Crafty+ Vaporizer

Are you looking for a discreet yet powerful vaporizer that can fit in your pocket and also deliver a clean and flavorful experience? If so then Crafty+ might be for you with a new slimmer and improved design. It’s made by Storz & Bickel, creators of the Volcano, so you can be sure that it is high quality with real customer support. This vaporizer can be easily controlled using its friendly orange button or using an app available at the Storz & Bickel website.


  • Precise temperature control Pre-set temps or app controlled

  • Hybrid conduction/convection heating

  • For pristine flavor in 60 seconds

  • Dry product or concentrate

  • Mix it up

  • Discreet Size Fits in pockets

  • Storz & Bickel reliability 2 Year Warranty - plus an extra year with registration


Temperatures can be controlled in two ways. You can download and use the Remote Control App if you have an Android device. The app lets users customize the temperature from 104°F to 410°F with ease. Users can also manually select the different temperature options using buttons on the device itself:

● 356°F

● 383°F

● 410°F

The Crafty+ has an additional temperature feature called “Superbooster.” When activated, this mode will increase the temperature by 27 ºF (15ºC). Press the power button three times for Super-Boost mode.


The Storz & Bickel Crafty+ Vaporizer uses a hybrid heating system that delivers open airflow and low draw resistance. By combining conduction and convection heating, the Crafty+ quickly heats up without burning your material in approximately 60 seconds.
This quicker heat up time is thanks in part to an optimized battery which also allows the Crafty+ delivers more bowls per charge. Vapers can expect a 30% faster heat-up time, with the upgraded units than the previous model of the Crafty and around six bowls per charge. Not bad for a truly portable unit. Those who want a bit more punch and time vaping can check out the big brother of The Crafty+, The Mighty+. What it lacks in discretion it compensates for in all day vaping.

Even with the improved battery, the Crafty+ is far from the quickest to heat up in the portable category. The Firefly 2+ with its glass bowl and tiny size takes that category. However, the airflow and longevity of any Storz & Bickel product still makes them a serious contender. There is arguably less of a learning curve with the Crafty+ over the Firefly design as well. Customer reviews will attest that the flavor from the Crafty is excellent.


Whether you’re craving dry herbs or concentrate, the Crafty+ dual-use capabilities make it great for whatever mood you’re in. The chamber can hold 0.25g of dry herb and if you want to smoke your favorite concentrate, just add the drip pads to the chamber and add your materials.


This is a vaporizer for one. It’s not great to share in a session, but that’s to be expected in a portable unit. This is a great device for casual users who want to bring their vaporizer with them on the go occasionally. Unlike the big brother unit The Mighty, this vaporizer will fit in your pocket and comes in at nearly half the weight. If you’re a user on the go, grab one today.