Top 6 Stealthiest Portable Vapes

Top 6 Stealthiest Portable Vapes

Sometimes, you just want to be left alone when you're vaping. Do you feel us on that one? You don't want to attract too much attention, especially if you're going to be vaping out in the open. If you're looking for the most portable and unnoticeable, look no further.

When looking for the best portable vaporizer for you, one of the biggest motivating factors is usually concealability. "How quickly can I get store this away if necessary?" may come to your mind. Most of these will fit in the palm of your hand, they're all simple to use and won't attract attention.

Muad-Dib Concentrate Box by Magic-Flight

For all the concentrate fans out there! It is literally palm sized; can't get much smaller than that.

Pax by Pax Labs

It's smart, it's sleek, and you can play Simon Says with it when you're bored! Did we mention the recent 20% price drop?

Alfa by Goboof

We especially like the Alfa's 2 hour long battery life and automatic temperature settings!

G Pro by Grenco Science

Only one button necessary to operate this one, no fooling around here.

Summit by Vapium

The weather-friendly summit will blend in with your outdoor surroundings, and is super small and keeps a low-profile.

Air by Arizer

Pocket-friendly, easy up and down 2-button operation and great vapor quality to boot.