What Is The Omura Vaporizer?

What Is The Omura Vaporizer?

All-in-one vaporizer systems have seen a rise in popularity over the last few months, but are they able to deliver your vapor efficiently and effectively?

The Omura Series 1 vaporizer is one of the better all-in-one vaporizer systems out thanks to a simplistic design and ease-of-use. One of my favorite parts of the Omura Series 1 is that it’s optimized for dry herb, which is a bit of a rarity in the all-in-one vaporizer world.

gold omura series 1 device

Instead of loading a chamber on the Omura, users will use “Flower Sticks”. These sticks are .17 grams and dosed evenly to give you controlled effects without needing you to grind, pack, or clean up any material. Each stick contains 100% flower that delivers the “entourage effect” with each draw, there no chemicals, trim, or additives in the Omura Flower Sticks and they are biodegradable.

We’re going to break down how the Omura works and what to do once you’ve got on in-hand, let’s dive in!

How Does The Omura Vaporizer Work?

Even heating is the most important function of a vaporizer, and when using an all-in-one vaping system like Omura Series 1 it’s even more crucial.

The Series 1 vaporizer uses convection heating to ensure the Flower Sticks are perfectly vaporized. Convection heating suits the Omura system much better than conduction would; in a convection heated vaporizer hot air is pulled over your dry herb allowing for even heating of the entire Flower Stick as opposed to conduction style, which would put the heat source in direct contact with the sticks.

Omura has developed a “Heat Curve” to ensure that your vapor is as pure as possible, the Heat Curve’s temperature range is 300°F to 430°F ensuring that no combustion is taking place. According to SC Labs in Southern California, the Omura Series 1 vaporized 94% of all cannabinoids without burning, charring, or ashing.

libertine cbd flower sticks box

With such a unique vapor delivery system, one could safely assume Omura is doing some awesome things with their Flower Stick technology. Omura packs flower as a “Porus Plug”, which keeps the material intact while still giving you low-draw resistance airflow. Their process of grinding and filling their Flower Sticks minimizes oxidation to the plant from the outside environment, helping maintain overall integrity.

Per Omura: Libertine is a full spectrum CBD experience crafted from whole flower hemp. It is the most effective way to activate your cannabinoid receptors in body and mind. Libertine is made for elevating the experience. Ultimately it’s about instant sensation and zero compromises—so you can savor CBD without limits. 

Omura uses recyclable materials for the packaging and flower sticks. Each stick is 100% whole dry herb packed into biodegradable, compostable, FSC certified paper. This paper is food contact grade and rainforest safe.

With such a meticulous process you can be confident that the Omura heat-not-burn device will produce tasty vapor in a safe way.

Using The Omura Series 1 Device 

A simple system like the Omura’s makes for no-mess sessions and comprehensive flavor profiles.

Using the Omura Series 1 is very easy. Once you’ve got your device and Flower Stick in hand insert the stick into the device with the flower end down.

After the Flower Stick is inserted press the button on the Omura until it begins to vibrate, then release the button to start heating. (Sidenote: one of the best things about the Omura is the one-button design, it makes vaping easy and is fantastic for new vape users.)

The Omura Series One Device with extra Flower Sticks
Once you’ve released the button, the bright LEDs will indicate that the Omura has started the heating process. A second vibration and all LED lights being illuminated will indicate that your Omura is ready to deliver vapor.

Begin your session with long, slow draws to start and then move to smaller more natural feeling hits throughout the session. Each session lasts 3 minutes, after which you won’t have to deal with lingering vapor thanks to the dosage of each Flower Stick.

A final vibration will let you know your session is up, saving you from taking draws from an empty Flower Stick. The final step is disposing of your Flower Stick, which hopefully isn’t too difficult.

Final Thoughts On The Omura Series 1

Not a lot of all-in-one devices can compete with Omura’s dry herb vaping capabilities. This is one of the easiest systems for new vape users to learn and experienced users will appreciate the effectiveness of Omura’s Heat Curve implementation.

Users who want a no-fuss way of vaping dry herb should check out the Omura Series 1, if you’ve used this device before and have any thoughts on it comment below!