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How to Find a Vaporizer that Doesn't Smell

How to Find a Vaporizer that Doesn't Smell

Do vaporizers smell?

A little bit, yes.

Is there a smell proof vaporizer?

Not exactly. But not to worry.

Plenty of vaporizers are way less smelly than smoking, and don’t leave lingering odors like smoke will. That said, vapor can still set off some social alarms if you’re vaping around work, your grandma, your parole officer--you get the idea.

Luckily there are ways to minimize odor when vaping, from finding a vaporizer that lets off fewer smells to investing in odor-removing vape accessories.

Let’s go over vaporizers that are designed to keep your habit hidden from nosey nostrils.

Does Pax 3 Smell?

The Pax 3 introduces Stealth Mode, a heat setting that reduces vaporizer smell. The Pax 3 cools off faster, so it stops creating odors right after you’ve taken a hit. 

The Pax 3 also has a rapid heat up time of 15 to 20 seconds. Since the dry herb isn’t cooking for several minutes, it has less time to produce odors.

This is a pricier vape, but if you’ve got the money to splurge on a stealthier vaporizer, the Pax vape smell on Stealth Mode is minimal and will help keep your habit underwraps. 

Smoke Buddy

An essential tool for the stealthy vaporist, the Smoke Buddy makes vapor disappear completely. In the process, it also removes much of the odor.

It’s basically a sploof made of higher quality materials that will truly remove odor and last you about 300 sessions.

After taking a hit, you simply press the Smoke Buddy against your mouth so there’s an airtight connection. Then you blow the vapor into the Smoke Buddy, which filters out particulates including the terpenes that cause funky smells.

A bit of vapor might seep from the business end of the Smoke Buddy when you pull it away from your mouth. To avoid such leakage, simply breathe through your nose and blow another breath through the Smoke Buddy before taking it away from your mouth. No vapor. No odor. No problems.

Does Firefly 2 Smell?

The less time your vaporizer spends heating dry herb, the less odor it will create.

The Firefly 2 has on-demand vaping. That means it heats almost instantly (10 seconds) when you press the heating button, and starts to cool when you release it.

The lightning fast heat up time not only let’s you take hits in little windows of opportunity through the day, but means the vape won’t be letting off as many odors.

AirVape Xs with a Shell

The AirVape Xs Shell protects the AirVape portable vaporizer from liquids with a leak-proof design. It also keeps odors from escaping and blowing up your spot.

You can actually operate the AirVape Xs with the shell on. Once it reaches vaporization temperature, pop the lid off, take a hit, and close it back up to seal in the odor.  

The AirVape Xs Shell is sold separately for $19.99. It’s very thin and easy to hide in your hand or pocket.

The cost of the AirVape Xs with the shell is less than the price tag on the Pax 3 and Firefly 2. So this might be the most affordable option if the higher end vapes are out of your budget.

The Bottom Line

Vaporizers smell. It’s a fact of life. But they’re much less odorous when compared to smoking devices. This is a matter of heat. Vaporizers don’t exceed the point of combustion, so they don’t create particle-filled smoke that clings to your couch.

Finding a vaporizer that doesn’t smell as much as other vapes comes down to the heating system. A vape with a powerful battery that heats and cools fast, a ceramic chamber that doesn’t burn its contents, and/or a convection heating system that vaporizes with hot air instead of hot surfaces, will keep the odor at bay.