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For concentrate enthusiasts, a high quality torch is just as important as the rest of their rig setup. Users need a torch that can light at any angle and flame size while offering the utmost safety. Making sure to keep the right torch for the job is crucial to your dab setup. Each member of the Big Shot Blazer Torch family is constructed with a Piezo wire ignition that powers the flame, creating a spark from electrical voltage, which then ignites the butane fuel. Perfect for dabbing, a Blazer Big Torch offers a clean burning, efficient butane flame which produces heat that's much more intense than a normal lighter, burning at temperatures exceeding 2500°F.

With over 35 minutes of torching per full tank, Blazer Torches offer a totally portable, self-contained experience that will exceed all your dabbing needs. All Blazer Big Shot Torches squad operate especially quiet, so you won’t attract unwanted attention when trying to get a quick hit in. The large base on the GT8000 Blazer Torch ensures that you won’t have to worry about setting it down only to watch it topple over. With no electronic parts, the Blazer Torch is close to failure free as butane torches are extremely reliable and ready to work within seconds. Combining anti-flare technology with a brass-frame nozzle, the Big Shot Blazer torch is as safe as dab torches get.


Setting a new standard for dabbing, Higher Standards partnered with Blazer to release an eye-pleasing modern version of the classic GT8000 Big Blazer Torch. An ergonomic design feels solid and intuitive, perfect for beginners and experts alike. The Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch has a toned down black and white colorway, so it will fit with any color scheme your dab rig setup has going on. Included is a useful child safety attachment, and the refill port on the bottom of the torch is easy to access and use.


When using your Blazer Big Shot Torch you’ll be able to get a flame as hot as 2500°F. While this number is impressive, you won’t need to heat your nail anywhere near that hot when using concentrates. Dabbing with this torch is as intuitive as it is quick and requires no extra steps beyond placing the concentrate on the nail and inhaling. Blazer Big Torch offers exceptional vaporization of wax concentrates. Expect thick, potent clouds and less clean up. For those who want maximum dabbing, the Blazer Big Shot torch can be toggled to infernal temperatures that are ideal for big, robust clouds.

Dab enthusiasts who are willing to wait for their nail temperature to lower will enjoy a smoother and tastier concentrate session. Low temps allow for more flavor and smoother rips. In addition, you’ll have a better chance of utilizing all of your concentrates, as less material will burn up during dabbing. It is important to note that in order to successfully use concentrates at low temperatures, a carb cap (cover that goes over your nail) is required. The carb cap allows you to catch the vapor that could escape from the nail when it is at low temperatures. For concentrate users who want a leisurely smoking experience, low temperatures will be the most satisfying.