DaVinci IQ2 Review

DaVinci IQ2 Review

Since their first vaporizer was made in 2011 DaVinci Vaporizers has looked to innovate within the vape-scape with stylish designs, functional devices, and elite vapor production. As stated on their website, DaVinci strives “to be ‘the one’ vaporizer that enhances your life and challenges everything you thought you knew about vaporizers”. Their constant innovation has made them one of the most popular portable vaporizer brands on the market today thanks to a dedication to providing a comprehensive user experience.

The latest creation from DaVinci is the IQ2 Vaporizer. Basing an update on the wildly successful IQ Vaporizer is ambitious, but DaVinci has managed to produce a more advanced version of an iconic vaporizer. There have been a slew of new “updated” vaporizers to hit the scene in the last few months, but the IQ2 is the most drastically changed of this round of updated devices.

Let’s get into just what DaVinci did to make the IQ2 Vaporizer even better than its predecessor!

What's New With The DaVinci IQ2 

So what could DaVinci do to make the IQ2 a legitimate upgrade from the IQ? There were a few large additions to their new portable vaporizer, with some small tweaks thrown in that combine to bring you tastier vapor, faster.

Adjustable Airflow

This aspect of the IQ2 is more of an overhaul than an upgrade simply for the fact that the original IQ didn’t have *any* airflow control. The IQ2 Vaporizer features DaVinci’s AirDial™ which lets you have complete control over your draw resistance and airflow.

DaVinci IQ2 AirDial
Compared to the original IQ, the AirDial lets you adjust your airflow to 40% less or 67% more than the older model. Paired with the AirDial is 35% more air holes, which aides in the overall cooling of your draws. Users that want less dense vapor will increase the airflow, while those that seek denser clouds will use the AirDial to decrease airflow.

Know Your Dosage 

Another “overhaul” feature of the IQ2 is the “Fill Your Own - Know Your Dose” ability of the device. You’ll be able to enter your dry herb or concentrate’s potency and the amount of material that is in your oven for the IQ2 to track and report your dosage. Users can also add a “maximum dose per session” in the DaVinci IQ2 app (DISCLAIMER: this app is not available in the Apple Store, just for Android Users) that will let you know when you’ve reached your desired dose.

DaVinci IQ2 with LED Lights On

Once you’ve used the IQ2 once the device will remember your last input for compound levels so if you’re using the same material, you won’t have to re-enter your stats. The LEDs on the front of the IQ2 will guide you through the process of inputting your CBD and psychoactive levels as well as the amount you’ve loaded. DaVinci is at the forefront of users actually understanding their dosage in real-time.

Dual Compatibility 

Some readers probably saw “dual compatibility” and rejoiced, this has been a want from DaVinci consumers for years! A Dosage Pod is included to open up user's worlds to both dry herb and concentrates. One of the benefits of a “pod” system is that the oven of the IQ2 stays cleaner than some other dual-use portable vaporizers.The dosage feature on the IQ2 works with concentrates as well, so you’re still kept informed as to how much you’re enjoying your draws. The Zirconia Ceramic air path does a fantastic job of keeping your material’s flavor intact, so even on a higher temperature you still get some nice flavor notes. 

Smaller Tweaks, Big Results 

Aside from the three large overhauls previously mentioned, there were a few smaller tweaks that DaVinci added that makes the IQ2 a hefty upgrade from the IQ.

DaVinci IQ2 Pearl
The IQ2’s Pearl was extended to help make your sessions that much more enjoyable. A 30% extension makes adjusting material easier so you can modify your oven size and pack your material more tightly.

To help with flavor the IQ2 Vaporizer’s oven is better insulated from the battery. By making the oven 20% thicker, your dry herb or concentrate gets a more even vaporization resulting in inconsistent flavor and vapor production.

While the airpath is made from the same glass and Zirconia Ceramic as the original IQ Vaporizer, the shape has been adjusted for easy cleaning sessions. You’ll still experience fantastic flavor production, this just makes the mess easier to deal with.

Was The IQ Update Worth It?

All the new colorways of the DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer

DaVinci absolutely knocked the IQ2 Vaporizer out of the park. The level of control that you have over your sessions is great with the new AirDial, and being able to know your dosage directly from the device is a first in the vaporizer industry. It’s nice DaVinci made this possible, given the issues with iPhone users not being able to download vaporizer related apps anymore.

If you’ve had your IQ Vaporizer for a while or are just looking for a new dual-use portable vaporizer, the IQ2 deserves long consideration. Let us know in the comments what you think about the new DaVinci vaporizer!

Recommendations for Fans of the DaVinci IQ2 

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DaVinci IQC Precision Vaporizer Vaporizers : Portable Davinci OnyxIntroducing the DaVinci IQC Precision Vaporizer: With clean first technology, a rugged aluminum shell, and a sealed zirconia/glass airpath. This dual-use vaporizer allows you to switch between dry herbs and concentrates, and its temperature control system ensures precision. With Bluetooth app-enabled features, USB-C charging, and a removable and rechargeable 3000 Mah battery, the IQC is designed to enhance your experience.


The MIQRO-C Vaporizer by DaVinci is an ultra-compact and sleek dry herb vaporizer. With its removable battery, USB-C rapid charging, and SMART PATHS temperature settings, it offers a convenient and efficient vaporizing experience. Built with Clean First® Technology, it ensures purity and exceptional flavor. The MIQRO-C's Smart Path Modes provide a simple and quick temperature adjustment for an optimal session.


3. DaVinci Dosage Grinder

DaVinci Dosage Grinder Grinders : Aluminum Davinci


The DaVinci Dosage Grinder is the essential accessory for your Davinci IQ2 and IQC vaporizers. Made from high-quality aluminum, it effortlessly shreds herbs into a medium grind consistency and fills the dosing capsules for easy loading. With its removable ring, it can also be used as a standalone grinder.