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PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit

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by PAX Labs

Vaporizer for dry herb use

Dry Herb

Vaporizer for solid concentrate use


66 reviews
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit


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PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit
PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit

PAX 3 Vaporizer - Complete Kit

Free Gift

by PAX Labs

Vaporizer for dry herb use

Dry Herb

Vaporizer for solid concentrate use


66 reviews
Matte Black


  • DUAL USE: for loose leaf and extract
  • POWERFUL: 2x the oven power as PAX 2
  • QUICK HEATING: 15 second heat-up time
  • INTELLIGENT: LED status notifications + vibration when ready

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  • DUAL USE: for loose leaf and extract
  • POWERFUL: 2x the oven power as PAX 2
  • QUICK HEATING: 15 second heat-up time
  • INTELLIGENT: LED status notifications + vibration when ready




The PAX 3 Complete Kit is the most recent addition to the innovative PAX lineup of portable herb vaporizers. Featuring an upgraded battery, dynamic heating modes, and premium accessories, PAX 3 is smarter, faster, and stronger than its predecessors. A new polished aluminum exterior offers added style, durability, and grip. The PAX 3 Complete Kit now features a mobile app, half-pack oven lid, and wax concentrate insert, allowing you to fully customize and control your vaping sessions.

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PAX 3 allows you to customize your sessions via smartphone using the PAX Vapor app. Easily adjust precision temperature, vapor and flavor output, security, haptic feedback, LED lights, and more. Choose between 4 dynamic modes, each offering a unique experience:

Standard Mode:PAX 3 heats up 5°-10°F when you start inhaling. The PAX Vapor app will display exact temperature in real time.

Boost Mode:Maximizes vapor production. Reduces cooling in between sessions to maintain ideal vaporization temperature. Expect faster heating and denser clouds.

Efficiency Mode:Perfect for extended sessions. Efficiency mode slowly ramps up temperature by 1° every 2 seconds while your lips make contact with the mouthpiece. This provides stabilized vapor production during longer sessions.

Stealth Mode:Maximizes cool down between hits to minimize odor. The LED light will automatically dim, keeping your sessions under wraps.

Flavor Mode:Extracts more flavor. This mode heats and cools faster to maintain the low temperature that is ideal for releasing subtle flavor notes.


PAX 3 is the first of the PAX line to feature concentrate compatibility. Boasting a premium insert, PAX 3 easily converts to a concentrate vaporizer. Place the included insert into the herb chamber and enjoy all the nuances of concentrates on-the-go. PAX 3 features temperature settings optimized for concentrates, delivering smooth, flavorful hits.


A new half-pack oven lid ensures excellent vapor quality even with smaller loads of dry herb. Simple to use and designed for easy cleaning, this essential accessory enables you to get more flavor and effects from less material. Expect about 2 sessions per fully loaded half-pack oven lid.


Utilizing a 3500mAh lithium ion battery, the PAX 3 Complete Kit has 500mAh more power than its predecessor. Enjoy longer battery life and faster heating. The PAX 3 comes with a magnetic charging dock with an easy snap-on connection, charging the unit via USB. When fully charged, PAX 3 can run for close to 1.5 hours. Boosted power greatly increases heat up time, with the lowest vaping temp reached in just 15 seconds. Expect quick hits whenever and wherever you want.


Designed for maximum discretion, PAX 3 introduces haptic feedback. Rather than wait for a display to alert you when your vape has reached its set temperature, you’ll be alerted by vibration. This feature enables you to keep your PAX 3 concealed when not in use. You'll also receive a vibration notification if the device enters Standby Mode. The PAX Vapor app allows users to adjust vibration strength for a personalized experience.


To ensure optimal vapor production and airflow, it is crucial to keep your PAX 3 vapor path and screen residue-free. PAX 3 Complete Kit includes a wire brush and pipe cleaners for thorough cleaning. To clean the PAX 3, remove the mouthpiece and brush out the vapor path, then take off the oven lid to scrub out the chamber. To remove heavy residue buildup, a few drops of isopropyl alcohol, followed by a generous scrub using the wire brush, will break down resin or melted concentrates. If you do end up using isopropyl alcohol, make sure to perform a “burn off”, setting your vape at the highest temp and running it with no herb in the chamber.

What's in the Box

  • PAX 3
  • Concentrate Insert
  • Charger
  • Maintenance Kit
  • 3x Screens
  • 2x Mouthpiece
  • 1x Multi-Tool
  • 1x Half Pack Oven Lid
  • 1x Carry Pouch

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M N.
United States United States
Discrete, easy to use, a 10/10

I loooooove this little guy! A great product to use for minimal smell and efficiency. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new device!

