Jane West: Glass Pipe Collection By Jane West

Jane West: Glass Pipe Collection By Jane West



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Jane West Taster
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Jane West Steamroller
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Jane West Bubbler
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Jane West Bowl - Cobalt Blue
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Jane West Spoon - Cobalt Blue
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Hailing from Colorado Jane West started her counterculture career right when her home state was rolling out their recreational cannabis program. In just a few months Jane West was hosting events that put the plant in a sophisticated, social setting while educating women who were new to this legal lifestyle. The events were wildly successful, selling out quickly and gaining national media attention. Prior to launching her consumption-friendly events Jane West was a working mother, rising through the ranks as a (unsurprisingly) corporate event planner. After her employer caught a glimpse of her vaping on CNBC, she was quickly fired. Not to be held down Jane saw this as a chance to fully commit and invest herself in the counterculture industry full time. She founded Women Grow, the industry’s largest professional networking organization, and is now the CEO of her lifestyle brand, Jane West. At Jane West she develops accessories and home goods that invite mainstream women to experience the benefits of smoking and embrace the newly legal lifestyle.


Shortly after her dismissal from the corporate world Jane raised $42,000 in seed money from 14 businesswoman and founded Women Grow, the first meeting having taken place in August 2014. Each month thousands of women from around the nation attend these meetings hoping to seep up some of Jane’s business acumen and make connections to better their own endeavors. Currently Women Grow has chapters across the United States, with a newsletter of 21,000 subscribers, and a fervent social media following. Women Grow is dedicated to cultivating women to become leaders in the thriving counterculture industry, now that marijuana is medically legal in 23 states and fully legal in 4, the organization asserts that it’s time for women to claim their spot in the business. Each Women Grow meeting has attendees that buck the old and tired “pothead” stereotype, with lawyers, doctors, scientists, farmers, and CEOs making up the attendance.

Jane West and her colleagues want to see more women entering the ever-flourishing industry as founders. Jane believes that “successful business comes from successful relationships”, and to this point that’s proven to be very effective. Her meetings and events are opening doors for women to become the new driving force of the counterculture. Her heart and soul belongs to connecting, educating, and empowering female entrepreneurs, believing that the female market is the future and operating on the basis of “we want products for us, designed by us.” Created with the successful woman in mind each piece in this collection is non-antagonistic and breaks new ground in the luxury smoking accessory market.


With the modern woman in mind, Jane West has produced a line of smoking accessories that are stylish, functional, and discreet without being bland. A lot of herb accessories are very “in your face” when it comes to their design and overall vibe, blatantly showing your herbal interest without leaving any room for the design of the piece to shine. Jane West’s products strike a wonderful balance between style and substance. Each piece is angular, yet soft with an assertive look that peaks the onlooker’s interest without dominating whatever area that it is in. Despite having ultra high class looks, the accessories in this Jane West collection won’t break the bank, with pieces ranging from $30 to $200 and performing like something that costs double.

There is a very special, and terrible, stress associated with owning pieces you have to babysit. The ones that require a lengthy explanation about how to hold it, how to hit it, and the precise angle at which it must be sat down. None of the pieces in the Jane West x GRAV collection have these issues. The glass is incredibly thick and the design is simple to use even if it’s your first time experiencing a specific type of accessory. Jane West managed to strike a balance between beauty and delicacy with this line, and every accessory in it will leave you wanting more.

Every piece in the Jane West x GRAV collection fits seamlessly into the modern lifestyle with clean, easy-to-use, and stealthy designs. These elegantly crafted, art deco style Jane West pipes are right at home on a table top or counter, doubling as decor in an herb-friendly household. Designed for smooth, flavorful, and tactful draws these pipes will blend perfectly into your everyday life as an enhancement, not a hindrance. The wonderfully deep blue hue on each pipe was made by sourcing pure cobalt ore, and each Jane West piece is made from medical-strength borosilicate Silica glass.


All of the glass pipes or accessories in this Jane West collection is constructed from the purest silica glass in the world. Silica glass is highly thermal resistant that not only looks amazingly clear and clean, but also delivers a better smoking session. As smoke passes through the air path of your Jane West pipe, the inert surfaces stay cool, preserving the flavor of your herb while also keeping the hits smoother. A benefit of silica is that rather than changing chemically when subjected to heat, this glass maintains its composure so as not to muddle your herb’s natural flavors. Users can expect comfortable, potent, and flavor-rich draws from your Jane West accessory, with an elegant glass build that won’t crack or break over time.