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Halloween Vape Sale Guide

It's been a scary enough year already so why not treat yourself this Halloween season to a new vaporizer, glass accessory, or anything in between during vapor.com's Halloween Sale? 
Snag a new desktop vaporizer to help out with eating all that candy this spooky-season or get some cleaning supplies to help shine up your favorite spoon pipe, vapor.com has savings on everything to help elevate your next session. 
Let's take a look at some of the products you can save on this Halloween season! 


Portable Vaporizer Savings

With everything going on being able to enjoy a session at your favorite smoke spot has never been more important, so enjoy a discount on one of our most popular portable vaporizers! We've got the newest devices in stock, plus all the parts you need to maintain your new vape. We're going to breakdown 3 of our favorite vaporizer that you could save on during our Halloween vaporizer sale. 


G Pen Pro 

G Pen Pro Vaporizer with lights on

The G Pen Pro has been a favorite of dry herb consumers for years and remains one of our top selling portable vaporizers. Take 15% off this beastly portable vape during our Halloween vape sale and enjoy tasty vapor and thick clouds facilitated by a full ceramic chamber and 3 temperature options to choose from during your session. The convection heating of the G Pen Pro coats your material in hot air and completely eliminates the possibility of combustion inside of the large capacity chamber. Treat yourself to an all-time great portable vape this spooky season!


Groove Cara+ Vaporizer

Groove Cara+ Vaporizer Vaporizers : Pen Groove Black

The CARA+ is an impressive upgrade, with a larger size and a range of features. Its coil-less quartz cup and 10-second pre-heat function offer unparalleled convenience. The Groove CARA plus vaporizer is the perfect companion for concentrate enthusiasts, delivering an exceptional vaping experience. To use, simply unscrew the mouthpiece and coil cap, add your material, and securely screw them back on. Press and hold the button to enjoy your vaping session. With a 1700mAh battery capacity and a 10-second pre-heat function, the CARA+ elevates your vaping experience.

Firefly 2+ 

Firefly 2+ Vaporizer 

Why not splurge a little during the Halloween vape sale? The Firefly 2+ is a versatile portable vaporizer that allows for both concentrate and dry herb vaping anytime, anywhere. With a 3 second heat-up time the Firefly 2+ is one of the fastest dual-use portable vaporizers out, and an improved airflow system helps alleviate some of the draw resistance issues of the old Firefly vaporizer. Longer battery life was also brought to the Firefly 2+, making this a fantastic vape for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for all-day performance. The Firefly 2+ utilizes Dynamic Convection Heating to create efficient and satisfying sessions.


Halloween E-Rig Savings 

Sometimes you just want to enjoy vaping from your own home, and given the current state of the world that doesn't seem like the worst idea, right? This Halloween vape sale has the concentrate-centric users covered with savings on all of our e-rigs. Here's 3 of our favorite e-rigs that you could save on this Halloween season. Puffco Peak .

Puffco Peak Vaporizer

Able to be enjoyed anywhere the Puffco Peak is great for in-home sessions that don't leave you tethered to a wall plug-in. With 4 temperature options that have been expertly calibrated the Peak delivers some of the purest tasting vapor of any e-rig available. With rapid heating and beastly battery life the Peak is ready for all-day vaping and comes with a Sesh Mode option to keep the party going strong. Easily cleaned and maintained the Puffco Peak is a must have for concentrate enthusiasts this Halloween season.


dabX go Concentrate Vaporizer

dabX go Concentrate Vaporizer Vaporizers : E-Rig DabX Gray

The dabX go is a powerful portable vape for concentrates. It produces voluminous vapor clouds while maintaining flavor and potency. Unlike traditional torch and nail vaporizers, this unit offers a mess-free and hassle-free experience. It's easy to use with a single button control and 4 intelligent heating profiles that adapt effortlessly to different material types and amounts. Just select the profile that suits your needs.
This palm-sized vaporizer incorporates water filtration for cool and smooth vapor. It uses high-quality ceramic, stainless steel, and glass components, ensuring no harmful materials that affect flavor. The user-friendly design makes it an excellent choice for beginners and an upgrade for experienced users.

Dr.Dabber EVO Black

Dr.Dabber EVO Black Vaporizers : E-Rig Dr Dabber White

The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO e-rig has been meticulously designed with cutting-edge technology to deliver the perfect draw. With a temperature control sensor that evenly heats your concentrate, this e-rig ensures consistent sessions. Dr. Dabber has fine-tuned the heat settings based on customer feedback, offering 6 calibrated options ranging from 500 to 750 degrees, allowing you to fully explore your concentrates.

Featuring a custom quartz dish, interchangeable glass options, and ambient lighting, the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO is the life of any party. Its powerful 3400mAh battery ensures extended usage as needed. Available in White or Black, this e-rig combines style and functionality for an unparalleled experience.


Higher Standards Riggler 

Higher Standards Riggler with banger and bowl

Perhaps the spookiest accessory we stock is the Higher Standard Riggler, which has the power to switch between a top-shelf dab rig to an uber-efficient water pipe with just the switch of a bowl. With a provided quartz banger and glass bowl the Riggler does a fantastic job of brining out your preferred material's flavor and can easily transition from one material to the other depending what your session calls for. Borosilicate glass construction keeps the Riggler durable and the fixed diffused downstem helps facilitate moisture cooling of your draws. The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler is made in the USA and features 7mm thick glass construction.


K.Haring Tray

K.Haring Tray Papers, Cones, and Wraps : Accessories K. Haring Glass Collection multi us 

The K.Haring Tray brings Keith Haring's iconic artwork from the subway walls to your sessions. This visually stunning rolling tray is made of heat-resistant 3 mm thick Ultra White Glass and provides a spacious surface for preparing dry herb or concentrate sessions. With four color options available, you can choose the perfect Keith Haring palette for your next session. Each K.Haring Tray features Haring's distinguished signature stamped on the underside.

Your K.Haring Tray is securely packaged in foam inserts, ensuring its safe transportation within the sturdy packaging. The box itself is adorned with Keith Haring's legendary artwork. Please note that this rolling tray is hand-wash only.


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