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Crafty+ Everything You Need

Crafty+ Everything You Need

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Crafty+ Bundle

Say hello to the ultimate Crafty+ Bundle! The Crafty+ is able to deliver more bowls per charge and features a 30% faster heat-up time than it’s predecessor. The updated battery of the Crafty+ also features a new Super-Boost mode which jumps your temperature straight to 410 °F to produce the thickest clouds possible from a portable vaporizer. Users can expect 5-6 sessions on a full charge; to preserve battery life a two-minute auto-shutoff timer is employed that resets every time you press a button or enjoy a draw. 

Included with the Crafty+ is the Dosing Capsule Filling Set which allows you to parcel out material and plan your sessions, the Capsule Caddy will hold your dosing capsules safely during transport, and the Higher Standards Re:Stash jar is a great way to store your material until you’re ready to use it.