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What Is mAh?

What Is mAh?

When shopping for vaporizers technical features can sometimes be confusing. Knowing and understanding your device's output will go a long way to ensuring steady vapor and a long lifetime for your vape. 

Newer vape users might feel intimidated by some of the technical aspects of vaping, so hopefully, this guide can help you understand just exactly mAh is and how it affects your battery life. 

mAh Rating: What It Means 

'mAh' describes the milliampere-hour and defines the total charge capacity of your vaporizer's battery. In simpler terms (which I also needed upon first writing this) mAh is used as a unit for measuring power over time, and tells you how much energy a battery can store at once. 

How would the mAh of the G Pen Nova Cookies Vaporizer affect your session?

Let's say you're checking out the Atmos Jump Vaporizer, which has 1200mAh. If 1,000 milliamperes = 1 amp of power, this vaporizer will last around 1 hour and 12 minutes before being completely drained. This means when a battery is fully charged with a higher mAh rating, it will power the vape for longer before it dies and needs to be recharged. 

The simplest way to think about it is: more mAhs means more time for vaping.

How mAh Affects Your Session

I'm gonna be honest here, there is going to be some more math you'll have to do to fully realize how mAh's affect your session. 

If you know the electrical current your battery and atomizer use when engaged you can calculate on-the-fly how much battery life you have left. This can come in hand during hikes or festivals when you might be without a power source to charge your vape and want to make sure you can use it later. 

So, you'll start by dividing the voltage of your battery by the resistance level (ohms) of your atomizer. If you're using a 2.5-ohm atomizer, powered by a 3.7-volt battery, you'll be drawing around 1.48 amps, which equals 1480 mAh. That's almost an hour and a half of continuous vaping, not bad! 

 We know that not all battery-atomizer combos are the same, so if you are having trouble doing the math in your head (hey, it can be hard to do on-the-go), check out the Ohm's Law Calculator. This will give you the electrical current drawn by your device in amps, from there just multiply it by 1,000 and you have your mAh.

Vaporizers With A High mAh Rating

Now that you're a math whiz we can get to the fun stuff. We've got a few beastly vaporizers in stock that have sky-high mAh to ensure your sessions last for hours. We'll break down our favorite desktop, pen, and a 510-thread battery that provides substantial mAhs. 

KandyPens OURA Vaporizer

The glorious pink KandyPens OURA Vaporizer in use

Coming in HOT with 3000mAh is the KandyPens OURA Vaporizer. This intelligent e-rig is equipped with 4 preset temperatures, comes with multiple atomizer options, and has one of the most functional glass attachments of any vaporizer. The elevated mAhs make for a fast heat-up time and consistent vaporization. 

Concentrate-centric users who want to generate large clouds of vapor will enjoy the OURA's power, and the USB-C charger gets the OURA to 100% within one hour of being plugged in. The powerful battery helps manufacture clouds for a substantial throat-feel, but if you want more flavor the ceramic bowl atomizer does a good job of delivering tasting notes. 

G Pen Nova Vaporizer - Cookies Edition

The G Pen Nova Vaporizer Cookies Edition on display

The G Pen Nova Cookies Edition is a limited-edition vape pen that makes vaping on-the-go easier than ever. A 300mAh battery gives you a half hour of continuous vaping. With a ceramic heating element (and loading tool) you can expect full flavor profiles during draws with no outside tastes to sully your session. 

G Pen gave the Cookies Nova three voltage settings: 3.2V, 3.5v, and 3.9V. Thanks to the aforementioned ceramic chamber you'll always be tasing your vapor pretty well, but the higher voltage options help out those who want more substantial vapor production. Most vape pens will be around the 300mAh range.

KandyPens 350mAh Battery

The KandyPens 350mAh Battery has three color options

KandyPens makes it a priority to deliver more power than the average vaporizing device. The KandyPens 350mAh Battery not only has 50 more mAh's than the average 510-thread battery, it also features three voltage options: 3.7V, 3.9V, and 4.1V. Your favorite 510-thread cartridge's vapor can be explored and deliver either flavor on the lower voltage, dense vapor on the highest, or a nice mix of both in the middle. 

The 350mAh power will deliver around 45 minutes of continuous use, so this is a great battery for concerts or day-hikes. A single button controls the KandyPens 350mAh Battery so there won't be any confusion for new vapers. For added convenience, a "Sesh Mode" is featured that will heat your cartridge for a longer period of time, making pass-and-draw seamless. 


Hopefully, the math at the beginning of this wasn't too stressful and you've learned a little something about just exactly what mAh is and how it affects your sessions. 

If you have a favorite device that has a beastly output let us know in the comments!