digital from this point on.

My only real issue with the S&B Volcano Hybrid is that it’d be nice if there could be multiple hoses connected to the whip attachment. Having a “party-style” Volcano would be a fun addition to your setup, and add a communal vibe to the session. Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot *not* to like about the new Volcano Hybrid. It’s dual-use compatibility, reliability, and consistency make this the epitome of a workhorse vaporizer.

This is the perfect desktop vaporizer for homebodies who want consistency and peace of mind when it comes to their purchase. The Volcano Hybrid comes with a three-year warranty—if returned because of an issue, Storz & Bickel will clean it, test it, and replace any parts that might need to be switched out. Storz & Bickel prides themselves on elite craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

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