Yocan Revolve Review

Yocan Revolve Review

Yocan is known for innovative vaporizers and smoking products that are easy on the wallet and easily accessible. Oftentimes people live by the motto “you get what you pay for” and often times that sentiment is absolutely correct. However, there are those rare times in life when you walk away from a sale as a buyer and feel like you got the upperhand on the deal in a big way - the Yocan Revolve is one of those items that makes you feel like you made out like a bandit!

Yocan’s Revolve looks a lot like its other cousins in the Yocan family of concentrate pens, however there is a huge difference between this concentrate pen and the others. The Revolve is Yocan’s first step into the world of low-temperature concentrate vaporizers and they have stumbled upon one of the most effective combinations of function and value in existence at the present moment.

The battery is a low temperature battery that is preset to vaporize at 4.2 volts for the first 4 seconds of operation, after that it goes down to 3.2 volts for the next 6 seconds before the auto-shutdown engages to protect the dual quartz coils in the atomizer. The atomizer is a .75 Ohm dual quartz rod wrapped in titanium. The high voltage for the first 4 seconds gets those quartz rods red hot and helps melt the material down into the coil. The drop to 3.2 volts makes the last 6 seconds keep the heat regulated at 390º F.

The unassuming clean white box that houses the unit undersells just how powerful this vaporizer is. I got the green version, all the colors (blue, pink, gray, black, green) are a beautiful pastel finish and it has a rubber-like matte finish that feels great in the hand and helps you keep a solid grip on your pen. I unscrewed the mouthpiece and removed the coil cap to expose the coils. I put a small rice-sized piece of concentrate directly onto the coils, re-attached the coil cap and mouthpiece and pressed the power button five times to turn the unit on.

I wasn’t expecting much as I am not the biggest fan of pens, but the Revolve surprised me in a big way. I pressed down the button and inhaled as I held it for the full 10 second cycle. I blew out a giant plume of vapor that was downright shocking! The flavor of the terpenes in my concentrates were vibrant and tasted better than most any other pens that I have tried (I have tried nearly every pen in existence since 2009). I took another substantial haul on it and again blew out a huge plume of vapor. Mind you that the size of the material that i used was the size of a normal dab that would go for one toke on a rig. By the end of the session it went around for 10 beautiful pulls.

As we loaded it up for round 2 I noticed the machining on the connections was super smooth, even after vaporizing concentrate. Once it was loaded up, I looked around the table and grabbed a recycler water pipe with a 14mm female downstem. I pressed the button on the Yocan Revolve for 3 seconds and then flipped it over and popped it in the downstem and took a huge rip. To my joy, the pipe filled up with thick vapor and the pull was tremendous! Although it was not intended to work in a water pipe, it will definitely fit into a 14mm downstem and you can use it as a low temp e-nail! Too cool for school.

The Yocan Revolve really puts other pens to shame in a lot of ways. The low price is a great start, now combine that with a smart battery that ramps up at the start and dials down for the finish of your session, add in a dual quartz atomizer that delivers consistent hits every time and you have a recipe for an absolute killer! Get the Yocan Revolve right now! I promise you that you will be floored at the amount of value you get for your money and you’ll be astonished at how far you can stretch your concentrates while still getting huge hauls. This pen is a must buy! Jojo knows!


Written by: JoJo DeStefano