David R.
United States United States
Pax 3 review

The pax 3 product is absolutely good; however, it would be outstanding if Pax would have an app for the iPhone, which motivated me to purchase it.

William B.
United States United States
Quality product/Slow Delivery

I’ve enjoyed the item a lot. The only thing I felt could be improved was the the wait time to receive my order. Almost 3 weeks. This delay was prior to the current dismantling of USPS sorting machines in various urban centers around the US.

Mark G.
United States United States
Game changer

Amazing device which is easy to use and extremely pocket friendly. Highly recommend after coming off of Ariser Solo II which was more cumbersome and less user friendly. had a fantastic price and with 25OFF coupon and 2 free gifts (Grinder and Vacuum Container) this was a home run!

Dan H.
United States United States
Pax 3

Great, quality product.


Pax warranty is valid only when purchased through an authorized retailer such as VapeWorld.

Warranty Contact

  • Pax Labs

PAX 3 Ten Year Ltd Warranty

PAX Labs, Inc. (PAX Labs) warrants the PAX 3 devices (not its accessories or batteries) against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of ten (10) years from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser (Warranty Period), in accordance with and subject to all the terms of this Limited Warranty. If a physical defect arises and a claim is received within the Warranty Period, PAX Labs will, at its option, either (1) repair the device defect or (2) exchange the device for a new one. Please see our Return for Refund Policy below for our policy on refunds. EXCEPT AS STATED HEREIN, PAX LABS MAKES NO OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTY.

Exclusions and Limitations

This Limited Warranty is limited to PAX 3 devices manufactured by PAX Labs and sold in the United States or Canada and that can be identified by the “PAX” trademark, trade name, or logo affixed to them. This Limited Warranty does not apply to any non-PAX Labs products or any PAX Labs products other than PAX 3. This Limited Warranty applies to the original end-user purchaser only and is non-transferable. This Limited Warranty applies only to devices purchased directly from PAX Labs or from any authorized PAX retailer and, without limiting the foregoing, does not apply to devices purchased at auction or consumer resale sites such as eBay or Craigslist (even if the devices are unused). Please visit for a list of authorized PAX retailers. This Limited Warranty does not apply to (a) damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake, or other external causes; (b) damage caused by the device being exposed to or coming in contact with moisture (e.g. liquids, water, rain, extreme humidity, unusually heavy perspiration or other moisture), or extreme thermal or environmental conditions (e.g. sand, food, dirt or similar substances); (c) damage caused by operating the device outside the permitted or intended use as described by PAX Labs; (d) damage caused by concentrates, the concentrate adapter (Pax 3 only) or waxes; (e) a device or part that has been modified to alter functionality or capability; (f) damage attributable to accessories or attachments (i) not authorized or recommended by PAX Labs or (ii) authorized or recommended by PAX Labs but where usage thereof was outside of normal or recommended use; (g) cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents, and broken plastic or (h) any device where the serial number has been tampered with, erased or obscured or is not genuine. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, this Limited Warranty does not cover device accessories or attachments, whether or not authorized or recommended by PAX Labs, or normal performance degradation of batteries or neglecting to adhere to cleaning instructions. Please contact the PAX Support team, the PAX Pro’s, to learn more about our PAX Battery Service. Opening-up, disassembling or tampering with your device in any way will void your warranty.


In no event, shall PAX Labs be liable for monetary damages or other losses arising from any device defect or failure, including, but not limited to, for any loss of use, time or for any inconvenience or for any incidental or consequential damages. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE LENGTH OF THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. SOME STATES AND/OR PROVINCES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIED WARRANTY LASTS AND/OR DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATIONS OR EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS, AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE AND PROVINCE TO PROVINCE. PAX Labs neither makes or assumes and does not authorize any other person, including any PAX authorized retailer, to make or assume any obligation or liability in connection with any of its devices other than as covered by this Limited Warranty.

Return for Refund Policy

Please carefully research the product you are interested in before purchasing. Refunds are only available for new and unused devices purchased on and must be returned directly to PAX Labs within fourteen (14) days of receipt. If the tamper proof seal is broken, a refund cannot be honored. Devices purchased through an authorized PAX retailer cannot be refunded by PAX Labs; any such refunds must be obtained from the authorized retailer from whom you purchased the device. If you would like additional information about any of our PAX Labs products, freely contact us. The PAX Pro's are happy to help you make the right decision! 

