Puffington's Pitch-n-Puff Combo Review

Puffington's Pitch-n-Puff Combo Review

Golf courses used to be symbols of “upper crust” ideals and straightlaced ideas of fun. As time went on the spot of golf was opened up to all walks of life and tastes. From the lush hills of Scotland to your local laid back muni, golf is now a viable recreational option for everyone. And what pairs better with putting greens than using green? Puffinton’s has given golfers a great stash box (from here on out known as “ball stash”) to store dry herb and an ultra-discreet one-hitter. Both of these units hide well in your golf bag, blending in with your tools of the trade to give you some relief of the yips should they rear their ugly head.

The Bent Grass Ball Stash is a camouflage style stash option that fits in perfectly with your Titleists. Designed to mimic the look and feel of a legit golf ball the Bent Grass Ball Stash unscrews to reveal a nicely sized herb compartment. Puffington’s didn’t want to make their stash ball too similar to a real golf ball, so they sized it just a touch smaller than the real thing making it easy to distinguish when reaching into your bag. The inside of the Ball Stash can hold 1 gram of ground material comfortably.


It's never good to draw this much attention to your on-course smoke session. 

Now it would be nice to enjoy large cones of dry herb on the course, but not every groundskeeper is cool with you ashing all over their pristine fairways or in the 18th cup after your eagle putt. This is where Puffington’s one-hitter comes to save the day allowing you to enjoy dry herb quickly and without ruining anyone’s afternoon with billows of smoke. Modeled after a golf tee the Puffington’s one-hitter is heavy enough and has a lovely gold accented tip so that you won’t accidentally light up a real wooden one. In this blogger’s opinion, the best way to load the Puffington’s one-hitter is to pack the Ball Stash with ground material and lightly press the one-hitter into it to evenly pack the bowl. From there it’s a quick lighter flick and inhale to calm you down before that 9 iron from 140 yards out.


One hitters give you the ability to enjoy your herb on the course without having to conceal it, let's face it no one likes hiding behind a tree to enjoy some dry herb. The Puffington’s one-hitter looks like a golf tee, but its white color also helps disguise it like a cigarette, adding to the discretion factor. The effects of a one-hitter are more manageable for someone to budget as well, the user will for sure feel an effect, but won’t be “out of control.” And of course, you can always cash and reload the one-hitter as much as you’d like. Puffington’s constructed both the Ball Stash and their one-hitter in the USA out of high-grade plastic, so there are no concerns to be had about a “burnt” taste. The quality of the plastic lets the user enjoy the maximum flavor of their ground dry herb.


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