Yocan Vaporizers: A Device For Any Session

Yocan Vaporizers: A Device For Any Session

As vaporizer use becomes more prevalent companies need to adapt to the needs of their users, and few companies do that better than Yocan. Since 2013 Yocan has been producing versatile vape devices that fit the needs of dry herb, concentrate, and e-liquid users alike; the amount of devices offered by Yocan for each commonly vaporized material is rivaled by few other brands out right now. 

One of the biggest assets Yocan has helping their brand is a great balance of affordability and functionality. Yocan vaporizers won't cause you to break the bank on a new device but the functionality will have you wondering why the hit on your wallet was so small. With every kind of consumer in mind Yocan has carved out it's own space in the vape-scape and remained one of the most popular vaporizer brands on the market since it's inception. 

We've got a few new Yocan devices to preview, one for every kind of vape user, so let's dive in! 

Concentrate Vape Batteries from Yocan

With almost a decade of knowledge under their belts Yocan knows just want concentrate enthusiasts want and need from their devices. Models like the OG Yocan Evolve let's users apply their material directly to the heating chamber for tailormade sessions, while this is a great way to consume concentrates for people who consider themselves veterans in the vape game, it can be a little intimidating (and messy) for new users. 

With a large percentage off concentrate consumption coming from pre-filled, branded cartridges it can be hard to find a battery that heats the material consistently and thoroughly. Being able to control your session is key to enjoying your concentrate cartridge as it was supposed to be and Yocan gives users all the control they could want with their Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod. 

Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod - $35.99 

Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod

The Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod is an updated version of the original Uni, it now has improved battery life and the ability for you to choose your preferred voltage depending on what you're vaping. This box mod is also great for larger pre-filled cartridges as it has a height adjustment button for convivence. A 10-second preheat function can serve as a nice session booster, and also allows for quick draws should you need to be discreet. Able to fit standard 510-threaded cartridges the UNI Pro Box Mod most likely works with your favorite brand and will be able to efficiently vape your material. 

Versatile E-Liquid Yocan Vaporizers

As mentioned in the intro, Yocan is here to deliver efficient vaporization for *all* materials. The blending of devices in the dry herb/concentrate and e-liquid world was bound to happen and Yocan seems to be on the front foot of this vape-o-lution with devices that can serve multiple purposes. Yocan is fairly new to the e-liquid game but their recent run of batteries and devices shows they're committed to producing top shelf vapes for any kind of consumption. 

Budgeting out e-liquid can be tough sometimes, large atomizers or tanks can sometimes call for more liquid than you wanted to use, forcing you to experience the same taste over and over until you empty (and clean out) your tank. With versatility being a big want from e-liquid consumers devices like the Yocan Trio can help make e-juice vaping easier, more enjoyable, and cleaner. 

Yocan Trio Vaporizer - $33.99

 Yocan Trio Vaporizer

The Yocan Trio Vaporizer is one of the best and convenient refillable pod vapes on the market today. Users are able to pre-fill as many pods as they desire to enjoy throughout the day, or if needed on a draw-by-draw basis thanks to the Yocan Trio's easy-to-use pod system. A ceramic coil and dual-rod quartz coil are included to help users explore flavor (ceramic coil) or boost their cloud production with the quartz option. The draw resistance on the Yocan Trio is low thanks to optimized airflow, so you won't have to labor for pulls even with a "thicker" liquid. 

Yocan Vaporizers for Dry Herb 

Vaping dry herb can be a bit of a touch-and-go situation sometimes, not all devices are able to find the point just below combustion to vaporize your material and if that balance isn't struck you're stuck with a "combustion pen" that functions more like an electric pipe. Yocan does their best to create convection heated vaporizers for dry herb that won't leave you coughing your lungs out unintentionally. 

The first Yocan device made specifically for dry herb consumption was the Yocan Evolve-D, which mimics the shape and function of a concentrate vape pen. While the Evolve-D served it's purpose for the time it was released as time went on it was clear there needed to be an upgraded version for the evolved vaporizer market. Enter, the Yocan HIT.

Yocan HIT Dry Herb Vaporizer - $54.99

Yocan HIT Dry Herb Vaporizer showing ceramic chamber

An efficient dry herb vape pen is hard to come by as larger "portable dry herb vaporizers" have done their best to replace pen style herb vapes, but the Yocan HIT does it's best to rival larger devices. The convection heating of the Yocan HIT coats your dry herb in hot air and ensures no combustion takes place during draws, and when paired with a ceramic chamber makes for a flavorful experience every session. Precision temperature control lets you choose your specific degree from a 200-400 degree scale to get the most from your material, and haptic feedback lets you know when your desired temp is met. 

Should You Snag a Yocan Vaporizer?

It doesn't matter if you're a concentrate, dry herb, or e-juice user, there is a Yocan device for you. Cloud enthusiasts and flavor-centric users will enjoy the wide range of what Yocan has to offer with devices that can do-it-all without costing an arm and a leg. Make sure to check back to our Yocan collection as we're adding new devices as soon as they're announced.