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dabX go Concentrate Vaporizer

dabX go Concentrate Vaporizer



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Regular price $299.99
Regular price $299.99 Sale price $299.99
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The dabX go concentrate vaporizer is a powerful portable concentrate vape that offers voluminous vapor clouds without sacrificing the flavor or power of the material. This unit provides almost identical results compared with the old standard torch and nail style of vaporizing concentrates, but without any of the mess or hassle and has been tested extensively to achieve a 10/10 experience.

The dabX go is extremely easy to use, featuring a single button control scheme and 4 intelligent heating profiles that vary depending on the type and amount of material being used. No math needed, just select the profile for you. 

This palm sized concentrate vaporizer uses water filtration to make vapor cool and smooth and uses ceramic, stainless steel, and glass in the vapor path so there aren’t any unsafe materials or materials that would compromise the flavor of the material. 

The dabX go features removeable dual 1100 mah li-ion power cells and provides around 100 uses per charge with a short charging time of about 30 minutes. Pass through USB charging also allows for use while the unit charges. 

The simplistic and easy to use design of the dabX go makes it a great candidate for beginners but also a worthy upgrade for those who are more experienced. 

Included Items

  • The dabX go
  • Carrying Case
  • Portable Work Space
  • An extra atomizer
  • Titanium tool
  • USB to USB-C Charging Cable