Volcano Vaporizer Buyer's Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Volcano Vaporizers: Different Variations, Upgrades, and How to Choose the Best One for You

The patented Volcano Vaporizer has become known as one of the most reliable dry herb vaporizers on today’s market due to its high quality construction and innovative design features tailored towards discerning vapers who seek a more mature vaping experience than what standard models offer them. If you're looking for an excellent-grade dry herb vaporizer that provides guaranteed unrivaled satisfaction, then look no further than Volcano Vaporizers!

Volcano Vaporizers are a popular choice for those looking for a dry herb vaporizer that is designed with the refined enthusiast in mind. Known for their robust construction, Volcano Vaporizers have been a go-to option for many vapor connoisseurs since its inception in 1996.

The Volcano Vaporizer utilizes patented technology which uses a balloon bag system to create an optimal vaping experience. It heats the herbs using convection heating and can accurately maintain that temperature. The air is drawn through the device, heated inside it, and then pushed into the balloon bag where it has time to cool down and deliver delicious vapors. Its analog or digital display offers precise temperature control so users can create their own unique vaping experiences according to their preferences. Another great feature of Volcano Vaporizers is their user-friendly design. For example, the Classic features one main knob and two buttons which provide total control over the temperature settings. Its sturdy aluminum body ensures durability even after years of use, making it an ideal choice for long term investments.

2 Types of Volcano Vaporizers

The Hybrid and The Classic ($$ vs. $)

Since the Volcano is an investment for most, it’s important to know exactly what the vaporizer is capable of and how it can enhance your future sessions. Although there are several special editions of the Volcano vaporizers, there are only two models that have different vaporizing functions, the Classic and the Hybrid. Here, we’ll compare the two and help you decide which one is right for you.  

#1 Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer 

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer is the latest game-changer from Storz & Bickel, a leading manufacturer of top-quality vaporizers. This modern marvel utilizes a combination of convection and conduction heating to deliver an unparalleled vaping experience that's sure to satisfy even the pickiest connoisseurs. It has a much quicker heat-up time than its predecessor, the Classic Volcano, with temperatures reaching optimal levels in only 90 seconds from cold. What's more, you can choose between two inhalation methods: fill up balloons or attach your preferred whip attachment for bigger clouds with less herb.

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Volcano Hybrid is everything users love about the Classic Volcano and more. The efficient and well-loved balloon bag filling system is now just one of two options for inhalation with the hybrid. As whip-style inhalation became more popular on the vaping scene, Storz and Bickel saw an opportunity to incorporate it into their already popular Volcano device. With the Hybrid, users can choose the classic balloon style inhalation system or the new 360° whip tube to inhale.  

The tube kit includes a flexible base that connects the 1-meter tube to the Volcano base creating an uninterrupted flow of vapor that can be inhaled from any angle. At the other end of the tube is a comfortable mouthpiece the consumer will use to inhale. This inhalation method means users don’t have to wait as long to inhale their vapor since it comes directly from the Volcano base. This does however require the consumer to stay near the device to vape while the balloon bags can be sealed, transported, and used elsewhere for up to 15 minutes after it’s filled.  

The Volcano Hybrid boasts updated temperature controls with even more precise selection that remains within 2.7°F of the displayed temperature and wider range from 104°F-446°F. The new touch-screen analog temperature display is another innovative feature making the settings more visible in dark locations and the temperature more customizable down to the degree. These settings can also be controlled through the Storz and Bickel Android and web app. Users can also adjust the shutoff timer, brightness, workflow, and notification tones. 

  • Dry Herb Desktop Vaporizer
  • Ballon and Whip-Style Inhalation System
  • Precise Temperature Controls on LED Display
  • 90 Second Heat-Up Time

You also don't have to worry about sacrificing quality with this device; all components are made from premium materials and constructed using Storz & Bickel's renowned craftsmanship, ensuring durability and longevity when used properly. And if anything should go wrong during its use, you are covered by the company's generous 2-year warranty plus an additional 1-year warranty when registered.

What’s in the Box

  • 1x Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid Hot Air Generator
  • 1x Power Cord
  • 1x Easy Valve Balloon w/Adapter
  • 1x Tube Kit
  • 1x Filling Chamber
  • 1x Air Filter Set
  • 1x Herb Mill
  • 1x User Instructions
  • 3x Easy Valve Balloon w/Mouthpiece

In addition to its impressive technology, the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer also includes plenty of extras in each box so you can get started immediately! From Easy Valve Balloons with both Mouthpiece and Adapter varieties to Tube Kits for inhalation through other accessories such as whips or bubblers – everything needed for a superior vape experience is included in one convenient package. Combined with its unbeatable performance, there really is no better desktop vaporizer than the Volcano Hybrid!

