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Rolling Trays Spotlight

Rolling Trays Spotlight

As technology moves forward and dry herb sessions get more advanced with induction heated vaporizers, automatic mill and fill machines, and portable water filtration options there still remains a need for something to prep your sessions on.

The days of using your favorite shoe-box top or old magazine are thankfully over as rolling trays not only provide a solid surface to prep any kind of session on, they also feature accessory holders, eye-catching designs, and the odd light-show now and again. 

Using a rolling tray is crucial to ensure that you don't lose any material or supplies during session preparation. We're going to take a look at few of our favorite rolling trays and hopefully find something that you can add to your smoking ritual. Let's dive in!

How We Picked The Best Rolling Trays

Some might be reading this and saying to themselves "it's a tray, how can one be better than the other?" well, there are a lot of things that can make a rolling tray stand out compared to it's awkward and bland counterparts. 

Person using the Marley Natural Rolling Tray

The most quantifiable factor for picking the best rolling tray is the surface material in which you'll be rolling on. Some people prefer the natural feel of wood when prepping everything, while others might want something they think is "slicker" or less prone to having dry herb or concentrate cling to it during prep. Metal and plastic topped rolling trays help satisfy this preference/concern. 

One of the biggest factors in picking the best rolling tray is how it will fit into your vibe and environment. This is a personal choice that might be difficult to explain to someone, but everyone understands what it means. Having the right aesthetic during sessions can help some people "lock in" to their environment.  

Now without further ado, the best rolling trays! 

 Vibes "Catch-A-Vibe" Rolling Tray

Vibes "Catch-A-Vibe" Rolling Tray

Known for their elite rolling paper options Vibes Rolling Papers knew they had to come out with a rolling tray that performs as well as their papers, and the Catch-A-Vibe tray kept that tradition of greatness alive. 

The Vibes "Catch-A-Vibe" Rolling Tray was picked as one of the best rolling trays for it's classic simplicity and eye-catching-but-not-too-loud design. Constructed from one-piece of metal, the Catch-A-Vibe Rolling Tray is sturdy and able to withstand everyday abuse from users. The metal surface makes it easy to organize material and the raised edges prevent any spillage during use. 

Available in small, medium, and large the Catch-A-Vibe rolling tray is a great option for those that like to roll up outside during camping trips or festivals. 

Runtz Glow Tray 

Runtz Glow Tray

Remember that light-show we mentioned earlier? Well here it is! The Runtz Glow Tray made our shortlist of the best rolling trays due to it's ability to not only provide a fantastic surface to roll on, but a fun one too.

Powered by an uber-strong 1800mAh battery the Runtz Glow Tray stays illuminated for session after session and has 6 different bright LED color backgrounds to choose from during your next roll up. A smooth surface doesn't leave your material behind and the colorways do a good job of "blending" the edges into the flat surface of the tray. 

If you consider yourself the "host with the most" having the Runtz Glow Tray will ensure your next party is all the way popping. 

Marley Natural Black Walnut Rolling Tray

Marley Natural Black Walnut Rolling Tray

And now for the most natural option of the best rolling trays, from Marley Natural. The Black Walnut Rolling Tray is one of the most unique trays on this list due to each tray coming with it's own unique  Walnut pattern.

To make prepping dry herb or concentrates easier a wooden scraper is included, and a magnetic connection keeps it attached to the tray itself for elevated convenience and organization. A cutout corner makes pouring dry herb back into your storage container or grinder easy. The walnut won't make your material stick and fits in any aesthetic. 

This is another rolling tray for the outdoors-y smoker, or someone who wants to being more nature into their sessions.