What Is Cookies?

What Is Cookies?

From the mind of Bay Area rapper Berner comes the powerhouse culture brand Cookies SF. If you’re a dry herb enthusiast, or just consumption in general, you’ve more than likely seen people wearing t-shirts, backpacks, bags or totes emblazoned with the Cookies SF logo. The Bay Area culture brand has been fostering a diehard fan base since 2011 and has reached new heights in recent years. Cookies’ humble roots began as a two-man operation screen printing t-shirts out of a garage and has now flourished to become one of the most impactful streetwear brands of all time.

But what makes Cookies so popular?

A Multi-Faceted Approach

Understanding the wants of the urban consumer is what sets Cookies apart from other streetwear and culture brands, as stated by their founder Berner Cookies was created to “help bridge the gap between streetwear, urban lifestyle, dry herb, hip-hop music, and multicultural society.” With such an inclusive brand outlook it’s no wonder why Cookies SF is popping up on the most influential influencers and entertainers in the game.

Vibes case being pulled from Cookies over the shoulder bag
By embracing so many different influences and demographics Cookies is able to design clothing and accessories for anyone including pets, without seeming like they’re forcing creativity or straying from the core message of the brand. Although they feature their iconic “Cookies Blue” colorway heavily on their accessories and (some) apparel, the brand is able to create fresh designs that allow for the mixing and matching of brands to let you show your true style and vibe.

Cookies Know Their Customer

Aside from being stylistically inclined, another key piece to Cookies success is their true understanding of their customer’s needs. The Cookies V3 Rolling Tray has detachable segments to accommodate any rolling environment and features multiple slots for you to store your rolled cones. If you’re more of a flashier roller, the Cookies V4 Glow tray offers LED illumination (plus a “Party Mode”) to let your sessions pop off any way you’d like them to.

Cookies V3 Glowtray out of yellow Cookies backpack
Knowing that dry herb users might require some discretion when they travel, all of Cookies SF Duffle Bags, wallets, rugs, blankets and fanny packs are smell proof to help keep things calm during transport. It won’t matter if you’re in need of a flashy over-the-shoulder bag or a toned-down stash bag, each Cookies offering comes in a multitude of colors so you won’t be confined to just one option when it comes to discreet storage that might need some style.

Cookies Vaporizer Collaborations 

The above-mentioned rolling trays have been popular with dry herb users since they’ve debuted, but Cookies wasn’t satisfied with “just” producing handy and convenient accessories.

Cookies x G Pen Nova Vaporizer
Recently, Cookies has branched off into branded vaporizer collabs with a pillar of the vaporization game Grenco Science. The collision of these two brands is one of the grandest combinations of culture-oriented companies to date.

Do You Guys Want Some Cookies?

We hope this article has helped you understand where the Cookies SF brand comes from, both geographically and ideologically. The Cookies movement is in full force and we’re doing our best to stay stocked and have you looking fresh for the upcoming year. Keep an eye on our Cookies SF collection for new additions, and lets us know in the comments what you think of your favorite Cookies gear!


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