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Our Favorite Water Pipes

Our Favorite Water Pipes

While vaporizers can provide fantastic feelings and fun sessions, sometimes a classic water pipe is what you need to enjoy your favorite dry herb. Water-filtered smoke is much smoother than what you’ll get out of a pipe, and adding the occasional ice cube can make it that much more refreshing. Let’s take a look at what water pipes we’re feeling, and if you're into them too click the link to make a purchase!

Higher Standards Beaker Bundler - $200.00

Higher Standards Beaker Bundle with Heavy Duty Beaker, Higher Standards hat, Supreme Cleaning Kit, CVault Conrtainer, and Frosted Glass Taster

If you’re looking for a comprehensive “do it all” kit the Higher Standards Beaker Bundle should be your go to. We’re vibing with this bundle because not only do you get the elegant Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker, you also get a Frosted Glass Taster, CVault Storage Container, a stylish HS Snapback Hat, and the Higher Standards Cleaning Kit.

The beaker itself is a classic water pipe silhouette constructed from 4mm thick borosilicate glass to prevent shattering or inconsistencies in taste from the bowl. A multi-slit percolator creates fine bubbles for maximum moisture coating. If you want to cool your draws, a custom ice mold is included to elevate your sessions.

Included in the HS Cleaning Kit is everything you’d need to care for your water pipe: 99% ISO Pure alcohol, Salt Rox, Pipe Stix, Resin Rag, pre-soaked Dot Wipes, Stem Brush, and Tube Tops to make cleaning mess-free.

Eyce Mini Beaker - $39.99

Eyce Mini Beaker deconstructed with storage container, stem, and bowl removed

This little guy is one of the most durable and consistent performing water pipes we stock. The Eyce Mini Beaker is constructed from Eyce’s platinum-cured silicone rendering it virtually indestructible. A built-in stash jar and multi-tool means prepping your sessions is easy, and parceling out material less of a chore. In order to smooth your draws, Eyce uses multi-percolating filtration to coat your smoke in moisture and ensure an easy pull. The bowl of the Eyce Mini Beaker is made from borosilicate glass, which keeps out outside flavors and allows your material to fully flourish.

MJ Arsenal Cache Water Pipe - $89.00

MJ Arsenal Cache Water Pipe

MJ Arsenal is known for their mind-bending (HYPERLINK) mini rigs, but they bring the heat when it comes to dry herb water pipes as well. The MJ Arsenal Cache Water Pipe brings functionality to your sessions with a built in stash-jar that makes loading the bowl easy. Since the “stash jar” is built into the body of the water pipe, it doesn’t take up any extra space during non-use, a nice utilitarian touch my MJ Arsenal to make sessions all that easier to start. Filtration wise, the quad-slit percolator moves your draws through water for an easy going inhale. The compact size of the Cache’s chamber makes for dense draws, no matter how much material you’ve put into the quartz bowl.

Marley Natural Rise Up Water Pipe - $178.00

Marley Natural Rise Up Water Pipe

From the first family of dry herb comes the Marley Natural Rise Up Water Pipe. This beastly beaker has an interesting, almost industrial shape to it that pulls your draws up during sessions to bring intense effects. The medical-grade borosilicate glass has a toned-down grey color, with scarlet lettering adorning the top of the beaker to let everyone know you’re vibe. Marley Natural made the ice-catcher a circular design, so less ice falls through during sessions, which makes this one of the easier ice-catches we’ve used.

These four hold our hearts for now, but we’ve got a plethora of glass water pipes to check out here, and if you need some maintenance tips on how to clean your beaker, head over to how-to guide here.