What Does "420 Friendly" Mean?

What Does "420 Friendly" Mean?

420 friendly is a term for cannabis tolerance widely used on dating sites and craigslist. The term isn’t restricted to use by those who smoke, evolving to encompass the view of all who are anti-prohibition. Find out about where the term came from and what it means to be truly 420 friendly.

Where Did 420 Come From?

So, before we get to being 420 friendly, lets nail down what 420 means in the first place. The meaning of four twenty can be highly contextual. It’s often used for times to smoke, a day of celebration, or even the bud itself. Safe to say, whenever you’re talking 420 you are definitely talking herb-related topics.

The origin of the term is debated by many and almost everyone will give a different answer. Some say it’s a code used by police to designate marijuana smoking in progress. Others trace it to outdoor cannabis cultivation, saying it’s the perfect date to plant seeds. There are any number of convoluted speculations and theories, however the earliest usage of the term dates back to the 70’s.

Coined by a group of San Rafael high school students on a treasure hunt of sorts, the 4:20 designation was the meeting time for their weekly excursion. Hearing rumors of an untended patch of growing cannabis, the teens met weekly to search out the mythical stash. Naturally, these excursions would involve imbibing in the devil’s lettuce as they scoured for the wild patch.

Though the group of friends never found their score of wild-growing weed, the term stuck and became a sort of code for those in the know. The spread of the term is widely linked to the psychedelic band the Greatful Dead, before being adopted by the High Times publication. The widely read magazine took the verbiage into the mainstream.

What Does it Mean to be 420 Friendly?

To be 420 friendly generally means that you are fine with the use of cannabis. This can be true to multiple extents. For instance, you don’t have to smoke regularly or at all to be 420 friendly. Declaring yourself four twenty friendly has certain far-reaching implications that go much deeper than smoking marijuana from time to time.

420 Friendly is Activism


Rumor has it that our forefathers founded the original colonies to be more 420 friendly....think about it

When it was originally criminalized, the stigma around 420 and herbal usage was extremely negative. As time went on, its legality became a highly-debated topic. While some argued that it was a dangerous drug, others believed that the misinformation surrounding it had allowed for its suppression to empower a police state.

Since its prohibition, the use or support of cannabis has been intertwined with activism. From the wide spread rebellion of the counterculture in the 60’s, to the modern era, the acceptance of cannabis generally signifies a broader tolerance of the human condition.

You Don’t Have to Smoke to be 420 Friendly

Duh. While many think 420 friendly is exclusive to smoking pot, it really has much wider connotations. To be 420 friendly simply means you are a friend of the cause. It means that you don’t support the continued prohibition and misinformation surrounding cannabis. It means that you don’t pre-judge or discriminate against cannabis smokers. It means that you do not support the targeting of minorities and low-income citizens by law enforcement agencies.

420 friendly has graduated from the smelly basements and tie dye posters it ascended from to encompass the modern individual. Whether you imbibe or not, you can still be 420 friendly. What it means to be 420 friendly currently, is to be tolerant and understanding of a point of view or lifestyle which differs from your own.

What Does 420 Friendly Mean on Dating Sites?


Start the 420 conversation with a potential partner to determine your compatibility 

On dating sites, the designation of 420 friendly usually refers to a person that actively uses cannabis or is comfortable with those that do so. This can be a great icebreaker or point of conversation for a fresh date. If you smoke, you may have found your match. If not, you know where someone is at and can broach the subject to find their use and habits to know if yawl are compatible.

Declaring yourself as 420 friendly doesn’t necessarily have to mean you are looking for a smoke buddy or that people won’t take you seriously. The fact of the matter is that 56% of Americans find the use of marijuana to be socially acceptable. So, declaring that you are also in favor of its use could open up your horizons to a whole bevy of partners.

What Does 420 Friendly Mean on Cragislist?


We nabbed this puppy for a cool $20 from a very 420 friendly craigslist poster

420 friendly can mean a variety of things in Craigslist posts. In personals, it generally means that the poster is open to friendships or encounters with those who smoke or may even be used to find new smoking friends.

In job postings, those that are listed as 420 friendly are generally more relaxed in their drug testing policies or may not have any in place at all. Don’t take this to mean that you can light up at work though, very few employers allow workers to imbibe on the clock.

Roommates or housing situations that proclaim their 420 friendliness are receptive to cannabis users. However, do not take this as an excuse to get lit indoors. Many landlords have rules against open flames in their buildings, regardless of what you’re burning. If you’re looking for a new roommate, make sure to be respectful and ask questions about appropriate times and places to imbibe. 

There are a multitude of products available for those who wish to partake without the typical 'tell-tale' smell. Among these, vaporizers are an excellent choice. Unlike traditional smoking methods, vaporizers heat dry herbs to a point where the active ingredients are released, but no actual smoke is produced - this significantly reduces the odor. And for those who choose not to smoke indoors, there are portable vaporizers that can taken on the go because of their compact size and ease of use, providing a convenient and discreet option for those on the move. Remember, as a 420 user or advocate, your actions reflect on the community.  

Are You 420 Friendly?


 As the views surrounding cannabis change and more and more of the nation becomes 420 friendly, the persona of the 420 user has changed. What do you think? Are you 420 friendly?  What do you think makes a person 420 friendly? Let us know in the comments below. And no matter if you’re smoking, vaping, or eating your 420, remember to always be responsible and respectful---only YOU can prevent the negative perceptions of 420 and its users!


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