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G Pen Dash Review

G Pen Dash Review

The hits just keep on coming for G Pen! 

After the uber-successful launch of the G Pen Connect and the recent release of the Roam G Pen has unveiled the G Pen Dash, a portable dry herb vaporizer that's budget friendly and ready to manufacture tasty vapor at a moment's notice.

The G Pen Dash Vaporizer  

G Pen has a history of making elite dry herb vaporizers, so it's nice to see them get back to their roots after hitting us with the Connect and Roam, both concentrate-focused devices. The Dash comes in at under $80 making it a great option for those who are just beginning to vape and don't want to break the bank on their first "legit" device. Seasoned vape users who want something to pack around and not worry about wear and tear will appreciate the G Pen Dash's construction and compact size. 

The G Pen Dash is a no-frills dry herb vape that does the simple things well, we're going to dive into some of the features that make the Dash great and breakdown how small features of the Dash add up to create a fantastic dry herb vaping experience. 

A Glass-Glazed Chamber For Ultimate Flavor

Admittedly this is the first time we've seen "glass-glazed" as a feature on a dry herb vaporizer, but we have to say it caught our attention. The stainless steel chamber of the Dash has been "glass-glazed" to help keep your dry herb vapor's material intact during sessions. Vaporizer chambers that are 100% stainless steel can sometimes run the risk of combusting your material, the G Pen process of glass-glazing theirs helps the steel stay cool (or as cool as possible) during the vaporization process. 

The G Pen Dash dry herb vaporizer

To help aid in flavor production G Pen gave the Dash vaporizer a variable voltage battery with options of 375 (blue LED), 401 (green LED), and 428 degrees (red LED). Users who want to taste the full flavor profile of their material will enjoy the 375 degree option, while those who might want some more "oomph" will opt for the 428 choice. The middle-ground of 401 does do more for the flavor than the vapor production, so it seems geared more towards those that don't want thick vapor. 

Rounding out the flavor-help for the G Pen Dash is the integrated air path, which is housed inside the magnetic mouthpiece. The honeycomb style of holes in the air path do a great job at lowering draw resistance while still letting you feel all of your vapor as it passes your lips. 

Ease of Use All Around 

G Pen is known for producing straightforward devices that don't confuse users upon their initial session, and the Dash continues that tradition. 

G Pen Dash fitting comfortably in someone's hand

The above-mentioned variable voltage battery is 900mAh rated, meaning you'll get a full day of vaping out of the Dash, making it great for outdoors-y dry herb vapers than don't want to be worried about losing a charge during adventures. Should your G Pen Dash run out of battery but you still want to enjoy vaping the pass-through charging allows for use while the Dash gets powered up again. 

Loading the G Pen Dash is made easy by way of a magnetic mouthpiece and a wider-than-usual chamber loading area. Having dealt with some vaporizers in the past that have a narrow loading chamber, this tweak by G Pen is HUGE for overall enjoyment of sessions. Not having to worry about spilling dry herb gives you peach of mind during sessions 

Final Thoughts On The G Pen Dash

It is REALLY hard to find anything we don't like about the G Pen Dash. The size of the Dash dry herb vaporizer feels great in-hand, not too small not too bulky, and the alloy outside helps it withstand any regular drops or tumbles. You're made aware that your temperature has been met via haptic (vibrational) feedback, which helps the Dash's overall "use it while doing whatever you want" vibe. 

This is a perfect vape for those just starting out in dry herb vaporization as it is easy to use, won't break your budget, and vaporizes dry herb at the same level as a similar device that could cost twice as much.