Conduction, Convection, Induction -- What Does It All Mean?

Conduction, Convection, Induction -- What Does It All Mean?

The heating system used to vape your preferred material is one of the most important aspects when it comes to enjoying dry herb or concentrates. The three heating systems vape buyers need to choose between are conduction, convection, and induction. It is important to understand that each system has their pros and cons; there isn’t one “best” heating system, just one that works with your lifestyle and usual vaping environment.We’re going to go over the three vaporizer heating systems and how they can dictate your vape sessions. We’ll also spotlight a device that uses their specific heating system to the best of its ability for both dry herb and concentrate.


The first heating system is the most commonly found in portable vaporizers. Conduction heating happens when your dry herb or concentrate is in direct contact with the heating element of your device—working to change your material from a solid into a gas.

The biggest benefit of conduction heating is the rapid heat-up time that produces thick clouds of vapor. Since your material is in direct contact with the heating element, vapor is produced much faster, but it does run the risk of producing a minimal amount of combustion. The most common issue with conduction heating is flavor production; the slight combustion that can occur sullies the taste of your material—delivering a much less subtle session experience.

Conduction style vaporizers are ideal for on-the-go vapers who can’t find the time for sit-down sessions.



DaVinci IQ2 Portable Vaporizer

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer Vaporizers : Vaporizers Portable Davinci

The DaVinci IQ2 Portable Vaporizer offers dual-compatibility, adjustable airflow, and on-device dosage calculation. With an elite conduction oven, glass-lined chamber, and extended battery life, this vaporizer provides a flavorful and customizable vaping experience. The IQ2 also features various temperature modes, including boost, precision, and smart path.


AUXO Calent

AUXO Calent Vaporizers : Portable AUXO

The AUXO Calent, a compact and sleek dry herb vaporizer that offers a robust and flavorful vaping experience. With advanced conduction and infrared dual-heating technology, Calent delivers consistent sessions and unleashes the true essence of your materials. Featuring a 360° rotatable mouthpiece, 4 built-in heating settings, and compatibility with the AUXO Connect app, Calent offers personalized control and convenience



Vapers who are looking to experience more flavor and purity will turn to convection heating. Instead of your material touching the heating element, indirect heating sends hot air into the chamber and coats your material—extracting the desired flavors and properties from your dry herb or concentrates.

Compared to the rapid heating of conduction, convection uses a “slow and low” approach to the vaporization process—releasing essential compounds of your material without the risk of combustion. Convection vaporizers tend to run at a lower temperature than conduction units, which is beneficial for flavor but sacrifices some cloud size.

Convection vaporizers will usually be larger than conduction ones simply because more room is needed for the hot air to pass around and through your materials. On-the-go users are still able to harness the power of convection, and will be rewarded with purer, more intense flavor.


A word of caution to concentrate users: convection vaporizers are geared more for a better dry herb experience. Your concentrates will vaporize perfectly fine, it is just more of a flavor experience that will not have the same vapor feel as using a rig or conduction vape.

Firefly 2+ Vaporizer

Firefly 2+ Vaporizer Vaporizers : Portable Firefly Black 

The Firefly 2+ is a highly advanced portable vaporizer known for its power, performance, and superb taste. Firefly’s patented heating technology – Dynamic Convection – moves smoothly up the temperature scale throughout each pull of the Firefly 2+. This allows all the compounds within the plant or concentrate material to vaporize at their correct temperatures within each draw. This full plant experience allows the user to immediately taste and feel the difference. With innovative airflow technology and extended battery life, it offers a top-notch vaping experience.


G Pen Pro Vaporizer

For dedicated dry herb enthusiasts, the G Pen Pro is a fantastic option for a convection vaporizer. The ceramic heating chamber makes for very flavorful sessions; the ergonomic design feels great in hand and won’t draw any unwanted attention your way. Three preset temperatures can deliver a flavorful experience or one full of thick clouds.


This is the newest, most “futuristic” form of heating to emerge on the vaporizer scene. Induction heating is the process of heating an electrically conducted object, usually metal, through heat generated by electrical currents. The heat is generated inside of the object itself, instead of an outside heat source—meaning there is literally zero contact with a heat source during induction vaping.

To put it more simply, an induction coil creates a magnetic field that’s absorbed by a cup with your material inside of it. This style of heating means that no atomizers are needed, cutting down on maintenance and total cost over the lifespan of your vape. Within the vaporization environment, there is little to no oxygen surrounding your material. This means that at higher temperatures, your dry herb and concentrates can actually heat past the point of combustion without combusting—delivering 100% of the positive properties of your material, and discarding the rest.


With only one mass-produced induction vaporizer out on the market, this was a pretty easy choice. The Dr. Dabber SWITCH has 25 temperature settings for both dry herb and concentrates, reaching your desired temperature in around five seconds. A black ceramic induction cup is geared for concentrates and designed to absorb material into the ceramic—ensuring no material is wasted. The white induction cup is for dry herb and excels at pulling out even the faintest of flavor notes. At-home users who do a lot of entertaining will love the Dr. Dabber SWITCH’s powerful battery, insanely fast heat-up time, and wide range of temperatures that suit any level vaper.

So Now What?

Now that you're armed with newfound vape knowledge you can make the right choice for your next purchase. Make sure to take into consideration your vaping environment, material, and frequency when finding a new device.