Top 10 Best Convection Vaporizers of 2021 [AWESOME List]

Top 10 Best Convection Vaporizers of 2021 [AWESOME List]

Want more purity from your convection vaporizer?

Then you're in the right place.

Today I'm going to show you the 10 Best Convection Vaporizers of 2021. We've got the latest heavy hitters here...and some classics that just keep on vaping.

The best part?

There's evidence that these convection vapes extract more flavor and effects than conduction devices, all without burning material.

Let's talk the best convection!

The Top 10 Best Convection Vaporizers of 2021

Crafty+ - $279.00
Crafty+ Vaporizer


  • Heavy-Duty Plastic
  • Improved Ribbed Design
  • Low-Draw Resistance
  • Hybrid Convection/Conduction Heating
  • Swivel Mouthpiece
  • Normal & Boost Mode
  • Smartphone App

The Crafty+ vaporizer is the improved version of the the iconic Crafty vaporizer and delivers more sessions and faster heat-up times than its older brother. The Crafty+ features a slimmer body for a more pocket-sized design.

The preset temperature settings are optimized for immediate use, and a new Super-Boost mode produces thick vapor clouds from dry herb and concentrates with just three clicks. The Crafty+ also boasts an improved battery life and an updated circuit board for more reliable performance.

Once the Crafty+ is heated, swivel out the mouthpiece and take a draw. For big hits, you'll need a longer inhale. I recommend a nice 10-second draw at a slow pace. That will give you a fuller hit.
Expect around ten to 12 large hits per bowl.

The Crafty+ is a powerful portable convection vaporizer with strong and smooth vapor. Its performance is similar to the Plenty but it's more compact and powerful than its predecessor, making it easier to carry around.

Here's the cherry on top...

You can modify the default temp settings via smartphone using a mobile app.


KandyPens K-Vape Pro - $99.97

kandypens k vape pro vaporizer


  • 4 Temperature Settings: 350 °F, 375 °F, 400 °F, & 428 °F
  • Upgraded Glass Mouthpiece
  • Hybrid Convection/Conduction Heating System 
  • Anodized Aluminum Body
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • Pass-Through Charging 

The KandyPens K-Vape Pro is an upgraded version of their K-Vape 2.0 vaporizer. An added temperature option gives you an opportunity to explore more of your dry herb and a new glass mouthpiece enhances your flavor experience. 

Here's one thing that's absolutely excellent about the KandyPens K-Vape Pro...

The hybrid convection/conduction heating system gets to temperature quickly, but won't combust your dry herb. The walls of the K-Vape Pro will heat your material until you begin to take a draw, then your draw pulls the hot air over the dry herb to complete the heating process. 

A newly developed glass mouthpiece has a honeycomb airflow design to bring maximum flavor to your sessions. The mouthpiece is made from borosilicate glass, which is inert in nature and won't let any outside flavors sully how your material tastes. 

How is the vapor quality?

Awesome. A quick heat up time and improved heating system deliver satisfying vapor quickly, all in an easy to understand device. 

If you want a convection vaporizer that's affordable yet powerful, this is a great option.

Firefly 2+ - $249.95
Firefly 2+ vaporizer


  • Dynamic Convection Heating
  • Improved Airflow System
  • 3-Second Heat Up
  • Dual Touch Sensor Controls
  • Borosilicate Glass Air Path & Bowl
  • Mobile App
  • Dry Herb & Concentrate Compatibility

The Firefly 2+ is a huge improvement on the original Firefly 2 vaporizer. Firefly gave the 2+ 33% more airflow than its predecessor, tweaked the heating profiles to ensure easier draws, and updated the firmware to help the learning curve. 

The Dynamic Convection Heating system is efficient and great for microdosers, and the three-second heat up time means anytime you want vapor, you can have it. 

Borosilicate glass was used for the bowl and air path and are both highly thermal-resistant and preserve flavor. To load the Firefly 2+, snap off the magnetic faceplate to reveal the bowl, and the new Firefly logo. 

The Firefly 2+ has dual touch controls and is a litte easier to use than the Firefly 2. Newer vaporizer users or those looking for their first "elite" vape won't be intimidated by this vaporizer. I found the touch sensors not only convenient but fun.

