January Product Spotlight

January Product Spotlight

A new year means new products here at VaporNation! We’ve got everything from adjustable box mods to oil diffusers and everything in between! No matter if you’re a dry herb enthusiast or a concentrate centric consumer there is something brand new for you this month at VaporNation.

Yocan UNI Box Mod - $24.99

Yocan has given the vape world the first adjustable box mod battery! Designed to be able to fit almost any 510-threaded atomizer the Yocan UNI box mod has adjustable height and width so you no longer need to have multiple batteries for multiple atomizers or cartridges. A slider on the side of the UNI box mod adjusts how far your atomizer will stick out, while a wheel at the top of the atomizer holder dictates the width needed. An included magnetic adapter snaps onto the bottom of your 510-threaded atomizer to ensure a perfect fit with no movement. The Yocan UNI box mod is equipped with variable voltage offering 3 different settings that can be enjoyed.

Journey3 Pipe - $54.99

The Journey3 Pipe from Head Choice is one of the more stylish and functional metal dry herb pipes available today. With innovative Filter Gap technology the Journey3 Pipe eliminates clogs and the need for screens. A vertical gap was placed at the edge of the bowl to make the filer virtually impossible to clog. Zinc alloy construction keeps the Journey3 Pipe cool during use and helps its durability.

 FreshStor CVault Containers - $21.00 - $77.00

Keeping dry herb fresh has never been easier thanks to the FreshStor CVault containers. The CVault Container creates an airtight seal thanks to a tri-latch system while the stainless steel construction blocks out unwanted light that could make your dry herb even drier. Included with any sized FreshStor CVault Container is a Boveda® humidity pack, which will add or remove moisture to keep a perfect 62% humidity inside of the container.

 G Pen Nova - $34.95


Grenco has provided a solid, dual-use vaporizer in the form of the G Pen Nova. With no inserts necessary for the heating chamber to use concentrates, you can seamlessly switch between that and dry herb. A quartz bowl with ceramic dish heating element brings a level of flavor not usually seen in vape pens. Grenco also added a concentrate loading tool that is built right into the mouthpiece, making loading the perfect amount of concentrate a breeze and doubling as a dry herb stir tool should your bowl need some shuffling.

iMini Vaporizer 2 and iMini 3

 The original iMini Vaporizer was a very serviceable and discreet vaporizer, and the new versions pick up right where the original left off.

iMini 2 Vaporizer - $19.99

The iMini 2 is just as compact as the original but this time features a heavy duty metal mouthpiece to add to its durability and a variable voltage battery offering options of 3.4V, 3.7V, and 4.0V. Any 12mm 510-threaded tank will feel right at home in the iMini 2.

 iMini 3 Vaporizer - $21.99

The iMini 3 offers the same compact size and variable voltage of the iMini 2, but has a plastic mouthpiece as opposed to metal and a magnetic cartridge connector to ensure a snug fit for any 12mm 510-threaded cartridge.

 Santa Cruz Shredder 2 Piece Grinder - Small $28.50, Medium $35.50, Large $43.50

Having perfectly prepped dry herb is the best way to ensure a great vape or pipe session. Santa Cruz Shredders feature an innovative tooth pattern that grinds down your dry herb to the ideal consistency for consumption. The lid of the Santa Cruz Shredders employ a textured grip to help make the process of grinding easier, and a uber-strong magnet ensures easy connection between the top and bottom.   

 Eyce Rig II - Coming Soon!

The second version of the Eyce Rig still has the same fantastic durability as the original but now features a 10mm glass collar that acts as a heat-resistant barrier that protects the silicone body as well as a titanium nail to help deliver dense vapor draws. The Eyce Rig 2 also features five-tool slots to let you carry anything you might need for your next session. This is the only rig that won’t shatter if (let’s be honest when) you drop it thanks to the platinum-cured silicone body, and with detachable components cleaning the Eyce Rig 2 is very easy.  

 LEVO II Oil Infuser - $349.99

Take your elevated recipes to the next level with the LEVO II Oil Infuser. The LEVO II creates fantastic infusions, and features a new “Dry and Activate” feature that unlocks essential compounds before beginning the infusion process to unlock even more essential compounds of your dry herb. A mobile app gives you even more control of the whole process, letting you access your history and take advantage of the “Time & Temperature” calculator to plan out your next infusion session.

 KandyPens C-Box Pro - $49.95

The KandyPens C-Box Pro was designed to make all cartridges feel welcome. The 510-threading is universal, and the updated design can now fit tanks up to 10.55 mm, giving you more freedom when it comes to prefilled cartridges. An included magnetic adapter snaps onto the bottom of your cartridge to ensure a tight fit. Enjoy four different voltage settings to explore all the properties of your concentrate.