Auxo Cenote Premium Concentrate Vaporizer Review

Cenote Vaporizer  

The Cenote: Smart Concentrate Vaporizer 


- Choose your own 360° immersive lighting effects 
- Easy-swap disposable ceramic nails 
- 3 preset temperature settings 
- Compatible with AUXO App for additional personalization 

    As one of AUXO’s three product launches in 2022, the AUXO Cenote takes smart concentrate vaporizers to new heights by incorporating many new innovative technologies into their device. AUXO’s dedication to creating products that are both user-friendly and technologically advanced is displayed perfectly through the Cenote. Here, we will take an in-depth look at one of the newest and most exciting smart concentrate vapes on the market, the AUXO Cenote. 


    It’s clear that plenty of thought went into the simple, yet effective design of the Cenote. Its cylindrical shape, textured grip, and height of only 5.63 inches make it both easy to use and to take on the go. One of our favorite design features of the Cenote is the option to choose between one of eight immersive lighting effects to match the vibe of your session (more will be periodically introduced via the app). Not only does the lighting enhance the visual appeal of the vaporizer but it provides a practical purpose as well. Different light colors and intensities signify the temperature settings, battery level, and let you know when the session is over. The AUXO Cenote is unlike anything we’ve seen before in a solid concentrate vaporizer with the added benefit of a fully immersive experience to a typical vape session.  

    Notable Features

    Behind the design of the AUXO Cenote are the technical features that make it one of the easiest smart vaporizers to use. First is the AUXO App, compatible with both the Cenote and the Calent, AUXO’s new portable dry herb vaporizer. The app allows consumers to control the 3 preset temperature settings, lighting effects, and duration of the session with ease. In Pro Mode you can choose any temperature intensity between 392°F/200°C and 644°F/340°C for a more personalized experience. Additionally, the Cenote includes 5 durable, but easily swappable disposable nails that make cleaning simpler while preventing residue buildup and burnt concentrate. The Cenote is compatible with USB-C chargers and has wireless charging capabilities, making it easy to keep at the ready. With the needs of their consumers in mind, AUXO has provided an excellent smart concentrate vaporizer that anyone from beginners to experts can use.  

    AUXO Cenote Technical Specs

    • Dimensions: 5.63H × 3.74W × 2.2D (in) / 143H × 95W × 56D (mm) 
    • Weight: 320.5g±10% 
    • Warranty: 10 Years 
    • Recycler: Borosilicate glass 
    • Heating Rod: Stainless steel 
    • Nail: Aluminum oxide ceramic 
    • Body: PC+TPE
     Heating Chamber 
    • Compatibility: Wax/concentrates 
    • Heating System: Conduction  
    • Temperature Range: 392-644°F (200-340°C 
    • Pre-heat Time: 28 seconds 
    • Session Time: 20-90 seconds  
    • Battery Life: 12 sessions per charge* 
    • Battery Type: Lithium 
    • Charging Time: 90 minutes 
    • Capacity: 2000mAh/7.4v 
    *Calculation based on 100-second sessions 


    How to Use the Cenote by AUXO

    1. Remove the carb cap on the top of the device and load your concentrate into the ceramic nail 
    2. Pour water inside the recycler and put the cap back on (ensuring the recycler is detached from the base) 

    3. Press the power button for 3 seconds and continue pressing to choose your temperature setting  

    4. Wait 5 seconds and the light will turn red, indicating that it is preheating 

    5. Begin your session when the light begins flashing red and yellow 

    6. When the session is over the color will change again to red and dim until it is turned off 



    How do I clean and swap out the nails?
    • After a few sessions, let the device completely cool then lift the carb cap, unscrew the mouthpiece, and remove the ceramic nail with tweezers. Next, clean the nail with a dry cotton swab and then again with a swab dipped in 90% isopropyl alcohol. You can also clean the nails while they are in your Cenote if you plan on continuing to use it. Once the nail begins to build up residue, simply swap it out with one of the extra nails included in your purchase.  


    What is included in my Cenote purchase? 
    • Included with your purchase is a travel case, Cenote base, glass recycler, tweezers, loading tool, carb cap, nozzle, 5 ceramic nails, 2 silicone rod seals, 5 cotton swabs, a Type-C to Type-C charging cable with a 20W adapter, and a 10-year limited warranty. 
    How do I check the battery level? 
    • Press the power button three times in a row and the base light will indicate the Cenote’s battery level. This can also be checked on the AUXO app paired with your device. 
    What are the temperature settings? 
    1. Temp- 518°F/270°C, Duration- 40s 
    1. Temp- 572°F/300°C, Duration- 40s 
    1. Temp- 626°F/330°C, Duration- 80s