Best Portable Vaporizers Under $100 (2023)

Portable vaporizers have come a long way in recent years by way of technology, convenience, size, and yes, price. These vapes provide a practical consumption experience meant to be enjoyed on the go and we’re here to help you find the right one for you. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a simple, user-friendly device or an expert seeking out the newest and most exiting products on the market, our list of dry herb and concentrate vapes has a portable and affordable option for everyone. Keep reading to explore’s best budget portable vaporizers to have on your radar in 2023. 

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers provide a way to use loose-leaf material with more discretion than smoking. They operate by heating up plant material through a conduction or convection oven to create a smooth cloud of vapor. Dry herb vapes, although more expensive than traditional methods of consumption, are longer-term investments in waste-free sessions. Portable dry herb vapes are designed specifically to enjoy a session when you’re on the move and can fit right in your pocket. These devices are a great option for both beginners and experts looking for a high-quality experience that can be enjoyed anywhere at prices under $100.

X-MAX Starry 3.0 Vaporizer

With a 15-30 second heat up time and precise temperature controls, the X-MAX Starry 3.0 combines both ease-of-use and a personalized experience for its users for just $89.00. If you can outlast the 90-minute battery life, the Starry 3 lets you quickly switch out the battery and continue your session even while charging. Not only is the Starry an affordable option, but it’s also a safe one. Free of plastic and silicone with an isolated airflow, this vaporizer is a popular choice for the health-conscious vaper. With everything you need in a cheap portable vape, the X-MAX Starry 3.0 is an exceptional option for your next dry herb vaping experience.  

DaVinci MIQRO-C 

Released just this month, we have determined the new DaVinci MIQRO-C to be one of the best cheap dry herb vaporizers on the market standing at just over 3 inches tall. The MIQRO-C isn’t just a quality dry herb vape but is compatible with concentrates as well, making it the world’s smallest dual use vaporizer at just $99.99. Its ceramic, glass-lined conduction oven prevents burning and heats in just 39 seconds with 4 pre-set smart path settings to choose from. Should anything go wrong, the product comes with a 5-year warranty, guaranteeing a successful consumption experience for years to come. Following its hugely successful predecessors like the IQ and IQ2, the MIQRO-C lives up to the DaVinci name as its most affordable portable vaporizer yet.  


 G Pen Dash 

The GPen Dash, while simple-looking, is mightier than it lets on. The G-Pen Dash prioritizes vapor quality and convenience at just $79.95, making it the cheapest dry herb vape on our list for 2023. One of our favorite details of the Dash is the helix insert inside the isolated air path which cools the vapor before inhalation through the magnetic mouthpiece. The Dash aims for simplicity and discretion with a matte black lightweight aluminum shell that fits in the palm of your hand at 3.6 inches tall. The interface contains just one button that controls 3 temperature settings and vibrates the device when fully heated. The G Pen Dash is the ideal option for those seeking a user and budget-friendly dry herb vaporizer that doesn’t compromise on quality.  

Best Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate vaporizers, much like dry herb vapes, are an alternative to smoking that allows users to customize their sessions in a more controlled manner. Instead of heating loose leaf material, these vapes heat solid concentrate to create vapor. Concentrate vapes produce a much stronger effect than dry herb vaporizers meaning that these options may be better suited for those who have more experience with vaping or concentrates. Our favorite picks for portable concentrate vapes are not only convenient in size but in price too. Get the most bang for your buck with our selection of the best portable solid concentrate vapes for 2023.  


Groove Cara Pen

The Groove Cara Pen was the first product released in Groove’s newest line in October and it did not let us down. This sleek, solid concentrate pen checks off all our boxes for a portable solid-concentrate vaporizer including adjustable voltage, quartz coil heating, high-quality vapor, and a reasonable price. For $24.99 the Groove Cara provides fans of solid concentrate with a consistently gratifying experience they can take anywhere.  


Stache ConNectar 

Although the Stache ConNectar requires a separate battery, we couldn’t leave it off our list of the most affordable solid concentrate vapes with an unbeatable price of $19.99. The ConNectar is a nectar collector and is compatible with most portable batteries. To use, simply screw on the airflow base, push down the mouthpiece, screw in the coil, and enjoy! This accessory is a must-have for those who want to enjoy solid concentrate on the go without breaking the bank, which is why it made our list of 2023’s best cheap portable vaporizers.