Obtaining Warranty Service

To obtain service under this Limited Warranty, the original purchaser must do the following:

  • Please review the PAX Labs ten (10) year limited warranty details, above, to confirm that your device is warranted under this Limited Warranty.
  • Warranty inspection and service is arranged through and approved by PAX Support. 
  • If you think you may require warranty service, please contact the PAX Pro’s by submitting a support request. Pictures and/or videos of the problem experienced are helpful. The PAX Pro’s may request additional details about the device and attempt to troubleshoot common issues before approving warranty service.
  • Proof of the date of retail purchase is recommended, but where such proof has not been submitted, PAX Labs reserves the right consult its own records for online purchases or, with respect to consumer purchases from a PAX Labs’ authorized retailer, to use the date of sale of the device from PAX Labs to the PAX Labs reseller (whether an authorized distributor or retailer, as applicable), as determined from its own records, plus thirty (30) days as the date of retail purchase.  
  • US/Canada warranty services will provide shipping labels, which may be subject to shipping charges.
  • Devices must be returned to PAX Labs before a replacement device will be provided.
  • Original purchasers returning devices for repair or replacement will be subject to age-verification. PAX Labs will only honor this Limited Warranty from original purchasers of legal age to purchase the device.  
  • Valid warranty claims will be processed within 4 business days upon receipt of the device by the PAX Pro’s team.
  • Please note: PAX Labs is not responsible for lost packages if your package is not scanned by USPS with the label we provide.
  • The cost of return shipping to you for devices found not to be covered by this Limited Warranty shall be your responsibility, and PAX Labs may require pre-payment or a credit card number before it returns such devices.


How do I charge my Pax 3?

Once you have plugged in the micro-USB cable into the dock, simply lay PAX 3 on the dock with the exposed terminals making contact. The magnet attachment insures the connection if perfect every time.

Will Pax 3 work with 240v power?

PAX 3 charger is USB, with the correct adapter it will work!

PAX 3 charger is USB, with the correct adapter it will work!

No, PAX 3 must be charged and off of the charger before use.

How do I set the temperature on the PAX 3 vaporizer?

Just like PAX 2, PAX 3 features four temperature ranges that are adjustable through the device interface, using the ON / OFF button. Hold the button for 1-2 seconds when the device is on to enter temp set mode. Use short button presses to cycle through temperature selections. Hold the button for 1-2 seconds or shake the device to exit temp set mode. With the Pax app you will swipe left or right on the colored circle showing your current temperature setting to decrease or increase your temperature setting in 5ºF increments. Swipe up and down on your temperature selection for fine, 1ºF adjustments.

What is the temperature range for the PAX 3?

Low: 360° F, Med-Low: 380° F, Med-High: 400° F, High: 420° F Use the Pax app to custom set the temperatures.

Do I need to set the PAX 3's temperature every time I turn it on?

No you don’t! The Pax 3 will remember that last setting it was set to.

How do I use the Pax 3?

PAX 3 was designed to be easy to use. Here’s a quick rundown: Starting with a fully charged PAX 3, simply fill the oven with your medium-fine ground blend, turn PAX 3 on by pressing the top button. The front LED will cycle, then turn purple and begin to warm up. As soon as the LED turns green, PAX 3 is ready to draw! The small slit (standard flat mouthpiece) is where vapor port is, place that edge of PAX 3 up to your lips and draw. The alternate mouthpiece has a more traditional function. *For more information, please refer to the full PAX 3 user guide for full instructions.

What is the best grind level for the Pax 3?

PAX 3 prefers a medium-fine grind consistency, firmly loaded.

How long does the PAX 3 take to heat up?

PAX 3 should pre-heat in as little as 15 seconds.

What do the PAX 3's vibrations mean?

During normal use, you’ll feel these vibration patterns: Long pulse – device turned on Short double pulse – device is ready to vape Short pulse – device is entering motion standby Click – device turned off When using the app or game mode on the device you’ll also feel: Long pulse – bluetooth connected, game mode entry Long double pulse – dynamic mode change

What determines the vapor quality of the PAX 3?

Factors such as temperature, grind consistency (the same particle size throughout), grind size (medium-fine is best, avoid finely ground, and hand-ground blends) combined with your draw rate will all determine the vapor quality. Vary these factors as needed to find your desired vapor quality.

What does the PAX 3 app do?