Firefly 2+ being used in the grass, outdoors

The Firefly 2+ has many cool features. Here's one that I really like...

You can control everything via mobile app. Compatible with iOS and Android, the Firefly Vapor app lets you adjust the temperature from your smartphone. You can also change temp directly from the Firefly 2+. The app is easy-to-use and the visuals are stimulating and fun.

The Firefly 2+ has awesome flavor and vapor quality with a shorter learning curve than the previous model. An added bonus to the Firefly 2+ is that even with the improvements made, it is cheaper than the original Firefly 2. Not a bad combo right?

Ghost MV1 - $175.00

Ghost MV1 vaporizer


  • Proprietary Heat Sink Design
  • Removable 2600mAh Battery
  • Retractable Mouthpiece 
  • Companion App Available
  • Dry Herb & Concentrates Compatibility

The GHOST MV1 is the quintessential "powerhouse" portable vaporizer. 

A beastly 2000mAh battery powers the pure convection oven and the companion app gives you total temperature control for your dry herb or concentrate. 

The battery is proprietary and removable so you can buy an extra one and swap it in and out, it is recommended you snag the GHOST MV1 Fast Charger to help cut down on charging time. 

One of the cooler features of the Ghost MV1 is...

A new proprietary heat sink effectively reduces the temperature of your draw before it passes through the borosilicate glass stem, to provide an uber-smooth vapor experience.  

Ghost went with their version of a pod-based loading system for the MV1. "Crucibles" are used to house your material inside the heating chamber and can be loaded and saved for future use with the Ghost MV1 Crucible Dispenser

Even on the lower temperatures, the MV1 vapes your material evenly. That's thanks to the convection oven, which lacks the hot spots sometimes found in conduction units.

This device is one of the more "high end" units on this list, and you get what you pay for. Users can expect fantastic flavor and thick clouds even with just .1 grams of material.  

G Pen Pro - $89.95
G Pen Pro vaporizer



  • Convection Heating
  • Ceramic Chamber
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • Super Compact
  • Color-Coded Temperature Lights
  • Rapid Heat Up

The G Pen Pro is one of the most compact dry herb convection vaporizers. It's sleek and slender, almost like a vape pen. I'm impressed by its vapor quality considering the small size.

This is a "session" vaporizer that stays heated until you turn it off. You don't have to reheat everytime you want to take a hit. It's better suited for those who like to take multiple draws per session.

So how does this little guy make such great vapor?

It's all in the heating. The chamber is a highly thermal-resistant white ceramic that cooks material without burning it. Hot air flows in through tiny holes and vaporizes dry herb nice and evenly.

Do keep in mind, those tiny holes will clog after a few sessions. You can keep them clean with some isopropyl and a cleaning tool or q-tip.

Higher Standards ISO Pure comes highly recommended. It's 99% isopropyl, which really breaks down grime. And you can pick up Pipe Dreamz pipe cleaners for clearing out air paths.

G Pen Pro being used outdoors

Using the G Pen Pro is very easy. You don't have to fiddle with it much.

Power on by clicking the button five times in rapid succession. The LEDs will light up, reverting back to your last temperature.

There are three temperature settings: blue (375 °F), green (400 °F), and red (428 °F).

To select a temperature, press and hold the button for five seconds. The LED lights will change colors, signaling that the device has cycled to the next setting. Once you've toggled to your favorite setting, the device will take 30 seconds to heat.

This is a super compact, mid-range convection vaporizer that I can safely recommend to anyone who wants a reliable on-the-go option.

I recommend using the green temperature setting (400F °F) for the best results.

AirVape XS Go - $69.99
AirVape Xs GO vaporizer


  • Hybrid Convection Heating System
  • Ceramic Chamber
  • 5 Calibrated Temperature Settings
  • 20-Second Heat Up
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • USB Charging
  • Single-Button Control
  • Isolated Airpath

The AirVape Xs GO is the best convection vaporizer at an affordable price. I'm impressed by its vapor quality, ease-of-use, and pocket-friendly design, especially considering the affordable price.

The hybrid conduction-convection oven is crafted from high-quality ceramic. Hot air flows in from a screen on the bottom of the chamber, thoroughly vaporizing dry herb. The resulting flavor and potency are outstanding.

