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Vibes Cones - 1.25

Vibes Cones - 1.25

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Vibes Rolling Papers

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Color: Ultra thin (black)
Size: 6pk
Style: Cone1.25
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Regular price $0.59
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What’s in the Box

  • 6x 1.25" Cones
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Bay Area rapper Berner has used his dry herb expertise to bring you one of the cleanest burning papers available. Users can pick from Rice, Hemp, or Ultra Thin cones to elevate their next dry herb session. These cones come in the standard length of 1 ¼”.

Vibes Ultra Thin Cones

Vibes Ultra Thin Cones feature uber-thin hemp paper for a smooth, even burn every session. A thinner paper means your dry herb’s natural flavor can shine, as it won’t be affected by too much “paper smoke”. These 1.25” cones can fit over a half gram of ground material, enough for a hearty solo session or a group setting.

Vibes Rice Cones

Vibes Rice Cones are made from thin rice paper, delivering purer draw as there is less smoke produced from the paper itself to sully your material’s flavor. Rice rolling papers will burn slower than their hemp counterparts, doing their best to extend your sessions. The Vibes Rice Cones feature well engineered airflow that prevents runs and remains open the entirety of the session.