Volcano Hybrid Onyx Edition

The Volcano Hybrid Onyx Edition features a sleek matte black for even more luxury. It's complete with all of the same features as the standard version but with added style and sophistication to match. The Onyx edition also sports an enlarged LCD display that allows you to easily adjust your temperature settings.

Storz & Bickel Onyx Volcano Hybrid Vaporizers : Desktop Storz & Bickel

#2 The Volcano Classic Vaporizer

The Volcano Classic Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is a highly respected desktop vaporizer that has been on the market since its inception. It is known for its precision temperature control and convection heating system, as well as its balloon inflation system and isolated airpath, making it a perfect choice for any user.

Volcano Classic Vaporizer

This device utilizes convection heating, which works by pumping in fresh, filtered air and then heating it to an ideal temperature in order to extract the most beneficial compounds from dry herbs. This ensures that your materials are being vaporized more efficiently and thoroughly, resulting in better vapor quality overall. The eight pre-set temperatures make controlling the device easier than ever before. You'll get the maximum benefit from your material with each bowl because of their advanced diaphragm pump sending hot air flowing in to cover every millimeter of open surface area.

The Volcano Classic is extremely easy to use with simple controls; all you have to do is press the red button to turn the vaporizer on, allowing the orange light to light up once it starts warming up. Depending on which temperature you choose (with 266F and 446F available), it will take anywhere between 3-6 minutes for your device to heat up and be ready for use. Once you've attached your balloon bag, give it 30 seconds for vapor to appear, detach and enjoy!

Volcano Classic Peace Edition

Introducing the limited edition Volcano Classic Peace Edition! This unique device is crafted as a symbol of harmony and peace, with only 1,000 pieces produced. It features a sleek white matte cone adorned with black switches and logos, plus "with Love for Peace" calligraphy engraved onto it. With pure convection heating technology via its detachable Easy Valve Balloon system for inhalation and an electro-mechanical design to ensure durability, you can be sure that this product will provide high-quality performance and time-tested reliability. Plus, STORZ & BICKEL are donating 100$ for every PEACE VOLCANO sold to various charities, adding up to a total sum of 100.000$. Get your piece now - don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Peace Edition Volcano Vaporizer Vaporizers : Desktop Storz & Bickel White

Volcano Classic Gold Edition (SOLD OUT)

The Volcano Classic Gold Edition is a limited-edition version of the original volcano vaporizer. The gold-plated finish adds a touch of style and luxury - making it the perfect gift for any vapor enthusiast! Due to the extremely limited availability, this edition is sold out

Volcano Classic Vaporizer - Gold Edition Vaporizers : Desktop Storz & Bickel

Volcano Classic Onyx Edition

The Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic vaporizer has been updated and now comes in the Onyx Edition! This new version of the Volcano classic offers a, sleek design while still delivering same top-of-the-line vaporizing experience.

Onyx Edition Volcano Classic Vaporizer Vaporizers : Desktop Storz & Bickel

Differences between the Volcano Classic Vaporizer and Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The main differences between the Volcano Classic vaporizer and the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer are in the controls, heating speed, safety features, durability, and price. The Hybrid offers more precise controls with a whip attachment, heats up quicker and has an auto shutoff timer for safety. The Classic is more durable and cost-effective but has less control options available.

The Volcano Classic Vaporizer is an easy-to-use and reliable vaporizing device that has been around for over two decades. It utilizes a classic conduction-based system to heat your material, allowing you to get the most out of your dry herbs. This model offers great temperature control with a range of 266°F (130°C) to 446°F (230°C). The large chamber size can accommodate more material at a time, making it great for sharing or longer sessions. The Classic also features a simple analog display with basic controls and an easy-to-read status indicator light that lets you know when it’s ready.

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer takes things up a notch by adding more precise temperature control, whip attachment, and rapid heat-up capabilities. Boasting an impressive range of 104°F (40°C) to 446°F (230°C), the Hybrid gives users complete control over their desired results. Additionally, its shorter heat up time of only 60 seconds makes it perfect for quick sessions on the go. To ensure user safety, the Volcano Hybrid also has an auto shutoff timer that automatically shuts off your device.

In terms of durability and cost-effectiveness, the Classic does come out ahead due to its simpler design and lack of complicated parts which can often lead to problems down the line. And while it does offer less control options than its counterpart, its intuitive interface makes it great for those just starting out in vaping as well as seasoned professionals who are looking for something reliable yet low maintenance.

Overall, both models offer excellent performance that will fulfill any need or want in regards to vaporizing dry herb materials; however, the Hybrid offers more precise control with a whip attachment, faster heat-up time, and safety features that make it the preferred option for those looking for an upgraded experience. Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to user preference, cost, and what kind of performance they are looking for from their vaporizer.

Upgrades and Maintenance Items Available for the Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano Vaporizer has a myriad of upgrade options available that are designed to enhance the user experience.

