Vaporizer Glossary

Bubblers / Water Filters

Bubbler - Bubblers are intricate glass pieces that attach to a Vaporizer or Water Device and provide the user with extra water filtration.

Water Filtration Adapter - Water Filtration Adapters are simple glass attachments that allow the user to enjoy the benefits of vaporizing while using their own water device. This method allows the user to have the dual-benefit of water filtration and vaporizing. These glass pieces typically come in both 14mm and 18mm.


Glass on Glass - This term typically refers to a connection that utilizes only glass. Often referred to as Ground Glass connections, most people prefer glass because it doesn't release any harmful toxins or awful smells. The connection on most hands free vaporizers from the heating element to the whip is often comprised of a glass on glass (ground glass) connection.

Ground Glass - The ground glass connection allows the user to have a "hands free" experience while vaporizing, meaning the user does NOT have to hold the whip over the heating element. These connections appear "frosty" and ensure an airtight connection for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. carries glass whips and other glasswear for a variety of vaporizers.


3-Piece Acrylic Grinder - These grinders are your basic grinding device. It's capable of grinding your blends and also comes with a small storage compartment.

4-Piece Acrylic Grinder - These grinders have an extra compartment for collecting the residue that's produced while grinding your blends.

Here at vapor we stock a variety of grinders including metal, wood, acrylic, and grinder cards.


Heater Cover - The heater cover is the glass piece that surrounds the heating element. It provides protection and a safe point of contact for the whip. Heater Covers can either be ground glass (Hands Free) or standard.

Heating Element - The heating element is the heart of any vaporizer. It provides the heating source for the vaporization process. Most heating elements are made from ceramic because of the quick heat-up time and durability. Other common heating elements include aluminum and steel.

Oil Diffusers/aromatherapy bowls

Oil Diffuser / Aromatherapy Bowl - Oil Diffusers and Aromatherapy Bowls allow the user to enjoy their favorite essential oils with the Vaporizer. These are typically very simple glass pieces that are designed to hold oil while heat is applied to the bottom.

Vaporizer Types

Portable Vaporizers - Portable Vaporizers are exactly that. Portable. These compact and lightweight Vaporizers are made for Vapor Enthusiasts on the go. Portable Vaporizers can be used almost anywhere and are very simple to operate. Many of these units, like the Iolite WISPR, come in a large variety of colors. They typically use lithium ion batteries, alkaline batteries, flame or butane and some even utilize car chargers/adapters. Most of these units require no cords or wires. If you are looking to vaporize discreetly, these units are probably your best option.

Find out more about portable vaporizers and pen vaporizers in our comparison guide.

Digital Vaporizers - Digital Vaporizers like the Volcano Digital Vaporizer provide a digital display featuring the temperature or status of your Vaporizer. Some digital vaporizers display both the desired and actual operating temperature. Thus, a digital vaporizer provides enables the user to obtain accurate and precise control over the vaporizing temperature of your blends. Most of these units are able to display the temperature in both F or C.

Forced-Air Vaporizers - Forced-Air Vaporizers represent the new wave of Vaporizers. These high-quality Vaporizers utilize a Forced-Air system, which is quite simply an internal fan that propels hot air over your blends. This process creates a perfect vapor stream that can be filled in a bag or enjoyed through a whip attachment.

Vaporizing methods

Convection - Convection-style vaporizers are the most common type of vaporizers. The heating element, typically ceramic or aluminum, does NOT make direct contact with the blends. Instead, hot air is pulled or pushed from the heating element and transferred over your blends. This provides for the most efficient and effective vaporization process.

Conduction - Conduction-style vapes are the older generation of Vaporizers. The heating element, typically a metal plate of some sort, makes direct contact with the blends to produce the vaporization process.


  • Mod - Main portion of a custom vaping device for use with e-liquid, houses the battery.
  • Mechanical Mod (Mech Mod) - Mods without any electronics that function strictly by way of a lithium-ion battery and contact points.
  • Electronic Mod - Mods with advanced internal electronics that allow for power adjustment.
  • Clearomizer - A clear tank, typically made of Pyrex or polycarbonate plastic, which houses e-juice and delivers vapor.
  • Atomizer - Component which actually heats the e-juice and contains the heating coil and wick.
  • AWG - US Standard for determining resistance and diameter of coil wire in atomizers.
  • BCC - Bottom coil clearomizer (refers to location of atomizer coils in relation to the clearomizer).
  • BDC - Bottom dual coil clearomizer.
  • BVC - Bottom vertical coil (refers to design of atomizer coils).
  • Coil - Wire that vaporizes e-juice by creating an electrical circuit, typically made of Kanthal wire.
  • ICR - Lithium ion cobalt rechargeable battery.
  • IMR - Lithium ion manganese rechargeable battery.
  • Kanthal Wire - Material used to create heating coils in RDAs.
  • mAh (Milliampere-hour) - Energy charge a battery is capable of holding until it needs to be recharged.
  • Ohm - Standard of electrical resistance.
  • RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) - Atomizer which requires wicking material and heating coils to be built manually.
  • Voltage - Amount of kinetic energy which creates wattage.
  • VV (Variable Voltage) - Mod with adjustable voltage output.
  • VW (Variable Wattage) - Mod with adjustable voltage output where voltage is automatically calculated to arrive at set wattage.
  • Watt (Wattage) - Heat used by atomizer coil to vaporizer e-juice.
  • Wick - Material which soaks up and delivers e-juice to the coil.