A comfy rubber button toggles through five preset temps. Press the button three times rapidly to turn it on. Hold the button for three seconds to make the temperature light cycle through settings, and let go when you're on the preset you want.

The temperature range is fairly wide, leaving much to be explored. The device will heat up in just 20 seconds.

There are two small drawbacks…

The mouthpiece screen gets gunky fast, so regular cleaning is recommended. The mouthpiece is also close to the chamber, so it can grow hot after about 20 minutes of continuous use.

That said, the AirVape Xs GO is a solid device with great performance. The build quality is better than you'd expect from a $69 vaporizer and the body is compact so you can carry this little guy anywhere.

This is a good portable convection vape with a budget-friendly price. It's perfect for beginners but even experienced users will appreciate its ability to deliver performance without breaking the bank.

I recommend filling the chamber halfway or more and packing it loosely to let the convection heating spread evenly throughout the dry herb.

AirVape X - $179.00
AirVape X vaporizer


  • Precision Temperature (200 °F - 420 °F)
  • Hybrid Convection/Conduction
  • Magnetic Lid
  • 25% Larger Oven
  • Ceramic Chamber
  • Aluminum Build
  • Vibration Notifications
  • Concentrate Insert

The AirVape X has the features you'd find in an expensive convection vaporizer at half the price. If it looks familiar, that's because it's an update to the original AirVape Xs. The chamber is now 25% larger and the lid is magnetic for easy snap-off access.

The X offers precision temperature, vibration notifications, and hybrid heating all for under $180. It delivers comfortable, pure vapor and looks great doing it.

This convection vape is intuitive to use. The design is sleek and simple, so controlling it is very easy. Two arrow buttons adjust the temperature and auto-shutoff timer, while a magnetic mouthpiece snaps on or off for hassle-free loading.

AirVape X vaporizer being used on the beach

Here's the best thing about AirVape X in my opinion…

It's incredibly light and small, measuring in at just 4.1 x 1.85 x 0.48 inches and 3.2 ounces. But even though it's compact, its vapor production is mighty.

Its ceramic chamber heats dry herb fast without cooking it too much. The hybrid convection heating delivers hits quickly, and when they arrive, they are comfortable and delicious.

AirVape X is portable and powerful. I recommend it to anyone who wants smooth vapor on the go.

Arizer Air 2 - $149.99
Arizer Air 2 vaporizer


  • Awesome Flavor
  • Hybrid Convection/Conduction Heating
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Upgraded Battery
  • 45-Second Heat Up
  • Borosilicate Glass Aroma Tubes
  • Pass-Through Charging

The Arizer Air II is a portable convection vape with an isolated glass air path that preserves your vapor. The flavor is amazing and you can customize your clouds with precision temperature.

This device has two awesome features…

The first is its glass air path. It comes with two glass aroma tubes that plug into the chamber. They preserve flavor and keep hits cool.

The second outstanding feature is an upgraded battery. It gives you up to 80 minutes of continuous vaping, which breaks down into roughly seven ten-minute sessions.

Arizer Air 2 vaporizer in hand before use

The batteries are replaceable, so you can keep a fully charged one on hand to swap in when needed.

This dry herb convection vaporizer has pure and smooth vapor quality—the ceramic heating element and borosilicate glass parts make sure of that. If you're looking for great flavor that you can enjoy at home, this is the right vaporizer for you.

Mighty Vaporizer - $349.00
Mighty Vaporizer


  • Hybrid Convection/Conduction Heating
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • German Engineering
  • LED Screen
  • High-Quality Plastic
  • Tactical, Vented Design
  • Swivel Mouthpiece
  • Vibration Notifications

The Mighty is a portable vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, makers of the iconic Volcano. It’s the big brother to the Crafty, offering the same heating system with more battery power, an LED screen, and precision temperature. It's more of a cordless home vape than an on-the-go device.

The larger size makes room for a second battery pack; the Mighty delivers 90 minutes of vaping time compared with the Crafty's 45 minutes.

This is a very reliable German-engineered convection vape. The body is high-grade plastic that's lightweight and sturdy. The exterior has little ridges that vent out heat and make the unit easy to grip.

