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With so many brands and products on the market, it only makes sense to equip yourself with the best tools possible. Every smoker wants a slow burn, and some even want to look cool while doing it. Thankfully as the amount of medical users grow, those who want a smoke that matches their preferences have options.

When it comes to preferred rolling papers, everybody is different. Rolling papers have evolved to become everything from thick, hemp, gummed, flavored, and even invisible. Be it flashy wraps or easy-to-use cones, every smoker has a rolling paper preference that they identify with. For those who care more about the presentation of their rolling papers, options have been limited--until now.

Having a structurally safe place to roll up is almost as important as having the paper to do it with. Losing product or having to throw away the end of a cigarette due to a soggy rolling paper has plagued smokers since smoking was invented. These rolling paper trays and accessories help smokers combat these problems, while still offering a stylish smoking experience.

Let’s unroll all the options so you can choose papers that are right for you:

Flavored: These are designed to enhance the natural flavors of your smoke or add a new taste to your smoking experience. The flavored papers we carry have been safely infused with delicious flavors such as Blackberry Brandy, Green Apple, Grape, Watermelon and so many more.

Rice: Produced without harsh chemicals or burn agents, these rolling papers are made from natural earth-friendly materials.

Hemp: 100% natural, 100% vegetarian and GMO-free – hemp rolling papers are pure and organic. Processed from chlorine-free pure hemp in an eco-friendly manner, the result is a very thin paper that burns extra slow and clean.

24k Gold: Made with the finest edible gold and consisting of a hemp blend base, the burn is extremely smooth.

Cones: Cigarette rolling made easy! Fill the cone with your herbs of choice, twist the end and you're ready to start smoking.


A great rolling paper needs to be a couple of things: slow burning and chemical-free. Flavored papers do exist, but that is by design, no paper should surprise you with its flavor.

Shine Papers, for example, offer a number of these qualities. These rolling papers burn extremely slow while leaving behind a small dusting of gold on your ashes, known as “the gems”. A stylish 24 karat gold paper is bonded with hemp to offer pure tasting smoke. Shine offers yellow gold or white rolling papers, all of which are made of a high grade paper that holds its cone shape throughout the smoke session.


Hemp has been stigmatized since it was first used to make paper products, and unfairly so. Hemp products are nontoxic, biodegradable, and (burnt rolling papers aside) renewable. They offer a better alternative to processed rolling papers.

The most commonly seen rolling papers are white, and usually bleached. These papers can have harmful effects on the smoker. The process by which some rolling papers are made can add carcinogens like potassium nitrate, which can cause oral and lung irritation. For the health conscious, organic rolling papers are the best option.

Hemp rolling papers are thinner than traditional bleached rolling papers and processed in an eco-friendly manner. Compared to bleached rolling papers, hemp burns slower and cleaner than its counterpart, delivering a more natural smoke session. Rice rolling papers are another environmentally-friendly option due to their thinness and chlorine-free production.


After bursting onto the scene in 2014, gold rolling papers quickly became a favorite of herb enthusiasts everywhere. Since their creation, these shiny rolling papers have been perfected by companies like Shine so smokers of all stripes can have a taste of the high life. Blended with hemp, these papers burn extra slow and don’t leave the smoker with an odd taste from the rolling paper or the gold itself. The added style makes these an ideal option for someone wanting to turn heads at any function without compromising rolling paper performance.


Nobody wants a quick burning paper. It's a waste of herb and can lead to a real, ahem, cat-ash-trophe. Slow burning rolling papers conserve the product and give the user a nice tempo at which to enjoy their cigarette or wrap. Remember: When rolling, the point is to use as little rolling paper as possible so as not to stifle the flavors of whatever is inside it. Natural materials tend to be slower burning than processed ones, and cleaner too since they contain fewer additives.

Thickness is a big factor in burn speed, as a thinner rolling paper will allow more air to pass through the cigarette, thus leading to a slower burn. Another aspect affecting the speed at which a paper will burn is the gum used on the rolling paper. As always, a natural option will lead to less harmful substances being inhaled and extend the time of smoking. Smoking papers with any kind of gum will burn slow, natural or not. There are “gum free” rolling papers, but those take a while to learn to roll and seal.


Now that you have your shiny new rolling paper, you need something to roll on. Rolling trays give you the chance to carefully prepare your cigarette while keeping everything organized and clean. For those who want a uniform cigarette every time, a roller will guarantee that consistency and help you see just how much herb you’re using. To cap off your perfectly rolled cigarette, smokers use a glass tip. These ensure that every cigarette will be smoked to the end without getting soggy. Rolling paper accessories make preparing your smoke sessions easier and more efficient.


Rolling trays provide a clean, organized platform for preparing your cigarettes. A reliable rolling tray offers “no mess” features such as curved edges and high sides, ensuring none of your herb ends up on the carpet. Rolling trays come in a number of styles, each offering a different way to improve your rolling. Styles include wood, metal, psychedelic, solid colored, and more.


Rollers streamline the rolling process, saving you time and allowing you to start smoking sooner. Instead of relying on your fingers for a consistently rolled cigarette, a roller will guarantee that your paper is perfectly packed every time.

To use, just open the roller and throw in a filter. Then slide it to one side and fill it with one pinch. Close the roller. Pick it up and turn both rollers toward you, use your fingers to keep the plastic apron on the inside so that the material gets nice and tight. Insert a sheet of rolling paper between the rollers, the gummed side toward you. Roll the paper in by continuing to roll it towards you. Stop before rolling it all the way in – you’ll want to leave a little sticking out so that you can lick it. Now roll it in the rest of the way, giving it a few more twists. Open it up, and you have yourself a perfectly rolled cigarette.

Well-seasoned smokers and beginners alike appreciate this time-saving tool. If you’re worried about the environment, sustainable bamboo rollers are not only ecologically friendly but also roll a well-packed smoke every time.


There is nothing worse than putting in the time and effort to ensure that your cigarette is perfectly rolled only for the tip to become a mushy, wet mess by the time it gets back to you in the smoking circle. Glass cigarette tips, which are easily rolled onto the end of your cigarette, alleviate this problem by increasing airflow and preventing the dreaded “wet tip of death."

If you’re looking for a cleaner hit, glass tips can also deliver a smoother smoking experience. A well-made glass tip will reduce the amount of tar inhaled, thus cutting down on harshness. If discretion is of the utmost importance to the user, glass tips also stop the problem of smelly fingertips. Once you’ve used your glass tip, it is easy to clean and store until the next session.