The Pax app lets you use your Pax to its full potential! Displays live oven temperature is the small number shown directly above your temperature setting, which is the larger number in the circle. Swipe left or right on the colored circle showing your current temperature setting to decrease or increase your temperature setting in 5ºF increments. Swipe up and down on your temperature selection for fine, 1ºF adjustments. Swipe left or right on the Dynamic Mode icon to see info about and select your Dynamic Mode. Dynamic Modes set how much oven temperature boosts on lip presence, how quickly and how much oven temperature drops when your lip hasn’t been present, how long it takes your device to go into Standby if it hasn’t been moving, and what temperature the oven is held at in Standby. PAX 3 has five Dynamic Modes you can pick from using the app: Standard Default lip presence-based boosting and auto-cooling. Default motion-based standby. This is the default Dynamic Mode your device is set to out of the box. This mode balances consistent vapor production and flavor preservation. Boost More aggressive boosting, less and slower auto-cooling, and higher standby temperature. This mode is for users who want more vapor at their preferred temperature setting. This mode optimizes for maximum vapor production. Efficiency Ramp oven temperature throughout your session. Default boosting and auto-cooling with lip presence. Default motion standby. This mode is for users who like to turn up their temp setting during their session to extract more from the oven as the session progresses. This mode optimizes for consistent vapor production throughout your session. Efficiency Mode enables and selects the Ramp temperature selection on your Pax. When Ramp is selected, your temp setting will gradually increase when your lip is detected on the mouthpiece. Stealth Stay stealthy and save battery with fast auto-cooling, lower standby temperature, no boosting, and dimmed lights. This mode is for users who want maximum discretion and users who want the oven to cool as quickly as possible when they’re not drawing on the device. This mode optimizes for fast cool down after draws. Flavor Optimize for flavor with fast auto-cooling and more boosting. This mode is for users who prioritize flavor throughout their session over vapor production when device hasn’t recently been drawn from. This mode optimizes for flavor preservation and on-demand vapor production. Enabling device lock with the app turns off your oven. You will still be able to configure the device with the app and play games. When PAX 3 is locked, its LEDs will show a slow red counter-clockwise animation unless it is charging or in game mode. Device lock does not immediately stop PAX 3 from producing vapor if you lock your device after your oven has heated to your temperature setting. It can take up to 30 seconds for the oven to cool enough that it won’t produce any vapor.

What does the PAX 3 Half Pack lid do?

The Half-Pack lid allows you to load less materials in your oven and still get the same great results!

How much can the normal oven lid hold vs the half pack oven lid?

The normal oven lid will allow ~.4 grams of dry material, and the half pack will allow ~.2 grams.

My PAX 3 mouthpiece is warm to my lips, can I fix that?

We recommend sipping on the vapor as if it were hot tea. You can also use the alternate mouthpiece that is included with PAX 3.

My PAX 3 concentrate insert does not sit flush to my oven, why?

The concentrate insert will sit slightly raised from the bottom of the device to make it easier to remove once you’re finished with a session.

Does the PAX 3 have an auto-shutoff?

Yes, the Pax 3 will shut off after 3 minutes of no movement.

How often should I clean my Pax 3?

PAX 3 is a precision device. It’s important to clean PAX 3 on a regular basis. If you clean your PAX 3 well, it shouldn’t need to be cleaned for at least a dozen or so uses to remain in top performance. Of course, the more the merrier! Please note, wetter material may require more frequent cleaning. Inspect your parts periodically, they will tell you when they need to be cleaned.

Is it okay to use isopropyl alcohol on my Pax 3?

Yes! Avoid bringing any liquids near PAX 3 or vice versa. We definitely recommend the cleaning sticks that come with PAX 3 or its replacement cleaning kit. You can soak the mouthpiece and the screen in alcohol, but no other part!

Which PAX 3 parts will I have to clean most?

As you periodically inspect PAX 3, focus on the removable mouthpiece, the vapor path, and oven.

What kind of cleaning tools work best with the Pax 3?

Isopropyl alcohol and the included cleaning sticks should be all that you need to clean your PAX 3. Contact us if it does not.

How do I clean the PAX 3 mouthpiece?

PAX 3’s mouthpiece can be submerged in isopropyl alcohol. 90% or higher is ideal, but 70% will work. Submerge and wait 20 seconds, then agitate. Use PAX 3’s cleaning sticks inside the stainless steel vapor path if needed. If any residue remains, repeat process.

How do I clean the PAX 3 oven lid?

We recommend that you do not soak the oven lid. Isopropyl alcohol can be applied to a cotton swab or included cleaning sticks to wipe the oven lid clean.

Do I need to register my Pax 3 for warranty?

Yes! PAX Labs products are designed to be a part of your life and now you can register your device in your name! Registering means you’ll have unlimited access to all the services and benefits that come with owning a PAX Labs product. To register your device, you’ll need to create a PAX Labs account if you do not have one already. As a PAX Labs account holder you’ll also enjoy lightning fast checkouts and access to exclusive content and special offers. All PAX Labs account holders must be age verified. PAX Labs is committed to ensuring tobacco products remain out of the hands of minors. We utilize an industry-standard identity verification company, Veratad Technologies, LLC, to confirm that you are of legal age to purchase and own tobacco products in your state of residence. For more information, please visit Pax Support

I purchased my Pax 3 from vapor, who upholds the warranty?

Please contact PAX Labs Inc: Pax Contact All PAX 3 and PAX 3 accessories are warrantied by PAX Labs Inc. PAX 2 Support Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm PT. If you have any additional questions Contact us!