But here's the most outstanding thing about the Mighty…

Its vapor production is worlds beyond the usual portable vaporizer. The convection/conduction oven pulls intense flavor and smoothness from dry herb.

The temperature range is also wide for a portable device. You can choose any setting between 104 °F - 410 °F, which leaves much room for experimentation. The LED screen shows the chosen and current temperature as well as battery power.

To access the dry herb chamber, just twist off the top piece. The capacity is .3 grams. The chamber works quite well with material from a four-piece grinder. The included filling tool makes loading convenient.

The Mighty is one of the best convection dry herb vaporizers out there, placing the power of desktop vaporizers into a portable device.

Arizer Solo 2 - $174.99
Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer



  • Hybrid Convection/Conduction Heating
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Borosilicate Glass Aroma Tubes
  • Customizable Settings
  • 3-Hour Battery Life
  • Fast Heating

The Arizer Solo 2 is a portable dry herb vaporizer that delivers a lot of flavor. It is the big brother of the Arizer Air 2. A little on the larger size, it is the best convection vaporizer that's around $200 if you're looking for a cordless at-home device.

This convection vape has the exceptionally sturdy build quality and comes with a two-year warranty. Although it's not the most portable convection vape around, the Solo II goes above and beyond the average portable unit when it comes to vapor production.

Let's take an example:

As far as flavor goes, the Solo II delivers the goods. The borosilicate glass aroma tubes deliver incredibly delicious hits. The glass is highly resistant to heat, preserving essential tastes. Just load dry herb into the chamber on the end of the tube, then plug it into the stainless steel heating chamber.

The vapor quality is so above average that I was surprised it was coming from a vape in this price range. 

The steel chamber features recessed heat jets for more airflow. As a result, the Solo 2 can keep up with the biggest inhales, continuing to deliver vapor the longer you draw in. 


The Solo 2 has excellent battery life. You get roughly three hours of continuous use from a full charge. That's double the amount of the original Arizer Solo.

That's not all there is to love about the Solo 2…

It also gives you full control over sessions with a digital screen. You can adjust precision temperature, automatic shutoff, beep notifications, and screen brightness with ease.

Once you choose a precise temperature (anything between 122 °F - 428 °F), the Solo 2 is ready in roughly 30 seconds. What comes next is not to be missed. Expect intensely flavorful vapor with a smoothness you don't normally find in portable vaporizers.

What is a Convection Vaporizer?


Woman using a convection vaporizer on a golf course

So you've heard that convection is better than conduction at making superb vapor.

But what exactly IS a convection vaporizer?

In most cases, it's a pocket-friendly, easy-to-use device.

But not just any device—it’s a device designed to give you the most flavor and potency from dry herb without the harmful downsides of smoking.

Rather than burning your material, the best convection vaporizers will heat it just beneath the point of combustion. The resulting vapor is comfortable, pure, and free of smoky harshness.

But how exactly do convection vaporizers pull off that awesome vapor?

How Does a Convection Dry Herb Vaporizer Work?

There's a reason people prefer convection for enjoying dry herb.

Instead of heating material directly against the hot surfaces of a heating element, convection vaporizers surround dry herb in hot air.

Hot air generally flows through tiny holes within the chamber, making contact with every millimeter of exposed surface area.

Why does this matter?

Because the heating is even and thorough, releasing more flavors from less material. Nothing is burned or wasted. This not only promises tastier, smoother vapor, but also saves you money.

When buying a "convection" vaporizer make sure it is full convection, any direct contact that your material has with a heating element or chamber wall will negate some of the benefits of convection heating. Some companies, like Storz & Bickel, do this incredibly well, but if shopping outside of top brands be wary. 

Do Convection Vapes Smell?

Woman using a convection vaporizer in her home

The fact is convection vaporizers smell. Just not as bad as smoke. The smell is more of a fragrance than an odor.

Can convection vaporizers reduce that smell?


Convection smells less than other heating types because it doesn't overcook material. It keeps the temperature just right for extracting compounds without burning the dry herb.

The odor will hang around for five to ten minutes. However, it won't stick to the walls and furniture like smoke.

Just another reason why convection is the best way to sit back, relax, and get the most out of your dry herb.