What is 710? How to Celebrate the Right Way

What is 710? How to Celebrate the Right Way

Your friends might have told you about this crazy holiday, 710, a.k.a national Dab Day. It’s like 420, but instead of smoking in the balmy haze of late April, people gather on sunny July 10th to laugh, converse, and appreciate the subtle art of concentrate creation and consumption.

There are even annual festivals, such as the 710 Degree Cup in Phoenix, AZ, where visitors blindly judge concentrates from around the globe to decide which garner the most distinguished dabs.

But 710 is much more than a holiday. It’s a movement, a concept, a philosophy.

But where the heck did they get the number 710 from? And who invented 710 day to begin with? Let’s dip into America’s most low key national holiday.

710 Meaning

The origin of 710 is pretty trippy, especially the etymology, or shall we say numerology.  

The number 710 was chosen because when flipped and reversed it forms another word. “OIL.”

Mind, blown.

Oil, of course, refers to concentrates, though they go by many other names, and don’t always literally take an oily form.

The term 710 itself isn’t just a holiday. It’s also a special time of day for sessions. And, similar to its plant-based cousin 420, it’s a term for referring to concentrates in a discreet manner.

So, What are Concentrates?

The short answer? Concentrates are highly effective.

Concentrates are substances of waxy to liquidy consistency that boast higher potency levels than herb strains. They’re extracted from herb, usually using a solvent such as butane.

Concentrates come in a variety of textures and they generally vary in potency.

There are similarities between herb and concentrates, but the two are very distinct from one another, which is why 710 caught on. As it goes, concentrate enthusiasts were moving away from 420 culture and wanted their own concept.

But Wait, Back to the Whole What is 710? thing!

So who invented the 710 holiday? We could just chalk it up to the collective consciousness. Maybe tons of dabbers made the 710/OIL connection around the same time yet independent of one another. But probably not. In reality, a single person must have at some point introduced the germ of 710 to the culture, where it flourished.

The best explanation comes from The Leaf Online. They traced the origins of 710 back to TaskRok, rapper and founder of Highly Educated, a company that manufactures titanium nails for concentrate rigs. TaskRok found inspiration for inventing 710 while dabbing with friends.

“They suggested we make a new time to take dabs at, since they didn’t really resonate with 420 anymore.” TaskRok told The Leaf. “I was the one who suggested 710 because it clicked in my head that it spelled oil upside down.”

TaskRok, inventor of 710, poses defiantly

(TaskRok, inventor of 710, stays humble about it.)

TaskRok humbly explained he figured out that 710 upside down spells OIL from an old joke about a guy who walks into a garage and asks for a 710 cap (a.k.a. the guy was reading the oil cap upside down. Har, har).

Using his rap music to springboard 710, TaskRok watched the term evolve into the counterculture movement it is today.

So How Might You Celebrate 710?

The best way to celebrate concentrates is by, duh, vaping them. 

For those who are new to concentrates, dabbing is the vaporization of oils using heat. This creates big, lung-expanding clouds of intensely potent vapor.

There are three methods for dabbing.

The first method involves a rig, or a water pipe designed for dabs. Dab rigs feature a ceramic, titanium, or quartz “nail” that is heated using a butane torch before concentrates are placed on the hot surface.

The second method, using an enail, is a little more convenient. Enails are portable and battery powered, so you can carry them around easier and you don’t need a torch. Perfect for enjoying 710 on-the-go.

We suggest the Source Nail. It’s quite compact and portable for an enail vaporizer, comes with really easy-to-clean ceramic, titanium, and quartz nails, and has a water bubbler piece that comes apart so it’s easier to reload and clean. Source Nail is a go-to 710 companion.

For the true hippy who prefers a more bare-bones, do-it-yourself approach, we direct you to the Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa, a not-so portable unit comprised of maple wood with trippy designs hand-carved by local artisans. The JaK D’Rippa enail would make 710 less of a holiday and more of an experience.

The third method for consuming on 710 day is a vaporizer, which is less powerful than a rig or enail, but more compact, portable and easy to use.

But, What is 710?!

A chimp ponders the meaning of 710

(Pondering the meaning of 710.)

Like 420, 710 is many things. It’s for sure a concentrate holiday. But it’s also a time to consume. And a way to talk about your hobby on the low. More than anything, it’s what concentrate users were waiting for--the sanctification of what they love.


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