How To Clean The DaVinci IQ2

How To Clean The DaVinci IQ2

If you’ve purchased a DaVinci IQ2 making sure your device is clean and free of debris is the best way to ensure consistent sessions. With the added concentrate compatibility of the IQ2, keeping the device clean is a little more of a challenge than it was with the original IQ, but not a daunting one in the slightest.

Having the right tools will help you clean the IQ2, and we’ve chosen to use the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit to help facilitate our cleaning session.

         Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit with all accessories

Our main tools for cleaning the DaVinci IQ2 are going to be the Pipe Dreamz,and the Pipe Stix. These dry herb and concentrate-centric cleaning accessories make any regular maintenance session easier to manage and execute.

Now that we have our tools laid out, let’s look at how to clean the DaVinci IQ2! 

A Simple Method For Cleaning The DaVinci IQ2

When it comes to portable vaporizers the IQ2 is one of the *easiest* to maintain and clean. The large oven and removable flavor chamber are the most crucial pieces to keep clean on the DaVinci IQ2, and are the easiest to access as well. Aside from those key areas, the mouthpiece and accessories will require some attention, but nothing too taxing.

Cleaning the IQ2's Oven and Pearl 

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer with open heating chamber and pearl

The ample size of the IQ2's chamber makes cleaning easy

Each time you load the DaVinci IQ2 you’re kind of automatically cleaning the chamber since the chamber is located at the bottom of the device and can be easily dumped and lightly cleaned. If you do this regularly, your deep clean sessions won’t be as intense.

For those who might not tend to the IQ2’s oven on a regular basis don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to deep clean.

Take the Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz and put a little bit of the 99% ISO Pure (if you can’t use 99% ISO Pure, any isopropyl alcohol above 70% will work) on the Pipe Dream. Gently swab the inside, if there are pesky pieces of dry herb or remnants of concentrates you can use the Pipe Dreamz to dislodge them. Make sure not to use too much isopropyl alcohol, there shouldn’t be enough to “pool up” at all.

For the Pearl attachment, just unscrew the Pearl entirely and give it a thorough rub/polish. It is a bit of an easily-lost piece, so make sure you’re careful when cleaning the Pearl. Getting old material off of the Pearl will help your material’s flavor stay unique for each draw, and prevent old material from mixing with new draws.

How to Clean the IQ2 Flavor Chamber

open DaVinci IQ2 showing flavor chamber and seals

The Flavor Chamber is easily accessible and a must-clean for regular users

The next step in cleaning the DaVinci IQ2 is the Flavor Chamber. The first step in this process is taking the top lid of the chamber off, this is done using the included pick tool from DaVinci.

Once the lid is removed, wedge the pick between the remaining gasket and the Flavor Chamber, and pull up. The chamber of the IQ2 should easily slide out, giving you access to the entire piece. Wrap the Higher Standards Dot Wipes around the DaVinci pick and swap the inside of the chamber.

If you haven’t been tending to your flavor chamber there might be some debris build-up at the bottom of it. The Pipe Stix can help dislodge this material and give your Flavor Chamber a “brand new” feel.

Reassembling the IQ2’s Flavor Chamber is as easy as sliding the chamber back in, and tamping the top back into place.

Make sure to let everything air dry before reassembling, and enjoy your next session! 

A Clean IQ2 Means A High Functioning IQ2

Clean, grey DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer in hand

NIce on the outside, nice on the inside, why not?

The DaVinci IQ2 is an elite portable vaporizer, and keeping it clean is not only a good idea from an investment stance, but it will also help the quality of your sessions.

The straight-forward cleaning methods needed for the IQ2 make regular maintenance easy, and should you need to deep clean you won’t be in for a long session.

Let us know if you have other cleaning methods that have worked on your DaVinci IQ2 in the comments!


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