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Firefly 2+ Review

The Firefly 2 vaporizer is one of the most revered portable vaporizers ever, so what’s to improve? There were only a few negatives attributed to the Firefly 2, with the biggest gripes being the restrictive airflow and steep learning curve when first using. The Firefly 2+ helps alleviate those issues with a few tweaks to make convection heating on-the-go that much easier to enjoy, all with a lower price to boot.

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Firefly knew what made their portable vape special and seems to have done a good job at keeping the heart and soul of the Firefly 2 intact when updating it, so users who want to upgrade won’t feel completely lost with the Firefly 2+. The loading of your material is the same, the borosilicate vapor path remains, and the Firefly 2+ app gives you total temperature control. Let’s take a look at the new aspects of the Firefly 2+ that should make your sessions smoother than ever!

Updated Firmware Means More Efficient Heating 

The Firefly 2+ utilizes the same convection heating system of its predecessor; for flavor centric users convection heating is the preferred heating method. Your material will be housed in a chamber that is totally removed from the heat source, guaranteeing that no combustion will take place even at the highest temperature setting. 

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One of the lesser talked about drawbacks of convection heating is the instances of decreasing temperature as you take a draw in. Every draw, if unregulated, will decrease the air that is bathing your material and give you uneven results. To combat this, the Firefly 2+ will slowly increase the temperature of the heating element during your draw to ensure your chosen temperature stays constant. Experienced vape users will no doubt appreciate this small yet effective improvement.

Firefly gave the Firefly 2+ updated firmware that gets your material to temperature in an uber-quick three seconds. The cool-down time has been reduced as well, this will prevent your material from being unnecessarily heated when you’re not taking draws, a small yet helpful tweak to the new edition of this vaporizer.

Improved Battery Life 

The updated firmware does wonders for the Firefly 2+ battery life. You’ll be able to enjoy more sessions at higher temperatures than the original Firefly 2, they really knocked the firmware update out of the park in terms of battery life. The 2+ charges quickly, giving you a full-from-dead battery in around 45 minutes. 

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Temperature Options

The full temperature range on the Firefly 2+ can be experienced by downloading the companion app. For users wanting to taste the full spectrum of their material anything below 360 °F will let your concentrate or dry herb flourish. Cloud chasers might not have the Firefly 2+ on their radar, but with a high temperature of 500 °F they should take note, as this portable vaporizer can produce some desktop-style clouds on the higher temperatures.

New and Improved Chamber 

Users wanting to enjoy small amounts of material will enjoy the Firefly 2+. The original Firefly 2 required a pretty packed bowl to deliver solid vapor, things are different with the Firefly 2+.

Inside of the Firefly 2+ heating chamber

100% pure convection heating means you can take draws as you please and leave the remaining material loaded for future use, this is a nice break from most other portable vapes that make you finish your material in one session.

The Firefly 2+ holds around .15 grams of dry herb. There isn’t any need to pack the dry herb down a bunch, but it is important to brush any debris from the lid before using. For those who want the freshest draws possible, there is some stirring required when you get to around the halfway mark of a session.

Less Draw Resistance 

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The biggest gripe with the original Firefly 2 was the draw resistance. Getting a solid draw of vapor from the Firefly 2 was considered more difficult of a process compared to that of other convection vaporizers. This draw resistance can put a hamper on your vapor production, especially if your dry herb is packed too tight.

The Firefly 2+ has 33% more airflow, taking away the need to develop a “special draw” when enjoying a session. An increase in airflow gives you more leniency when it comes to packing the chamber, so a lot of the “pre-session prep” the Firefly 2 needed is no more. Newer vaporizer users who decided to plunge into the “elite device” world with the Firefly 2+ will encounter a device that while still a little complicated to use, won’t make taking a draw any harder than it needs to be.

Final Thoughts on the Firefly 2+

Good companies take criticisms and turn them into improvements. Firefly listened to users and fixed the core issue with the original Firefly 2, while still managing to lower the price. You will have to stay a little vigilant when it comes to cleaning sessions, but it is never a bad thing to keep your device in good working order.

Firefly 2+ on beach wood

We would recommend the Firefly 2+ for moderately experienced vape users who prefer flavor over all else; users who enjoy just a draw or two here and there will also appreciate the functionality of the Firefly 2+.


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