November Vape Spotlight : What's New at Vapor

November Vape Spotlight : What's New at Vapor

Dudes grow your mustaches, ladies pretend not to notice how terribly all of our “Moustaches” are growing in.  It’s Movember baby, which means the holiday season is just around the corner. Let’s take a look at a bunch of fire new vapes and accessories from your fav budzzz at Vapor.


KandyPens K-Stick Supreme Vaporizer

Looking to treat yourself before splurging your life savings on gifts for others? Why not get yourself something great for a paltry price? The K-stick supreme delivers with quartz coil atomizer and sexy metallic finish for less than $35.

While small in size, the K-Stick Supreme is more than capable of delivering flavorful hits that are surprisingly thick. Offering variable voltage in a device that is thinner than a standard rolling ball pen, the K-stick Supreme doesn’t compromise on performance. Ditch your basic vape and pick up the K-stick Supreme, the affordable rip machine. Check out full review here.


Magical Butter Botanical Extractor

If you’re looking to get into edibles, it’s important to do it right. While over-indulging in edibles isn’t detrimental to your health, it can be a mega bummer on your mood. Using a product like the Magical butter can help you create consistent results, which makes dosing a breeze.

The Magical butter has the ability to make butter (hence the name) as well as oils and tinctures for consumption. This offers a wide amount of variety to your edible arsenal. Tired of the same ol brownies? Spice things up with bitters mixed with magical butter tincture to take your cocktail higher. The options are only limited by your imagination. With operation as easy and hassle-free as this, you’ll want to make every meal magical.


Source Nail XL Vaporizer –Sig2 Kit

Part e-nail, part water-cooled dab rig, part portable vape, the Sig2 Kit from Source Vapes offers options for elevating. Based around a powerful, concentrate-designed mod battery, The Source Nail XL Vaporizer packs on 6 nails to customize the experience even further. Featuring dab nails of quartz, ceramic and titanium, Source left no concentrate un-dabbed.

Coming with a high-quality glass bubbler, the Source Nail XL is ready for ripping clouds that rival rigs out of the box. However it also comes with a steel mouthpiece attachment featuring variable airflow for more portable consumption. Featuring removable batteries and temp control from 200-700F, the Source Nail XL Sig 2 Kit may be the e-nail that makes you ditch your torch for good.  


Stok Edition One

When the crew at #ThisThingRips set out to revolutionize their original Stok vaporizer, we were stoked to say the least. Taking its direction in a complete one-eighty, the Stok edition one ups the classiness while still delivering the lung eviscerating hits you’ve come to expect from #ThisThingRips.


The Stok Edition One is based around a dual coil ceramic atomizer surrounded by high-quality titanium wire. Ceramic is advantageous for its ability to soak in the flavors of your concentrates while eliminating splatter. The high temperature range from (600-800F) as well as the high airflow “volcano mouthpiece” allow for rips that will definitely evoke the moniker #ThisThingRips. 


Smok Alien

Looking for mod power? Looking for something out of this world? Check and check. The Smok Alien delivers on both fronts with a unique look and power that’s nothing to play with.  There’s a reason that the Smok Alien is one of the most sought after vapes. The Smok Alien offers unparalleled customization, while also coming in a beginner-friendly kit.

Offering 220W of cloud ripping power the Smok Alien packs serious performance in a smaller footprint than most mods. If you’re looking to elevate your vape to the next level this Kit is a must. The OLED screen makes all settings easy to read displaying current temp settings, atomizer resistance, puff count and more.


Happy Movember from the gang at Vapor, stay blessed fam. Be sure to check back often as our year-end best of lists and gift guides are just around the corner.