Puffco Peak Pro vaporizer

Puffco Peak Pro: First Look

The Puffco Peak was one of the most innovative e-rigs of all time and the new Puffco Peak Pro aims to improve on the already iconic device, can it be done? 

In January of 2018 Puffco released the Peak Vaporizer, which helped usher in a new way of thinking about concentrate consumption. The portability and ease of use of the Peak were unmatched until other companies were forced to adopt a similar e-rig style to the Peak, a testament to how influential the device was. 

Let's dive into what the Puffco Peak Pro will bring to your next session! 

Puffco Peak Pro: What's New?

The original Puffco Peak on a table

The original Puffco Peak is elite, how can it be improved upon?

While the Peak was influential, it did have some problems (can anyone say "atomizers"?) and it seems as though the Puffco Peak Pro has addressed the core issues with the last device. The Puffco Peak Pro was featured in LA Weekly with an interview from Puffco founder Roger Volodarsky to give a little insight as to what we can expect from the Puffco Peak Pro.

Improved Atomizer and Carb Cap

An all-new atomizer design for the Puffco Peak Pro makes your sessions even more flavorful and voluminous. It's nice to see a company address one of the larger issues with a device in a new model, and the atomizer of the old Peak was definitely a point of contention for users. The Puffco Peak Pro atomizer is 40% larger than the older model for larger draws and ease of use. A new Oculus Carb Cap allows you to easily see your concentrates being vaporized by the Puffco Peak Pro and a directional air-path helps maximize vapor production.

Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock and New LED Display

The Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock is a low-key wireless charging dock that makes powering up the Puffco Peak Pro easy. Instead of having to rely on a pesky cord users can just put their Puffco Peak Pro right onto the dock, plus it also functions as a portable power bank to charge your Peak Pro, phone, or other USB-charged device on-the-go.

From a "fun" perspective the Puffco Peak Pro doesn't disappoint. Four settings let you bring the fun (or stealth) to your sessions: Pulse, Wave, and Disco seem built to keep the party going while the Stealth setting is for when you need to enjoy your Puffco Peak Pro a little more low-key.

Intelligent Temperature Control and Bluetooth App 

From his LA Weekly interview Roger Volodarsky shed some light on one of the biggest needs for modern e-rig users:

“First thing that we wanted is intelligent temperature control,” Volodarsky said. “We wanted a closed system that is able to understand what the temperature is inside of the bowl and compensate based on how hard you’re inhaling based on how much oil is in the bowl.”

Woman enjoying the OG Puffco Peak

While the OG Puffco Peak was fantastic, the Puffco Peak Pro seems to be even better

The newly designed chamber helps regulate the temperature of your draws no matter how hard or lightly you're inhaling. The modified chamber and atomizer of the Puffco Peak Pro should lead to a very controlled session with consistency throughout. 

With a brand new Puffco Peak Pro Bluetooth app users can now fully control their temperatures during sessions. While the old Puffco Peak had some fantastically calibrated heat settings, more seasoned e-rig users were hoping for more control over their sessions. Through the Puffco Peak Pro app you can save heat profiles, customized session times, and create a Boost Mode that is tailored to your specifications.

NOTE: there are still 4 preset temperatures on the Peak Pro, if you want to leave your sessions up to the experts who designed the device. 

Who Is the Puffco Peak Pro For?

Some Portable vaporizers have a steep learning curve but great results, some are easy to use but leave something to be desired when it comes to vapor production. The Puffco Peak Pro is the best of both worlds: an easy to use e-rig that seems ready to produce complete flavor profiles and ample cloud thickness. Using the Peak Pro is as easy as loading your concentrate, clicking the button twice, and then waiting for a pleasant buzz to let you know you're good to inhale.

Beginner e-rig users will appreciate the simplicity that the Peak Pro brings to sessions, while seasoned concentrate-heads will enjoy the level of temperature and session customization you can get into with the Peak Pro. What's great about this device is that it doesn't seem like you *have* to use it in an either uncomplicated or in-depth way; the device lets you discover what level of complexity you want to add to your vaporization process. 

Final Thoughts on the Puffco Peak Pro

For now all we can do is speculate on the Puffco Peak Pro's performance, and it seems like they've knocked this upgrade out of the park. If you've had atomizer issues with your OG Puffco Peak the Peak Pro sounds like it has addressed those well, plus the total temperature control is a great feature to add to such a portable and efficient e-rig. Once we get our hands on a model to review we'll have an in-depth update to this blog, keep an eye out for the edits and for vapor.com to be stocking the Puffco Peak Pro as soon as possible! 


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