Crafty+ Review

Crafty+ Review

A couple of years ago, Storz & Bickel released the Volcano Hybrid, relatively out of nowhere, to rave reviews and satisfied customers so it’s interesting to see them possibly adding more products so quickly. Storz & Bickel isn’t exactly known for large scale changes, making this a marked difference in their approach to a product launch.

There had been some chatter on forums about an upgraded version of the Crafty vaporizer, and in a since-deleted Instagram post-Storz & Bickel teased this possible new version with some coy imagery.

Thankfully the chatter was right: the Crafty Vaporizer got an upgrade! 

crafty plus vaporizer outside of packaging with lights on



Crafty+ Upgrades

Vapers can expect a slimmer build than that original Crafty and a quicker heat up time. From what we’ve experienced, the Crafty+ vaporizer is able to run through bowls quicker than the original Crafty, and has better battery life. An optimized heating element also quickens the entire process, making this one of the more streamlined portables Storz & Bickel has produced. 

The battery upgrade is the most welcome change to the Crafty+ vaporizer as most of the “wants” from vape forum members centered around wanting to enjoy longer sessions. With the upgrades we’ve seen, those who needed the extra battery life will be very happy with the Crafty’s upgrade.

For users looking for large clouds, the new “Super Boost” feature gets you to the max temperature of the Crafty+ (410°F) in just seconds.

A more angled grip helps keep the Craty+ in place during use, and gives a nice aesthetic boost. 

While the battery life of the new Crafty vape is good to see, some of the portable vaporizer community’s needs went unmet with this upgrade. The Crafty+ will use the same micro-USB charging as the original Crafty, the batteries aren’t replaceable, and the casing is still plastic.

Storz & Bickel definitely have their own way of doing things, and they’re hoping the upgraded battery life and slimmed down shape are enough to sway vapers to upgrade. 


The Crafty+ is a nice upgrade on the original Crafty vaporizer. If you’ve been hanging onto your Crafty for a few years and are in need of a new vape, this should be your go-to. A faster heat-up time and optimized heating element make for longer sessions, while the classic Storz & Bickel convection heating provides time-tested flavor production.

We'll have stock soon, so stay on your toes and make sure to grab one before it's gone!



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