Easy Valve Starter Set - This set includes five balloon bags and a filling chamber, allowing users to enjoy their vapor even easier than before! This set can be purchased separately or as part of the complete Volcano Kit.

Volcano Vaporizer Valve Starter Sets Vaporizers : Desktop Parts Storz & Bickel

Easy Valve XL Set (Bigger is Better)- Get the most out of your Volcano Vaporizer with this complete replacement set! The extra-long balloons allow for larger and smoother vapor delivery, giving you an enhanced experience every time. With six mouthpieces included in the set, you can share your volcano sessions with friends or family without compromising on quality. These easy valve tips provide a secure seal and maintain a tight fit throughout each use. Invest in this official Storz & Bickel product to ensure that you get maximum satisfaction from your Volcano Vaporizer!

Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve XL Replacement Set Vaporizers : Desktop Parts Storz & Bickel


  • Designed For Easy Valve
  • 6x XL 3' Balloons
  • 6x Easy Valve Mouthpieces
  • OEM Storz & Bickel Product

With just one quick swap, upgrade your volcano experience to be bigger and better than ever before – order your Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve XL Replacement Set today!

Volcano Wear and Tear Kit - Keep your Volcano Vaporizer in top condition with the Wear and Tear Kit, which includes replacement parts like 6 Normal Screens, 10 Filling Chamber Rings, and 6 Filling Chamber Clips.

Volcano Vaporizer Wear and Tear Set Vaporizers : Desktop Parts Storz & Bickel

Solid Valve Wear and Tear Set - This set comes with all the necessary wear and tear parts, including o-rings, screens, and balloon clips to keep your Volcano vaporizer operating in top-notch condition.

Volcano Solid Valve Wear & Tear Set Vaporizers : Desktop Parts Storz & Bickel

Volcano Grinder XL- The Volcano Grinder is designed to provide a consistent grind for your herbs so you can get an even draw every time. It has three different settings, from coarse to fine, and it fits perfectly over the Volcano Vaporizer's filling chamber.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. We hope it helps make the decision-making process easier when it comes to selecting the perfect volcano vaporizer for your needs. If you need further assistance or would like more information about any of our models, our customer service team is here to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns – we are always happy to assist in any way we can.

Volcano Acrylic Grinder XL Grinders : Acrylic Storz & Bickel


How do I use my Volcano Classic Vaporizer? 

  1. Press the red switch to turn on the Volcano Classic 
  2. Give it 3-6 minutes to heat up 
  3. Grind your dry herbs, add them to the filling chamber, and put it on top of the Volcano 
  4. Attach the valve balloon and press the green button 
  5. Choose your preferred temperature by turning the dial up or down 
  6. Give it 30 seconds to a minute for vapor to appear 
  7. Turn off the devices once you've filled the balloon to your preferred amount 
  8. Remove the filling chamber from the valve balloon and vaporizer 
  9. Attach the mouthpiece to the balloon bag and enjoy! 

How do I use my Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer?

  1. Loading your material in the chamber cap, and then screw on the cap 
  2. Attach the tube kit 
  3. Tap the heat button  
  4. Adjust the temperature with the (+) and (-) buttons 
  5. Pre-heat for 5 seconds  
  6. Tap the air button 
  7. Inhale from the tube's mouthpiece 

How do I use my Volcano Balloon?

  1. Tap the heat button 
  2. Choose the temperature with the (+) and (-) buttons 
  3. Preheat for 5 seconds 
  4. Tap the air button 
  5. Take the black mouthpiece off the balloon 
  6. Connect the balloon to the filling chamber 
  7. Turn the air off once the balloon is full 
  8. Lift off the balloon via the orange piece 
  9. Pop your mouthpiece immediately after 

How do I clean my Volcano? 

It is recommended that to clean your Volcano monthly to prevent residue buildup. Replacing balloon bags periodically is also a necessary part of Volcano maintenance. 

  1. Wipe base with a clean, dry cloth  
  2. Take apart filling chamber 
  3. Soak plastic materials in soapy warm water 
  4. Soak all other filling chamber materials in isopropyl alcohol 
  5. Put the filling chamber back together and into base 

When should I replace my easy valve balloon? 

This depends on the type of user and personal preference. Some indicators that your balloon bag needs to be replaced is a change in color, when the bag starts to stick to itself, and/or when vapor begins to leak out. For moderate users this may be every 2-4 months and for frequent users this could mean every 2 weeks to 1 month. 

What is included with the purchase of a Volcano Classic Vaporizer? 

Volcano Classic Vaporizer, Easy Valve Starter Set, Filling Chamber, Herb Mill, Air Filter Set, Extra Screens, Cleaning Brush, Instruction Manual 

What is included with the purchase of a Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer? 

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer, Power Cord, Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter, Tube Kit, Filling Chamber, Air Filter Set, Herb Mill, Instruction Manual, 3 Easy Valve Balloons with Mouthpieces