What Is The Best Atomizer?

What Is The Best Atomizer?

When it comes to concentrate atomizers there is a multitude of options that can help enhance your sessions, so how do you figure out what kind of atomizer is best for you?

The best way to find the best atomizer for your sessions is by first understanding what you need from your vaporizer: are you looking for cloud size or flavor? Maybe you need something that heats up as quickly as possible, or just a dish to put your material in and forget about as you heat. Whatever kind of concentrate consumption you enjoy, there is an atomizer to make it that much more efficient.

We’re going to breakdown the two most popular materials for atomizers, as well as the difference between ones that feature coils compared to the “bucket” or cup style version. Let’s dive in!

Ceramic Atomizers

Ceramic atomizers tend to heat slower than their quartz counterparts but will deliver an in-depth flavor profile. This type of atomizer is more durable than a quartz option, so those that might not keep the best care of their devices will still get steady performance from their atomizer. 

Although the heating time is longer than a quartz atomizer, ceramic atomizers do not take a "long" time to get to temperature. Most top vape pen brands will feature a device that uses a ceramic atomizer that heats up in seconds. The slower heating means smaller cloud volume, but delivers much deeper flavor.

One of our favorite vape pens that uses a ceramic atomizer is the G Pen Nova: Cookies Edition!

G Pen Nova Cookies Edition Vape Pen

The Cookies Edition G Pen Nova is easy to load thanks to the ceramic chamber and integrated concentrate loading tool. With three temperature options the Cookies Nova gives you the chance to produce larger-than-usual clouds from a ceramic atomizer. The lowest temperature will satisfy flavor-centric users, while the highest option can deliver substantial vapor clouds that still have solid flavor. 

Quartz Atomizers

For users who want pure flavor, a quartz atomizer is the best route. The inert nature of quartz won't alter the taste of your material and deliver tasty draws no matter the temperature you choose. Quartz atomizers heat up faster than ceramic ones, so you'll never be waiting too long for vapor. 

When it comes to vape pens with quartz atomizers, we enjoy the KandyPens Elite Vaporizer!

KandyPens Elite Vaporizer

The KandyPens Elite actually comes with both quartz and ceramic atomizers, but on this particular device, we enjoy the quartz option. With double-quartz rods, the quartz atomizer option delivers elite (pun intended) flavor PLUS large vapor clouds. Four temperature options make for flexible sessions so you can explore more of your material. 

Coils vs Cups

Coil atomizers usually feature a titanium coil wrapped around a rod, usually made up of quartz or ceramic material. Concentrate users who don’t have a large focus on taste and want to experience larger clouds will want a vaporizer that uses a coil atomizer, most concentrate vaporizers will feature the coil-style atomizer, while dry herb devices rely on bucket-style atomizers. The reason coil atomizers produce bigger draws is the fact that they can run at a higher temperature compared to the coilless atomizers, your material gets heated a lot faster and when paired with a high draw resistance can produce very substantial vapor clouds.

A single coil, double coil, and quad coil atomizer

The most common types of coiled atomizers are single, double, and quad coil. Single coil atomizers are the most "chill" of the coiled atomizer options producing the best flavor-to-cloud-size ratio. Double quartz coils will deliver more of a "throat hit" than single quartz atomizers, but still hold some of your material's flavor. Users that want large clouds and nothing else will enjoy the quad quartz coil option, which is strictly for thick vapor production. 

bucket style atomizers

Bucket-style (or "coilless") atomizers have two main benefits: efficiency and accurate flavor delivery. The true taste of your concentrate is brought out with each draw, and due to the bucket shape of these atomizers, no material is lost or leftover during vaporization. This shape heats your material from the bottom up, making sure there aren’t any “hot spots” that heat a certain area more than another. Loading coilless atomizers is less of a finesse game as well since the open space is easily filled with concentrate.

Find What’s Best For you

Once you figure out your session needs having the right atomizer will elevate your draws and enhance your overall experience. Flavor chasers will appreciate ceramic bucket-style atomizers, while those that want to create large clouds will opt for a quartz option that utilizes coils.

Atomizers are easily switchable on most devices so if a certain material requires different equipment to properly vaporize you won’t be hung out to dry.

It’s important to keep your atomizer clean since a clean device is a well-functioning device, for tips on how to clean your atomizer check out our guide here.