PAX 3 Concentrate Insert Guide

PAX 3 Concentrate Insert Guide

Knowing that vape users are demanding more dual-use options, PAX gave the PAX 3 a handy insert to vape concentrates. Making a dual-use vaporizer is a bit of a gamble, but the PAX 3's concentrate insert works just as well as other specialized vaporizers.

The operation of the PAX 3 Concentrate Insert is pretty straightforward—just place a small amount of your concentrate into the insert, and switch out the original chamber lid. There are a few small tweaks to help you enjoy all the flavors of your concentrate, and we’ve got a handy guide to make sure you get the most out of the PAX 3 Concentrate Insert.

Regular Cleaning

Every vaporizer and accessory needs to be regularly maintained to ensure optimal performance, and that goes the same for the PAX 3 Concentrate Insert. Regular cleaning isn’t too labor intensive and will pay dividends during your concentrate sessions.


Cleaning the PAX 3 Concentrate Insert before each session can really boost your concentrate experience. You can set the PAX 3 to the highest temperature and vape last session’s concentrate if you want, but something like the Higher Standards Resin Rags combined with the Higher Standards Pipe Stix or the Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz fine-bristles pipe cleaner will help effectively clean this accessory. It is important to let the insert dry fully before using.

The PAX 3 comes with a brush that helps clear out the vapor path when your device has cooled down. If you need something stronger than the included brush, use a pipe cleaner to dislodge any stubborn concentrate remnants.

Lighten The Load


Upon first glance, you can tell the PAX 3 Concentrate Insert isn’t very big. Dry herb should be firmly packed inside of the PAX 3, but with concentrates, it’s the opposite. Airflow is key when vaping concentrates with the PAX 3, so a small drop of your material will ensure enough space to produce satisfying vapor. This does mean you have to load concentrates more often, but the performance is well worth the few extra seconds of prep.

Higher Temperature Is Key


You’re going to want to utilize the highest temperature setting when vaping concentrates with the PAX 3 insert. Using the PAX app, you’re able to boost the temperature higher than the highest preset temperature. Now if you’re a flavor-centric vaper, here’s a word of caution: this will diminish the taste experience of your concentrate. The vapor production will be bolstered but you may lose some of your material’s taste profile.

Only Use When Upright

For those who enjoy (literally) kicking back and vaping, getting good pulls from the PAX 3 can seem like a chore. The PAX 3 works best when it is used upright, especially with concentrates. Heat will cause your concentrate to soften up a little bit, and if the PAX isn’t upright, the softened concentrate could clog the air holes on the PAX 3 Concentrate Insert or even creep into the heating chamber.

The biggest factor to ensure efficient vaping of concentrates with the PAX 3 is airflow. Your material should melt as you vaporize it, gathering around the intake at the bottom of the insert. Your draw will pull air over the concentrate and out through the center of the bowl. Should you try vaping concentrates with the PAX 3 at an angle or upside down, the concentrate won’t sit in the right place and the airpath won’t move over the material efficiently.


So there you have it. Just clean the insert, keep your loads light, boost the temperature, and make sure it is upright during use. Provide adequate maintenance to keep your PAX 3 in great working condition. If you use these tips, your PAX 3 Concentrate Insert will have you manufacturing large clouds and tasting the full flavor of your concentrates. If we've piqued your interest in the PAX 3 Concentrate Insert, or any of their other goodies, head over to our Pax Labs page and beef up your PAX 3's accessory game.

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