Firefly 2+ Review

- $249.99
- Portable Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer
- 3 Second Heat-up Time
- Dynamic Convection Heating
- Touch Sensor Activation

Although the Firefly 2+ has been on the market for a few years, this device still stands on its own as a high-quality portable vaporizer compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. Even the newest dual-use vaporizers draw comparisons to the Firefly 2+ as an advanced, efficient, and timeless handheld vape. It’s three second heat-up time rivals almost every other competitor and its unique dynamic heating mechanism allows for long, smooth draws that heat up to the desired temperature as the user inhales. Looking for high-quality vapor and maximum flavor in your next vape? The Firefly 2+ may be the one for you! Keep reading to learn more about one of our all-time favorite portable vaporizers, the Firefly 2+.  


There’s a stylish color option for everyone when it comes to the Firefly 2+. The solid colors are matte with a slight shimmery finish and come in black, jet black, blue, and gold. Two unique additions to the lineup are the wood-patterned options available in Oak and Zebrawood. Unlike anything we have yet to see in portable vapes, these woodsy designs and elevated colors make the Firefly 2+ look as innovative on the outside as it is on the inside. The strong magnetic lid covering the oven chamber not only serves a functional purpose but an aesthetic one as well. Feel like switching things up? The lids are interchangeable and can be purchased separately in any of the color options mentioned above.  

Even the smallest details on the 2+ make for a more satisfying and convenient experience with the vape. The convection oven begins heating through touch sensors on both sides of the device. With no button in sight, Firefly 2+ users simply place a finger on both sensors, ensuring the simplest and speediest possible start-up process before enjoying a session. The innovative details don’t stop there. Included with the Firefly 2+ is a charging dock and cable. Charge the removable battery with just the cable or use the dock for hands-free charging, making it easier than ever to pick up and enjoy or take on the go.  


The simple but highly effective qualities of the Firefly 2+ was enough to win us over during our experience with the vaporizer. In recent years, many portable vapes have offered both dry herb and concentrate compatibility, but the 2+ truly excels at both. With the included concentrate pad and dynamic temperature setting specifically for solid and liquid concentrate use, this vape makes it easy and mess-free to swap materials. The Firefly 2+ also requires a coarse grind for loose-leaf materials making it preferable to tear dry herbs by hand; no grinder needed! 

It’s hard to beat the unbelievably fast 3 second heat up time of the Firefly 2+, but the dynamic convection heating system comes surprisingly close. The Firefly 2+ is meant to be enjoyed through steady 10-15 second draws that end at the maximum selected temperature rather than start with it. The oven steadily heats throughout the inhale which enables the user to enjoy the refined flavors most noticeable at the beginning and the powerful vapor cloud at the end. This also keeps the mouthpiece cool and comfortable as the user draws from it. The Firefly 2+ has 7 temperature settings controlled by taps on the touch sensors or via the Firefly Android app and the Firefly web app. The wide 300°F temperature range and designated settings make it easy to customize the experience based on the user’s vapor preferences.  

The Firefly 2+ is a truly all-inclusive handheld vaporizer that appeals to everyone; beginners, experts, both dry herb and concentrate fans, flavor lovers, or just those looking for comfortable, consistent, and high-quality sessions. Take $50 off your Firefly 2+ purchase with the code FIREFLY50 at checkout.  


Length 5.1 in / 13 cm 

Width 1.4 in / 3.6 cm 

Depth 0.95 in / 2.4 cm 

Weight 4.9 oz / 140 g 

Lithium-Ion 7.4 770mAh 5.7Wh battery. 


What is included with my Firefly 2+ purchase? 

Firefly 2+ vaporizer, charging cord, charging dock, rechargeable battery, concentrate pad, cleaning wipes, 2- year limited warranty.  

How do I use my Firefly 2+? 

  1. Coarsely grind/tear material and remove magnetic lid 
  2. Remove concentrate for dry herbs and fill oven chamber to the rim 
  3. Lightly pack down material and clear away any debris outside of the chamber 
  4. Replace the lid and place fingers on touch sensors 
  5. Wait for light to stay green after blinking and inhale for 10-15 seconds 
  6. Release from touch sensors to stop heating 
  7. Stir material every 5-8 draws and clean out after 10-15  
  8. Repeat as preferred 


  1. Place concentrate pad in oven chamber and press down firmly 
  2. Place solid concentrate the size of a grain of rice or 2-3 drops of liquid concentrate on top of the concentrate pad 
  3. Replace the lid and select the highest temperature setting (see below) 
  4. Place fingers on sensors and inhale when the light turns solid green.  
  5. Release from sensors to stop heating 

What are the temperature settings on the Firefly 2+ and how do I change it? 

To change the temperature setting hold down on the right sensor and tap the left sensor three times. The light will blink red 1-7 times indicating the current setting. Tap the left sensor while still pressing down on the right until desired setting is selected. Release the right sensor to save your selection.  

The temperature settings according to maximum temperature are as followed: 

1 Taps = Ultra Low (320F)  
2 Taps = Low (340)  
3 Taps = Med Low (360F)  
4 Taps = Medium (380F)  
5 Taps = Medium High (400F)  
6 Taps = High (420F)  
7 Taps = Concentrate Settings (500F)